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Beards & Beaks (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Putting Hair on Your Chin
Putting Hair on Your Chin20 (20)Complete the first level of Gnomeville.
The Shiny Things Are Mine!
The Shiny Things Are Mine!10 (10)Complete the third level of Gnomeville.
Pint-sized Hercules
Pint-sized Hercules5 (5)Capture a heavy treasure using only 1 gnome without dropping or assisting.
It's Too Quiet
It's Too Quiet5 (5)On any map with more than 6 crows, sideline all crows at the same time.

Least Earned

Goaltending7 (5)Knock 10 treasures out of crow possession right in front of their base.
Mushroom-Fueled Excess
Mushroom-Fueled Excess14 (10)Win a level using every mushroom power.
Down to the Wire
Down to the Wire7 (5)Finish a base defense level with your bases having less than 10% health remaining.
Eviction Notice
Eviction Notice13 (10)Eject 20 enemies from garrisons.
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