4. Beautiful Katamari Collection - Page 1Update notes

Collection - Page 1

This page contains tables for all of the collections in the game. They're listed in the same way that they are in-game and includes their size. Underneath each table is also a section detailing some of the more harder items to collect. You will collect around 95% without even trying. When it comes to finding the final items you need, be sure to look at the list of collected items during a level, from the Start Menu. Any new items you collect will be coloured with a rainbow pattern. Just means it's easier to identify items if you're keeping track.

Any items that do not have a size with them means that there wasn't one in-game.

There are a number of achievements related to collection percentage. They'll unlock at the end of a level, if you've met a requirement.

These lists contain all the items that come within all the required DLC. These aren't needed for the collection achievements but are included for ease of understanding when looking at the collection pages in-game. All DLC items will be listed in bolded italics for easy differentiation.


Page 1
Tomato 16cm5mmCucumber 10cm9mmEggplant 7cm8mmOnion 21cm1mm
Corn 36cm6mmCarrot 57cm0mmBroccoli 24cm9mmRadish Sprouts 26cm3mm
Sweet Potato 29cm4mmLeek 43cm5mmBamboo Shoot 48cm2mmChinese Cabbages 89cm8mm
Page 2
Soybean 5cm5mmSalad 17cm7mmDaikon Radish 76cm9mmDaikon Radishes 69cm8mm
Turnip 58cm2mmBig Turnip 11m93cm9mmRed Cabbage 39cm7mmCabbage 74cm2mm
Squash 50cm7mmYellow Squash 57cm4mmGigantic Pumpkin 1m95cm0mmSpinach 31cm0mm
Page 3
Spinach 37cm0mmTomato Box 61cm2mmTomato Box 1m04cm8mmGreen Pepper Box 1m04cm8mm

Sweet Potato (Page 1, Row 3) - Seadome. You'll find it between the red Japanese building (the once that has people running around it) and the river bank.

Red Cabbage (Page 2, Row 2) - Chateau Notre Desir. This cabbage is purple and can be found on a plate in the open area where all the food stands are.


Page 1
Pineapple 65cm0mGigantic Pineapple 2m37cm2mmCherries 8cm0mmMonster Cherries 12cm0mm
Strawberry 7cm2mmGiant Strawberry 10cm8mmStrawberry Pack 28cm4mmStrawberries 61cm4mm
Rabbit Apple 11cm1mmApple 19cm8mmMonster Apple 36cm9mmApple Basket 94cm6mm
Page 2
Peach 25cm1mmBig Peach 1m00cm5mmPeach Basket 94cm1mmMandarin Piece 5cm2mm
Mandarin 14cm1mmMandarin 22cm3mmOrange Basket 93cm8mmOrange Box 1m04cm8mm
Banana 21mc4mmBanana Bunch 40cm6mmPear 24cm6mmBig Pear 36cm9mm
Page 3
Pear 15cm3mmMelon 32cm9mmMonster Melon 60cm7mmPersimmon 24cm2mm
Grapes 41cm2mmMuscat 41cm2mmCanned Peach 34cm3mmCanned Fruits Section 55cm8mm



