1. Beautiful Katamari Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes


Hi, and welcome to the walkthrough for Beautiful Katamari.

This is a fairly old game but is still incredibly fun to play.

The walkthrough will take you through how to get all of the achievements in the game, including the Extra Levels DLC. The caveat to completing the Extra Levels DLC is that you need to download the following DLC packs:

  • Milky Way Constellations
  • Dangerous Katamari
  • Perfectly Sized Katamari
  • High-calorie Katamari
  • The Weaver Girl
  • Shopping Spree
  • Mechanical Katamari

As of August 2019, these are still available on the Xbox Marketplace.

There are 5 achievements that require you to play online. The issue is that due to the game's age, there is barely anyone playing online. So if you wish to unlock those achievements, you will need to set up a gaming session.

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