9. Beautiful Katamari Collection - Page 6Update notes

Collection - Page 6


Mouse 11cm1mmMilking Cow 3m19cm7mmTiger 2m73cm3mmRabbit 51cm8mm
Dragon 1km005m55cm5mmCobra 80cm2mmHorse 3m73cm7mmWhite Sheep 1m67cm1mm
Monkey 84cm3mmChicken 89cm5mmDog With Fleas 77cm2mmBoar 1m78cm6mm

Dog with Fleas (Page 1, Row 3) - Seadome. There's a group of these walking around the pond/pool with a human.


Black Bear 3m19cm4mmBear Cub 1m39cm2mmBig Bear 4m24cm6mmOx 5m49cm1mm
Lion 3m48cm7mmBlack Panther 2m74cm6mmKing Kong 6m18cm7mmBulldog 94cm3mm
Piranha 78cm1mmShark 6m10cm9mmCrocodile 4m12cm0mmDemon Granny 1m59cm1mm

Demon Granny (Page 1, Row 3) - Seadome. You'll find her in the back alley of the buildings near the red bridge.


Page 1
Blue Crab 34cm8mmSmall Fiddler Crab 21cm9mmFiddler Crab 34cm8mmCoconut Crab 44cm4mm
Spider Crab 60cm0mmHorseshoe Crab 50cm5mmCarp 39cm6mmStriped Fish 43cm6mm
Snapper 43cm6mmBonito 67cm1mmSalmon 69cm3mmTuna 1m67cm8mm
Page 2
Fish Bones 20cm3mmClownfish 12cm2mmYellow Clownfish 12cm2mmGreen Clownfish 12cm2mm
Killifish 7cm2mmGoldfish 12cm0mmTelescope Goldfish 12cm0mmAngelfish 18cm1mm
Sea Horse 18cm6mmEel 62cm5mmStingray 91cm5mmSunfish 1m12cm1mm
Page 3
Dolphin 4m08cm8mmStephanie 5m97cm3mmCatfish 47cm9mmGiant Catfish 835m76cm5mm
Manta Ray 713m38cm2mmSea Anemone 55cm6mmElectric Jellyfish 78cm1mmGiant Jellyfish 2m20cm6mm
Hermit Crab 10cm9mmCrayfish 17cm7mmStarfish 21cm1mmSea Urchin 18cm2mm
Page 4
Univalve Shell 18cm6mmScallop Shell 20cm0mmPointy Shell 18cm1mmSeasnail Shell 17cm0mm
Big Clam 82cm4mmTriangle Shell 16cm2mmSeaweed 1m07cm0mmAlgae Ball 1m08cm9mm
Squid 48cm4mmSea Otter 1m02cm2mmSeal 1m83cm4mmBaby Turtle 19cm9mm
Page 5
Sea Turtle 50cm3mmSea Turtle 2m73cm6mmOctopus 53cm0mmMermaid 1m59cm7mm
Merman 2m11cm5mm

Telescope Goldfish (Page 2, Row 2) - Chateau Notre Desir. These look like little, black goldfish, and can be found outside of the starting house, in the fountain where cousin Norn is.


Page 1
Blue Airplane 70m00cm0mmWhite Airplane 70m00cm0mmAirplane 100m51cm9mmProp Plane 16m09cm4mm
Yellow Plane 11m98cm8mmRed Plane 11m98cm8mmSparrow 18cm7mmPigeon 35cm7mm
Crow 68cm8mmEagle 1m51cm1mmIbis 1m04cm7mmOstrich 1m91cm4mm
Page 2
Flamingo 1m55cm2mmCrane 1m47cm8mmParrot 25cm5mmPeacock 2m42cm1mm
Bird Man 2m09cm6mmYellow Origami Crane 17cm3mmGreen Origami Crane 17cm3mmBlue Origami Crane 17cm3mm
Red Origami Crane 17cm3mmPurple Origami Crane 17cm3mmWhite Origami Crane 17cm3mmPink Origami Crane 17cm3mm
Page 3
Big Origami Crane 65cm0mmKing Origami Crane 80cm0mm50 Origami Cranes 50cm0mmCuckoo 12cm5mm
Weathercock 2m37cm1mmPaper Airplane 17cm3mmQuail Chick 8cm0mmDuckling 13cm6mm
Chick 13cm6mmOstrich Chick 60cm3mmFeather Pen 19cm2mmWings 1m00cm0mm

Yellow Origami Crane (Page 2, Row 2) - Delightful Dirigible. This is on the dining table.