Page 1
Pizza 42cm6mmGigantic Pizza 1m36cm5mmHamburger 17cm3mmHamburger 20cm2mm
Champion Burger 37cm2mmFrech Fries 23cm5mmNuggets 28cm2mmBeef Patty 15cm1mm
Take-Out Burger 36cm0mmEgg Sandwich 18cm5mmSandwich 18cm5mmCroissant 15cm6mm
Page 2
Bread Loaf 22cm7mmToast 19cm0mmSliced Bread 32cm8mmBakery Section 53cm6mm
French Bread 38cm8mmLong French Bread 1m41cm9mmFried Chicken 21cm4mmHot Dog 23cm5mm
Poultry 1m17cm6mmSliced Ham 19cm4mmHam 34cm0mmMeat 49cm8mm
Page 3
Sausage 8cm3mmSausage 21cm0mmCanned Tuna 13cm3mmCanned Sardines 18cm2mm
Cheese 8cm6mmCheese 29cm5mmRound Cheese 48cm1mmDaughter's Bowl 22cm2mm
Son's Rice Bowl 22cm2mmMom's Rice Bowl 25cm5mmDad's Rice Bowl 29cm6mmGigantic Rice Bowl 1m32cm7mm
Page 4
Fried Shrimp 14cm9mmGigantic Fried Shrimp 1m67cm1mmHamburger 32cm8mmJumbo Beef Patty 1m38cm6mm
Dried Kelp 5m15cm7mmOmelet Rice 29cm1mmTurkey 81cm4mmStew 27cm7mm
Stew 1m10cm6mmCurry Roux 42cm0mmCurry 1m10cm6mmRice 95cm6mm
Page 5
Gyoza Dumplings 6cm4mmShumai Dumpling 12cm3mmGyoza Dumplings 14cm8mmSteamed Bun 22cm9mm
Fried Rice 75cm7mmRoast Pork 1m28cm2mmEgg Roll 18cm5mmCup Noodles 24cm1mm
Cup Noodles 27cm2mmInstant Noodle Section 59cm8mmRamen 46cm5mmGigantic Ramen 1m50cm8mm
Page 6
Kebab 31cm1mmRoast On Bone 50cm0mmLarge Meat 1m38cm6mmBento Lunch 27cm1mm
Big Bento Lunch 44cm8mmSpecial Lunch Box 31cm4mmStew Roux 23cm8mmCurry Roux 23cm8mm
Frozen Rice 25cm4mmCereal 33cm7mmOctopus Sausage 7cm2mmChicken Rice 12cm7mm
Page 7
Kid's Size Beef Patty 15cm6mmSunny-Side up Egg 16cm2mmRadish Salad 20cm0mmGratin 26cm5mm
Corn Soup 32cm8mmCurry and Rice 35cm9mmSpaghetti 36cm9mmKid's Salad 13cm2mm
Ham and Melon 19cm8mmYakisoba 25cm7mmLobster 54cm6mmSoft Marshmallow 4cm8mm
Page 8
Egg 13cm6mmPack of Eggs 30cm4mmFilleted Fish 25cm1mmBeef 26cm5mm
Eel 27cm8mmFish 29cm3mmCanned Food Section 41cm5mm



Page 1
Chocolate Cake 22cm4mmShortcake 22cm2mmCake Box 45cm3mmMilk Candy 6cm0mm
Candy 6cm0mmCoffee Flavor Candy 6cm0mmGrape Flavor Candy 6cm0mmKintaro Candy 3cm8mm
Marble Lollipop 10cm8mmLollipop 10cm8mmCandy Cane 12cm3mmLollipop 18cm5mm
Page 2
Pink Lollipop 1m07cm1mmBlue Lollipop 1m07cm1mmStrawberry Flower 46cm0mmGrape Flower 46cm0mm
Mandarin Flower 46cm0mmGummy 1m05cm0mmMarble Cake 12cm0mmMarble Cake 98cm0mm
Pound Cake 1m60cm0mmSponge Cake 9cm4mmChocolate 4cm1mmChocolate 4cm2mm
Page 3
Mild Chocolate 61cm0mmBitter Chocolate 61cm0mmChocolate 11cm7mmChocolate 11cm7mm
Chocolate 12cm8mmMarble Chocolate Ring 12cm6mmItalian Chocolate 17cm5mmSweetheart Chocolate 10cm8mm
Chocolate Pie
Chocolate Pie 65cm0mmBread Stick 1m12cm0mmCaramel 4cm4mm
Page 4
Caramel Box 11cm3mmCaramel 70cm0mmGum Stick 4cm5mmGum 8cm5mm
Red Pop 5cm0mmYellow Pop 5cm0mmApple Gum 6cm2mmYogurt Cup 7cm8mm
Vinegared Kelp 9cm0mmCorn Snack 13cm5mmTriangle Rice Puff 16cm8mmPotato Chips 32cm9mm
Page 5
Rice Cracker 15cm5mmDried Squid 17cm4mmDango Dumpling 9cm5mmGigantic Dango 1m78cm8mm
Hishi-Mochi 47cm0mmCanned Sweets 14cm8mmGrilled Fish 24cm6mmGigantic Fried Fish 1m08cm0mm
Creme Caramel 14cm6mmBig Creme Caramel 1m50cm0mmChocolate Parfait 35cm3mmStrawberry Parfait 33cm5mm
Page 6
Jumbo Sundae 1m47cm7mmCream Puff 18cm9mmMelon Bread 21cm8mmChocolate Bread 22cm2mm
Pancake 31cm2mmBaumkuchen Cake 30cm2mmBig Baumkuchen 1m00cm5mmTart 8cm2mm
Chocolate Donut 14cm0mmBig Chocolate Donut 72cm0mmStrawberry Donut 14cm0mmStrawberry Donut 72cm0mm
Page 7
Vanilla Wafer 60cm0mmStrawberry Wafer 60cm0mmChocolate Wafer 68cm2mmRed Wafer 68cm2mm
Green Wafer 68cm2mmBlue Wafer 68cm2mmPurple Wafer 68cm2mmCookie 6cm5mm
Cookie 96cm0mmChocolate Cookie 5cm6mmBig Chocolate Cookie 1m58cm0mmStar Cookie 5cm0mm
Page 8
Star Cookie 1m24cm0mmChicken Cookie 76cm5mmPig Cookie 79cm9mmSheep Cookie 97cm4mm
Donkey Cookie 1m43cm2mmCookie Tile 68cm2mmStrawberry Cookie Tile 68cm2mmCookie 93cm0mm
Cookie Sandwich 5cm8mmKid's Jelly 10cm8mmFruit Jelly 15cm8mmApple Pie 22cm7mm
Page 9
Bean-Jam Pancake 16cm3mmRoasted Chestnuts 23cm1mmPink Rice Cake 23cm7mmCylindrical Snack 26cm5mm
Fruit Candy 40cm6mmGum Section 31cm7mmKiddy Chocolate 39cm7mmRice Cracker Section 44cm7mm
Snacks Section 53cm1mmTin of Cookies 58cm9mmSnacks Section 60cm7mmCookies Section 66cm3mm

