2. Bear With Me: The Lost Robots General hints and tipsUpdate notes

The controls for this game are simple:

cn_LS - Move cursor

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cn_A - Action/Select

cn_X - Examine

cn_RB - Inventory

cn_LB - Bring up the map

Items to collect will be in BOLD while specific actions to take/objects to click on to use in an action will be in ITALICS throughout the guide.


If you are only here for achievements and don't care about the story at all, you can skip all the speech and cutscenes with cn_A.

When selecting something to use from inventory move it off the inventory window for a second to make the inventory window disappears. This will let you use items on objects that may be behind the inventory window.

Only 2 achievements are story related while all others are missable.

There are a couple of achievements that will require creating manual saves in order to avoid another playthrough.

There are 2 other achievements that require certain actions with no mistakes that we will want to save before attempting as well.

And with this next one you have to be perfect or the achievement will not unlock. That means once you click on something, you have to put it in the right spot without letting go of cn_A. If you drop it back to the board without getting it in the right location, you will need to reload the save and start over.

Credit ScoobyDoobyD0nt for this one

When you press to move from one area to the next in the same location, you can double tap cn_A to instantly travel there (for example, going from the junkyard to the general scrapyard: rather than slowly walking across screen, you can double tap cn_A to instantly go to the next area).

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