Page 1
Gorilla 2m58cm6mmRhinoceros 3m93cm7mmHippopotamus 5m25cm8mmCamel 3m32cm1mm
Okapi 2m43cm6mmJersey Cow 1m24cm9mmCow 7m08cm8mmBlack Sheep 1m62cm1mm
Pig 2m15cm0mmRat 17cm6mmMole 36cm8mmFrill-necked Lizard 68cm4mm
Page 2
Anteater 1m24cm6mmSloth 96cm2mmDeer 1m03cm7mmKangaroo 2m28cm7mm
Husky 1m15cm7mmDalmatian 1m00cm1mmDalmation 1m00cm1mmZebra 2m96cm4mm
Zebras 32m00cm4mmBaby Giraffe 5m00cm0mmGiraffe 6m61cm1mmGiraffes 38m73cm5mm
Page 3
Elephants 58m47cm9mmTurtle 40cm8mmGiant Tortoise 1m86cm2mmDung Beetle 13cm3mm
Big Dung Beetle 22cm0mmGiant Dung Beetle 37cm8mmLadybug 3cm8mmWhite Butterfly 5cm4mm
Purple Butterfly 9cm4mmYellow Swallowtail 10cm4mmSwallowtail 13cm3mmDragonfly 16cm6mm
Page 4
Spider 20cm3mmPraying Mantis 18cm7mmGrasshopper 16cm7mmUnicorn Beetle 16cm7mm
Hercules Beetle 19cm8mmStag Beetle 17cm4mmGiraffe Stag Beetle 18cm5mm

Giraffe Stag Beetle (Page 4, Row 2) - Lady Luck Casino. Climb the potted tree in the starting room to find this.


Page 1
Thread (Navy) 8cm4mmThread (Red & White) 8cm4mmThread (Green) 10cm7mmThread (White) 10cm7mm
Red Dress Pin 2cm7mm Green Dress Pin 2cm7mmDress Pin 2cm7mmPin Cushion 13cm8mm
Button 2cm5mmSewing Box 86cm4mmSewing Machine 72cm2mmKnitting Needles 28cm4mm
Page 2
Red Yarn Piece 8cm0mmBlue Yarn Piece 8cm0mmYellow Yarn Piece 8cm0mmGreen Yarn Piece 8cm0mm
Red Yarn Piece 8cm0mmBlue Yarn Piece 8cm0mmYellow Yarn Piece 8cm0mmGreen Yarn Piece 8cm0mm
Red Yarn Bundle 24cm2mmBlue Yarn Bundle 24cm2mmYellow Yarn Bundle 24cm2mmGreen Yarn Bundle 24cm2mm
Page 3
Red Yarn Bundle (L) 1m21cm2mmBlue Yarn Bundle (L) 1m21cm2mmYellow Yarn Bundle (L) 1m21cm2mmGreen Yarn Bundle (L) 1m21cm2mm
Red Yarn 18cm8mmBlue Yarn 18cm8mmYellow Yarn 18cm8mmGreen Yarn 18cm8mm
Big Red Yarn 41cm3mmBig Blue Yarn 41cm3mmBig Yellow Yarn 41cm3mmBig Green Yarn 41cm3mm
Page 4
Giant Red Yarn 71cm5mmGiant Blue Yarn 71cm5mmGiant Yellow Yarn 71cm5mmGiant Green Yarn 71cm5mm

Thread (Navy) (Page 1, Row 1) - Chateau Notre Desir. It's inside the house, along the ramp by the roulette table that leads up to the cards.

Yarn Bundles (all of them) (Page 2, Row 3) - Roller Roaster. These are all in a group, under the table, against a wall.