Donkey Cookie (Page 8, Row 2) - despite it not being a DLC item, apparently you can only find it in DLC levels Munchies Manor or Fancy & Schmancy's.

Japanese Food

Page 1
Noodles with Kitsune 39cm8mmOden 20cm7mmSmall Takoyaki 7cm5mmTakoyaki One Bite 9cm3mm
Takoyaki 6 Pack 19cm9mmOkonomiyaki 25cm8mmSalmon 16cm5mmGrilled Fish 28cm7mm
Flavored Seaweed 8cm1mmFish Cake 10cm9mmSteamed FishCake 17cm7mmSashimi Boat 63cm1mm
Page 2
Tuna Roll 9cm9mmCucumber Roll 9cm9mmTuna Sushi 9cm8mmSquid Sushi 9cm8mm
Toro Sushi 9cm8mmEgg Sushi 9cm8mmOctopus Sushi 9cm8mmShrimp Sushi 9cm9mm
Mackerel Sushi 9cm8mmSalmon Roe Roll 11cm3mmSushi Roll 27cm8mmOnigiri (Rice Ball) 16cm0mm
Page 3
Gigantic Rice Ball 1m12cm5mmLunch Box 38cm6mmSoba Noodles 37cm5mmPork Bowl 40cm5mm
Gigantic Katsu Rice 1m64cm9mmPickle Tub 1m08cm9mmKagami-mochi 35cm2mmHuge Rice Cake 1m42cm0mm
Cooking Pot 52cm0mmCooking Pot 1m40cm8mmTofu 19cm2mmNatto 20cm5mm

Natto (Page 3, Row 3) - Oasis Cafe. It's found on the second level of the shelving that's along the sides of the room.

Sashami Boat (Page 1, Row 3) - Sunrise Castle. It's found going down the steam. It's a brown boat with a small patch of green on top.


