Beast Quest Reviews

  • capicawlcapicawl726,115
    08 Oct 2020 17 Oct 2020
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    This is my review for Beast Quest.

    Let me start out by saying that I give any game a chance if the price is right. I found this while shopping at a Five Below and decided to give it a shot.

    Premise: The story is your basic run-of-the-mill wannabe hero knight who’s kingdom Avantia has been taken over. The plot is pretty linear as you explore 4 different areas and try to break the curse of the noble beasts.

    Gameplay: This game is rated E-10, but I’m sure the game mechanics and controls are easy enough for someone 6 and up can play and understand. There were a couple jumping sequences that were a little wonky, but nothing game breaking. I noticed to that if you fell down an area, your character could jump and hover back to where you were.

    Edit: I noticed that you could use your shield as a “parachute” so the jumping scenes weren’t too bad once I found that out.

    Graphics: Surprisingly, not horrible. There are a few frame rate issues and background scaling was problematic at times, but it’s definitely not the worst I’ve ever witnessed.

    Difficulty: None whatsoever, your game saves at every campfire you come across or pass while exploring. If you die, you won’t miss much.

    Achievements: There is a bit of a grind for side quests, but they can be conjoined while playing the actual story. The hardest difficulty is not that difficult, because the game saves so often. Leveling up your character the correct way and the game will be a breeze.

    Time to complete: I’m about 8 hours in with just one world left. Mainly because I was lost and the directions to the next quest doesn’t always work right. I could see someone finishing this between 8-12 hours. 12 hours being worst case scenario if you took your time like me.

    Overall: For a fiver, I really enjoyed this game for what it was worth. I would call it a poor man’s fable/Zelda. I would give it a 7 out of 10. While it is not revolutionary as far as action RPG’s go, but it does play well and is a fairly decent time waster.