Page 1
White Cloud (S) 82m30cm5mmWhite Cloud (M) 130m38cm6mmWhite Cloud (L) 280m50cm2mmCloud 200m16cm0mm
Rain Cloud (S) 82m30cm5mmRain Cloud (M) 130m38cm6mmRain Cloud (L) 280m50cm2mmStorm Cloud 200m16cm0mm
Thunder Cloud (S) 82m30cm5mmThunder Cloud (M) 130m38cm6mmThunder Cloud (L) 280m50cm2mmSheep Cloud 3km000m00cm0mm
Page 2
Flower Cloud 3km000m00cm0mmKitty Cloud 3km000m00cm0mmHeart Cloud 3km000m00cm0mmBanana Cloud 3km000m00cm0mm
Melon Cloud 3km000m00cm0mmShortcake Cloud 3km000m00cm0mmIce Cream Cloud 3km000m00cm0mmBony Chop Cloud 3km000m00cm0mm
Trumpet Cloud 3km000m00cm0mmCar Cloud 3km000m00cm0mmAirplane Contrail 110m66cm0mmCumulonimbus 310m10cm0mm
Page 3
Cumulonimbus (L) 540m08cm4mmCloud Man 500m41cm0mmMt. Fuji Cloud 253m47cm8mmPartly Cloudy 2km600m00cm0mm
Cloudy 299km207m40cm7mmRain 2km600m00cm0mmRain 299km207m40cm7mmThunder 2km600m00cm0mm
Storm 299km207m40cm7mmSnow 2km600m00cm0mmBlizzard 299km207m40cm7mm



Page 1
Gigantic Octopus 2km660m88cm8mmGigantic Octopus 240m00cm0mmJumbo Octopus 50m00cm0mmGigantic Squid 239m64cm3mm
Gigantic Squid 23m92cm0mmSwordfish 14m23cm0mmSchool of Fish 16m78cm6mmGigantic Whale 2km300m94cm2mm
Sperm Whale 17m80cm8mmBaby Whale 5m50cm0mmWalruses 35m57cm8mmGiant Sea Turtle 195m47cm2mm
Page 2
Whirlpool 150m07cm9mmLarge Whirpool 832m42cm0mmGiant Whirpool 1km688m43cm6mmSmall Fishing Boat 11m47cm2mm
Fishing Boat 13m64cm2mmTrawler 28m48cm1mmSteamboat 16m97cm4mmSail Boat 122m00cm6mm
Pirate Ship 83m65cm0mmCaptain 1m82cm2mmCrewman 1m71cm5mmFreight Ship 127m37cm5mm
Page 3
Submarine 28m74cm7mmSuper Submarine 66m00cm3mmStaten Island 214m00cm0mmHeron Island 314m00cm0mm
Uguisu Town 176m00cm0mmOlive Town 174m00cm0mmKawasemi City 415m00cm0mm Harbor 527m00cm0mm
West Coast 683m00cm0mmWhite House Site 504m00cm0mmNew York 507m00cm0mmTheme Park 573m00cm0mm
Page 4
Dam 502m00cm0mmAirport 683m00cm0mmEmerald Mountains 478m00cm0mmPolar Bear Mountain 440m00cm0mm



Page 1
Witch 1m92cm0mmGod 1m63cm7mmPrincess 1m69cm0mmPrince 1m85cm4mm
Flying Arabian Guy 2m83cm5mmFairy 20cm0mmKappa 1m75cm4mmCentaur 2m57cm4mm
Pegasus 3m97cm6mmBaby Phoenix 3m00cm0mmPhoenix 300m00cm0mmSilver Axe 49cm6mm
Page 2
Gold Axe 49cm6mmFairy Tale Fork 2m08cm0mmPumpkin Carriage 5m92cm3mmCinderella's Castle 92m10cm8mm
Treasure Ship 98m36cm7mmUnderwater Castle 276m26cm8mmAngel 12cm3mmRoyal Rainbow Cosmos Size

Witch (Page 1, Row 1) - Coolhouse. She's flying around the garden.


Page 1
Haniwa 35cm2mmClay Figure 1m09cm6mmTrojan Horse 20m85cm7mmCoffin 2m11cm2mm
Mummy 1m78cm2mmCaveman 1m90cm4mmNautilus 56cm2mmCoelacanth 2m36cm9mm
Pteranodon 81m55cm0mmTyrannosaurus Rex 150m00cm5mmStegosaurus 163m03cm0mmBrontosaurus 238m20cm5mm
Page 2
Mammoth 6m91cm3mmJumbo Mammoth 300m33cm3mmJurassic Tree 39m72cm6mmEgyptian Statue 59m65cm8mm
Olmeca Head 66m83cm4mmMayan Pyramid 192m14cm7mm

Nautilus (Page 1, Row 2) - Seadome. It's in a pile of fish tanks that are near the red Japanese tower (not the ones near the Picnic/Food Vendors area). You need to be around 80cm to grab it, as it'll disappear if you get too big.