Page 1
Sports Drink 17cm0mmSoda 17cm0mmApple Juice 17cm0mmSoda 17cm0mm
Coffee (Can) 17cm0mmGreen Tea (Can) 17cm0mmOrange Juice 17cm0mmMilk Carton 17cm6mm
Tetrapack Milk 20cm2mmMilk Bottle 19cm9mmCoffee Milk 19cm9mmLarge Milk Carton 26cm0mm
Page 2
Baby Bottle 19cm3mmMilk Can 96cm6mmDrink 21cm7mmSoda Bottle 18cm9mm
Yogurt Drinks 21cm9mmOrange Juice 22cm6mmTropical Juice 24cm3mmPet Bottle Juice 31cm1mm
Bottled Green Tea 34cm6mmRound Water Canteen 26cm8mmWater Canteen 42cm2mmIce Cream Float 33cm2mm
Page 3
Mixed Juice 34cm9mmTeapot 31cm2mmLemon Tea 31cm8mmMug 20cm0mm
Teacup 18cm0mmTea Can 23cm0mmTeapot 28cm7mmThermos Pot 51cm1mm
Kettle 72cm9mmCoffee Milk 5cm8mmPack of Coffee Beans 28cm8mmJapanese Cup 12cm7mm
Page 4
Japanese Bottle 22cm1mmLao Jiu 82cm1mmExpensive Bottle 25cm0mmGrape Juice 25cm8mm
Sparkling Bottle 31cm3mmPineapple Drink 20cm2mmSoda Drink 20cm2mmMelon Drink 20cm2mm
Red Grape Juice 25cm34mmIce-Cold Drink 28cm4mmGlass Bottle 38cm7mmCanned Beverage Section 48cm4mm
Page 5
Beverages 61cm2mm
Oasis 201m64cm1mm

Yogurt Drinks (Page 2, Row 1) - Oasis Cafe. You'll find them on the floor, to the right of the door that leads outside. They'll be on a shelf.

Lao Jiu (Page 4, Row 1) - Roller Roaster. It's on the highest shelf, right after leaving the restaurant.


Page 1
Frying Pan 66cm1mmWok 96cm1mmKitchen Knife 12cm8mmButcher's Knife 50cm6mm
Cutting Board 43cm1mmSugar Cube 5cm0mmPepper 13cm0mmSalt 13cm4mm
Soy Sauce Container 17cm2mmSugar 2cm5mmDou Ban Jiang 20cm2mmMiso 26cm6mm
Page 2
Hot Sauce 17cm4mmDressing 22cm3mmBarbecue Sauce 22cm8mmMustard Sauce 23cm5mm
Ketchup Stand 23cm6mmCheese 24cm8mmShao Xing Jiu 31cm2mmSoy Sauce Bottle 26cm9mm
Slotted Spatula 21cm1mmSpatula 22cm6mmLadle 28cm3mmMayonnaise 25cm5mm
Page 3
Ketchup 25cm5mmStrawberry Jam 15cm0mmMarmalade 15cm0mmHoney 25cm0mm
Butter 25cm4mmFork 7cm6mmSpoon 8cm1mmChinese Spoon 16cm3mm
Teaspoon 10cm3mmCamping Pot 46cm8mmRice Container 60cm7mmRice Cooker 76cm6mm
Page 4
Steamer Lid 37cm1mmDumpling Steamer 38cm6mmExpensive Plate 18cm5mmSmall Plate 18cm5mm
Square Dish 24cm0mmPlate 30cm8mmSquare Plate 33cm3mmLarge Flower Plate 1m46cm7mm
Kid's Plate 41cm1mmSweets Plate 1m73cm5mmBig Plate 58cm9mmFruit Plate 93cm3mm
Page 5
Chinese Bowl 45cm6mmMilk Jug 10cm9mmTeapot 14cm5mmTea Jar 28cm4mm
Chopsticks 8cm8mmPeeler 16cm7mmPlastic Wrap 22cm8mmTakoyaki Hotplate 23cm0mm
Hot Plate 81cm9mmShaker 20cm8mmCoffee Mill 25cm6mmBlender 57cm5mm
Page 6
Clay Stove 68cm4mmCoffee Mill 95cm4mmTongs 26cm8mmRice Cooker 79cm4mm
Shabu-Shabu Pot 88cm9mmTray 47cm7mmLunch Tray 47cm7mmTray 53cm5mm
Dogfood Bowl 30cm4mmLunch Box 40cm7mmSashimi Boat 58cm3mmMicrowave Oven 1m05cm3mm
Page 7
Fire Pit 3m16cm4mmToaster 58cm5mmSauce Selection 46cm6mmKetchup and Mayonnaise Section 47cm5mm
Flour Section 55cm5mm

Slotted Spatula (Page 2, Row 3) - Roller Roaster. Inside the Burger Shop, hanging over the ledge of the grill where burgers are cooking.

