Battletoads Reviews

  • BionicTriforceBionicTriforce709,845
    01 Sep 2020
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    Overall my experience with Battletoads was a fun one, but I think some flaws kept it from being 'amazing'. I think it's important to note I had no experience with the previous iterations of the game, but considering the last one was 26 years ago I think it's safe to say there's a lot of people who haven't.

    The story I thought was pretty fun and entertaining. They give the three toads some unique personalities and attacks, and it's nice to watch. The battle combat is smooth, and simplistic, so it's easy to pick up. It's nice to go through a level and wreck enemies. However, if you're in this for a strict beat-em-up game like, Streets of Rage, there's a lot more to this game.

    In a fair amount of these levels, you'll be asked to solve a circuit puzzle, or a security puzzle. These aren't super challenging, but it does wreck the flow of the game, and compared to some of the puzzles you do to unlock collectables, feel somewhat out of place.

    To get higher ranks in the combat sections, you'll need to use a combination of attacks, not get hit, and swap toads. However, on Hard difficulty, it's simpler to just use Pimple and spam X over and over. Which is kind of a problem, Pimple simply hits so much harder than the other two that there's never any reason to not be using him if you're playing single player. The other two toads are capable of defeating enemies but not as fast. Zitz's Transform move is the best of the 3 because it can attack enemies on both sides quickly, while Rash's is the worst and Pimple's is okay. But on hard it's so much better to just use Pimple.

    The ranks are important because you need to get all A ranks in every fight for a level to get the sixth collectable, and that's a big problem. Fights range from 2 to 20 enemies, and you're never clear on if there's only one wave or not. So if you accidentally finish a fight without an A rank, you have to start the whole level over because it saves right after, which is a big misstep. On easy difficulty, it's quite simple to do this, but if you're trying on harder difficulties, and trying to get through a fight without being hit, it is very tough, and that's probably the best way to get a hard experience out of the fights on the game.

    Now the unfortunate part of Battletoads is that those straight beat-em-up fights constitute maybe... 40% of the game. Interspersed throughout are several 'levels' which are simply mini-games. Two speedbike levels, a sidescroller race, three twin-shooter levels, three platformers and one timed platformer. Literally after act 2, you do NOT play a regular level again and it's frustrating finding that out. From what I knew about previous games, I expected the speeder bikes, but I expected the bulk of the game to be, you know, using the Battletoads in combat, and that's not what it feels like.

    I did three playthroughs of the game, first on Normal to try it out, getting most achievements and collectables. One on Easy, which took 3 hours and allowed me to get all the collectables, and one on Hard, which took 4 hours, and the only levels I died on were the twin-stick shooters which are far more difficult than the beat-em-up sections. And after playing the game over and over again, it gets tiresome having to see certain scenes that don't qualify as 'cutscenes', meaning you can't skip them.

    The achievements are pretty good, though, the ones requiring 3 players are a nightmare especially because there's no online play. It feels like a big mistake. Otherwise most are doable solo or with some extra controllers. But you will need people to help you get all of them, which is unfortunate.

    But again, it was a fun game, but it helps if you know going into it there's a lot of varied levels and they're not all going to be your liking.