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    Now before people start tearing me to shreds for giving an easymode game 4 stars, I'm rating it on the overall quality of the game as a mobile game, not the quality of the game in relation to something that you'd play on a console.

    Beards & Beaks is a modified tower defense style game. Your goal is, for the most part, to pick up gems on the map before the crows do. The crows will of course try to stop you and steal your gems for themselves. There are a few actual tower defense levels, but there are no turrets or anything like that from your typical tower defense style game.

    You start the game with one little yard gnome. These are the weakest and most common ones. There are two other types, a squirrel that throws nuts at the crows, and a tank that kills the weak crows much faster and can take more damage.

    There are a total of 30 levels that you must complete for the full 200, plus 15 more that are free, and another 30 on top of that that will cost you $1 for each 15. I actually bought the first map pack (second isn't available as I write this) because the game is pretty fun and a good time killer.

    The one downside to the game is that the special powers require mushrooms to use, which will cost you money if you do not use wisely. They give you one free mushroom package, and after that the mushrooms will cost you 80MSP for one bar. There are two mushroom-related achievements, but you can get both without spending money if you are smart about it.

    The graphics on the game are what you'd expect from that of a mobile platform. The controls are very good, and I didn't have any trouble flinging my little gnomes across the screen in the direction I wanted.

    The sounds & music are what you'd expect. Cutsey but tolerable. I didn't have to mute this to play it like I did with Angry Birds.

    The achievements are cake. It took me less than 2.5 hrs to get all of them. The only "hard" one was "Goaltending" which just required some trial and error and a lot of repetition. Goaltending alone took me about 45 minutes, the rest I had done in under 1.5hrs.
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    EndlessManiaI think at £2.29 it's overpriced i've played better windows phone games for less
    Posted by EndlessMania on 10 Apr 13 at 23:32