Peeler (Page 5, Row 2) - Oasis Cafe. It's by the cabinets and electric plugs.

Sashimi Boat (Page 6, Row 3) - Roller Roaster. It's on the floor in the Burger Shop.


Page 1
Dustpan 34cm2mmVacuum Cleaner 1m11cm6mmStore Dustpan 80cm2mmBroom 66cm3mm
Bamboo Broom 90cm8mmBlackboard Eraser Cleaner 41cm5mmScrub Brush 76cm0mmDust Cloth 30cm3mm
Dust Cloth Hanger 1m35cm5mmCleaning Bucket 70cm2mmBucket 77cm5mmToilet Plunger 57cm5mm
Page 2
Old Magazines 39cm0mmOld Books 53cm2mmOld Newspaper 70cm9mmGarbage 1m26cm1mm
Trash Bag 1m26cm1mmMandarin Peel 14cm2mmSink Strainer 23cm8mmDustbin 53cm0mm
Trash Can 87cm3mmTrash Can 1m30cm2mmRecycling Bin 1m35cm1mmMetal Trash Can 1m26cm2mm
Page 3
Trash Can 1m26cm2mmGarbage Dump 4m48cm5mmSchool Incinerator 4m64cm1mm

Scrub Brush (Page 1, Row 2) - Schloss Kosmos. It's in the TV Studio that's in the little town.

Dust Cloth Hanger (Page 1, Row 3) - Sunrise Castle. It's next to the large Pagoda, in the Japanese section of town.

Cleaning Bucket (Page 1, Row 3) - Sunrise Castle. It's in between the waterfall and red Japanese tower.

Old Magazines (Page 2, Row 1) - Seadome. Go to where the little alley is behind the Burger Shop. Look for where the car gets out of your way, you'll find a man on a toilet. It's near him.

Recycling Bin (Page 2, Row 3) - Seadome. Look at the TV Studio with the river behind you. Take the road to the left, and you'll find the recycling bin in front of a white store (in the middle). You know you're in front of the right store if there are barbells on the street.


Page 1
Laundry Basket 73cm2mmClothes Peg 6cm6mmClothes Peg 6cm6mmSoap 10cm4mm
School Soap 25cm2mmDetergent 37cm2mmWashtub 52cm6mmDishwashing Liquid 33cm2mm
Sponge 15cm6mmLaundry Pole 1m30cm0mmLaundry Deck 1m50cm0mmLaundry Hanger 49cm5mm
Page 2
Washstand 1m15cm0mmHose Reel 85cm2mmWashing Machine 2m35cm7mmCar Wash 6m10cm2mm
Water Tap 1m5cm4mmFaucet 27cm3mmOutdoor Sink 4m37cm7mmPurification Fountain 8m42cm4mm
Shampoo 30cm6mmShampoo Section 48cm5mmDetergent Section 64cm7mm

Detergent (Page 1, Row 2) - Dynaville. This is small, and you'll find it at either the barbers or the Mansion.

Dishwashing Liquid (Page 1, Row 2) - Delightful Dirigible. It's on the counter top with the sink.


Page 1
Dictionary 27cm0mmDictionary 23cm7mmStorybook 25cm0mmFairy Tale Book 25cm0mm
Paperback 13cm9mmComic 28cm7mmMagazine 29cm3mmWeekly Magazine 30cm0mm
Fashion Magazine 34cm2mmAnimal Book 35cm8mmPlant Book 35cm8mmEncyclopedia 35cm8mm
Page 2
Telephone Book 50cm6mmHome Doctor Book 56cm8mmMagazine Rack 1m71cm6mmFiles 66cm1mm
Paperback 20cm0mmGreen Book 51cm2mmRed Book 51cm2mmPurple Book 68cm5mm
Bookmark 11cm0mm

Dictionary (Page 1, Row 1) - Delightful Dirigible. You'll find it mixed in with a pile of books near the shelf.

Plant Book (Page 1, Row 3) - Seadome. It's in front of the TV Studio door closest to the river.

Files (Page 2, Row 1) - Seadome. It's on a desk in the TV studio.


Page 1
Sticky Tape 35cm4mmSticky Tape 11cm6mmThumbtack 3cm1mmBlue Pushpin
Yellow Pushpin 3cm5mmGlue 7cm4mmKid's Glue Stick 7cm9mmClip 1cm8mm
Green Clip 4cm5mmRed Clip 4cm5mmSand Eraser 7cm4mmEraser 8cm1mm
Page 2
Small B Pencil 4cm0mB Pencil 4cm3mmH Pencil 4cm1mmPencil With Eraser 7cm2mm
Fancy Pencil 7cm0mmHB Pencil 7cm9mmBlue & Red Pencil 9cm7mmBallpoint Pen 6cm5mm
Diary 19cm4mmBoy's Pen Box 27cm3mmGirly Pen Box 29cm8mmPencil Stand 18cm7mm
Page 3
Pencil Sharpener 26cm2mmPermanent Marker 8cm6mmPaper Cutter 16cm3mmScissors 16cm8mm
Big Compass 53cm2mmAbacus 28cm0mm

Clip (Page 1, Row 2) - Lady Luck Casino, on the desk where the robber is looking in the window near the wall.

Boy's Pen Box (Page 2, Row 3) - Delightful Dirigible, by the table with the Japanese food on it. It's off to the side of the box of sewing stuff you use to climb onto the table.

Abacus (Page 3, Row 2) - Seadome, just inside the TV studio in the computer room to the left of the door when you first enter.


Page 1
Ribbon 24cm1mmKnit Cap 34cm5mmTop Hat 48cm2mmGlasses 9cm3mm
Sunglasses 32cm0mmFunky Sunglasses 10cm7mmNose Glasses 23cm3mmLip Balm 7cm1mm
Lipstick 7cm6mmNail Polish 8cm8mmHairpin 4cm5mmPlastic Comb 13cm9mm
Page 2
Hair Brush 21cm1mmHair Dryer 33cm3mmRed Sock 11cm6mmBlue Sock 12cm7mm
Blue Socks 22cm4mmOrange Socks 22cm4mmSocks Section 45cm7mmSandal 31cm1mm
Pumps 34cm0mmKid's Shoe 23cm5mmSneaker 36cm0mmLeather Shoe 39cm6mm
Page 3
Striped T-Shirt 59cm1mmFur Coat 1m17cm4mmGloves 18cm6mmBriefs 2cm7mm
Thermal Underwear 34cm8mmEarring 4cm1mmPerfume 17cm1mmPowder Compact 11cm7mm
Brand Name Bag 36cm7mm

Knit Cap (Page 1, Row 1) - Roller Roaster, on a hillside.

Blue Sock (Page 2, Row 1) - Roller Roaster, along the river. You'll need to be small, so head for this as soon as you get big enough to leave the initial shop.

Blue Socks (Page 2, Row 2) - Roller Roaster, on a hillside.

Orange Socks (Page 2, Row 2) - Roller Roaster, on a hillside.

Thermal Underwear (Page 3, Row 2) - Roller Roaster, on a hillside.


Page 1
Guitar 1m10cm9mmCello 1m38cm6mmHarp 2m40cm6mmRecorder 20cm2mm
Ocarina 29cm6mmTrumpet 52cm4mmKeyboard Harmonica 48cm6mmConch Shell 47cm9mm
Harmonica 18cm8mmGrand Piano 3m91cm2mmOrgan 1m77cm8mmPipe Organ 25m79cm6mm
Page 2
Cassette Tape 9cm7mmCassette Radio 62cm3mmCassette Radio 64cm7mmStereo 87cm5mm
Gramophone 1m12cm1mmStereo Speaker 1m14cm5mmHeadphones 53cm4mmRecord Case 36cm3mm
Record 32cm4mmBell 4cm8mmWindchime 20cm1mmBell 83cm1mm
Page 3
Baby Rattle 10cm2mmHanging Bell 3m40cm1mmBell 30cm0mmBig Drum 1m23cm1mm
Small Drum 1m10cm5mmCymbal 1m22cm5mmGong 1m40cm5mmCastanet 12cm5mm
Court Musician Flute 42cm5mmCourt Musician Drum 45cm5mmMetronome 32cm4mmCork 6cm2mm

Ocarina (Page 1, Row 2) - Seadome, in front of the Candy Shop.


Page 1
Ping Pong Paddle 33cm7mmPing-Pong Ball 9cm4mmBaseball 19cm9mmGolf Ball 11cm0mm
Tennis Ball 13cm5mmDodgeball 43cm8mmFootball 49cm4mmSoccer Ball 55cm7mm
Scoreboard 7m07cm2mmPing-Pong Table 3m25cm7mmBaseball Glove 27cm8mmBaseball Cap 37cm6mm
Page 2
Home Plate 42cm0mmBaseball Bat 57cm8mmBase 76cm4mmPitcher's Mound 3m84cm2mm
Basketball Hoop 5m58cm5mmSoccer Goal 8m55cm6mmWrestling Ring 9m87cm3mmSumo Ring 10m43cm5mm
Oxygen Tank 80cm7mmSwimming Board 1m31cm4mmSurfboard 1m38cm5mmShuttlecock 10cm8mm
Page 3
Ski Pole 72cm3mmTennis Racket 74cm9mmSnowboard 1m09cm0mmGreen Ski Board 1m40cm1mm
Yellow Ski Board 1m40cm1mmBlue Ski Board 1m40cm1mmFlagstick 64cm6mmHurdle 1m43cm3mm
Kendo Mask 75cm7mmGreen Helmet 82cm2mmRed Helmet 82cm2mmRacer 1m65cm2mm
Page 4
Red Racer 1m45cm6mmPurple Racer 1m45cm6mmBlue Racer 1m45cm6mmSoccer Player 1m58cm0mm
Surfer 1m60cm0mmMarathon Runner 1m69cm4mmBenchwarmer 1m78cm2mmOutfielder 1m84m0mm
Batter 1m93cm4mmCatcher 1m98cm7mmTennis Player 1m83cm3mmYellow Border 1m86cm5mm
Page 5
Red Boarder 1m86cm5mmGreen Boarder 1m86cm5mmGreen Skier 2m02cm7mmPurple Skier 2m02cm7mm
Red Skier 2m02cm7mmSkier 2m07cm3mmSki Jumper 2m14cm8mmYellow Skier 2m00cm4mm
Red Skier 2m00cm4mmGreen Skier 2m00cm4mmIce Skater Boy 1m36cm7mmIce Skater Grandpa 1m56cm1mm
Page 6
Ice Skater 1m70cm2mm Speed Skater 1m77cm5mmCanoeist 2m83cm2mmCaddy 1m55cm6mm
Gentleman 1m72cm8mmGolfer 1m76cm3mmSumo Referee 1m75cm5mmFlagman 1m84cm8mm
Basketball Player 2m07cm0mmSkydiving Man 2m11cm0mmParachute Man 10m01cm0mmGlider Man 8m22cm4mm

Pitcher's Mound (Page 2, Row 1) - Dynaville, by the train tracks where there are a bunch of snowmen - one's standing on it.

Catcher (Page 4, Row 3) - Sunrise Castle, standing next to an indentation with bikes.

Red Skier (Page 5, Row 2/3) - Dynaville. There are 2 different Red Skiers, and both can be found at the train station. One will be waiting on the ground and the other in a chairlift attached to a balloon right above the station.

Skydiving Man (Page 6, Row 3) - Dynaville, by the circus tent, he's with Santa.


Page 1
Hard-working Trainee 1m50cm3mmTrainee 1m55cm2mmBeetle Fight 20cm9mmWrestling Match 3m00cm3mm
Sumo Bout 4m67cm5mmJudo Contest 4m50cm3mmKiller Move 2m85cm0mmBarbell 1m68cm0mm
Dumbbell 27cm7mmAxe 45cm2mmPickaxe 72cm6mmLawn Roller 2m24cm7mm
Page 2
Telephone Pole Brace 1m22cm4mmElephant 9m13cm4mmLarge Elephant 14m31cm5mmIndian Elephant 30m10cm8mm
Wrecking Ball 13m45cm7mmCrane 22m09cm9mmCrane Scaffold 17m55cm0mmCrane (L) 111m35cm0mm
Crane Scaffold 34m80cm9mmFerris Wheel Base 103m31cm5mmBoxer 1m88cm7mmJudo Wrestler 2m10cm3mm
Page 3
Sumo Wrestler 3m00cm1mmKomusubi (Sumo Wrestler) 2m33cm7mmOzeki (Sumo Wrestler) 3m70cm5mmYokozuna (Sumo Wrestler) 5m48cm4mm
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