The PrinceThe King Of All CosmosThe QueenThe King's Father
Royal Art 30cm0mmRoyal Art 30cm0mmRoyal Art 30cm0mmRoyal Art 30cm0mm
Royal Art 30cm0mmRoyal Art 30cm0mm

The Prince (Page 1, Row 1) - Egg School. You need to replay this level as Marcy, and the Prince will be in the ball instead.

The King's Father & The Queen (Page 1, Row 1) - Chateau Notre Desir. When you get into space, you'll find both of these there. You'll need to be 1,400,000km or bigger to collect them.

Famous Sites

Page 1
Saint Vasily Church 198m96cm7mmMont Saint Michael 217m66cm2mmAngkor Wat 83m41cm4mmWat Arun 168m27cm3mm
Taj Mahal Pillar 27m07cm1mmTaj Mahal 88m76cm4mmLeaning Tower of Pisa 56m00cm8mmL'Arc de Triomphe 66m72cm2mm
Eiffel Tower 96m12cm4mmStonehenge 11m89cm2mmBig Bridge 72m23cm8mmBig Ben 68m78cm8mm
Page 2
Houses of Parliament 129m86cm4mmMouth of Truth 19m80cm4mmColosseum 99m88cm7mmParthenon Column 11m97cm0mm
Parthenon 94m21cm8mmWindmill 22m91cm2mmThe Alps 2km790m00cm0mmSphinx 81m65cm7mm
Pyramid 58m31cm4mmBig Pyramid 103m04cm8mmKilimanjaro 291km802m22cm2mmThe White House 61m66cm0mm
Page 3
Statue of Liberty 87m40cm3mmGeorge 66m51cm8mmThomas 66m42cm0mmTheodore 66m47cm9mm
Abraham 66m23cm7mmBear 59m37cm8mmThe Rockies 2km765m00cm0mmThe Rockies 2km970m00cm0mm
Moai 27m80cm0mmStylish Moai 29m12cm4mmNazca Line 78m10cm5mmNazca Line 93m67cm4mm
Page 4
Nazca Line 96m90cm4mmMachu Picchu 190m48cm5mmThe Andes 2km685m00cm0mmThe Andes 2km990m00cm0mm
Merlion 18m76cm4mmPetronas Twin Tower 585m99cm9mmGreat Wall of China 82m05cm5mmGreat Wall of China 82m05cm7mm
Great Wall of China 82m05cm9mmGreat Wall of China 92m45cm3mmSouthern Gate 45m43cm1mmSleepy Buddha 218m67cm3mm
Page 5
The Himalayas 2km905m00cm0mmThe Himalayas 2km905m00cm0mmMount Everest 802km760m00cm0mmBig Buddha 59m52cm2mm
Big Fire Kanji 51m10cm2mmBurial Mound 523m48cm8mmFive-Story Pagoda 37m42cm3mmFive Story Tower 27m40cm8mm
Shrine 9m26cm1mmDiet Building 48m55cm1mmMt. Fuji 2km485m00cm0mmSydney Harbor Bridge 196m02cm6mm
Page 6
Ayers Rock 381m13cm6mmNorth Pole 2km400m00cm0mmSouth Pole 2km400m00cm0mm

Stonehenge (Page 1, Row 3) - Dynaville. At around 13m, go past the carnival area to find it.

Big Pyramid (Page 2, Row 3) - Any large level. Get to 60m, and then head over to Egypt. The pyramids will fly away, so you'll need to dash at them to grab them.


Page 1
LiechtensteinVaticanSan MarinoMonaco
El SalvadorLuxembourgSingaporeSamoa
Page 2
Trinidad and TobagoMaldivesMarshall IslandsSaint Kitts and Nevis
Dominican RepublicBarbadosAntigua and BarbudaFiji
Page 3
JamaicaSão Tomé and PrincipeSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Lucia
Page 4
TogoFederated States of MicronesiaSierra LeoneVanuatu
GrenadaBurundiSwitzerlandEquatorial Guinea
Page 5
Czech RepublicTaipeiMoldovaArmenia
AzerbaijanBosnia and HerzegovinaSlovakiaCroatia
Page 6
DjiboutiGambiaCape VerdeEast Timor
Page 7
North KoreaKoreaJordanBrunei
BhutanSri LankaKuwaitCyprus
QatarIsraelUnited Arab EmiratesPalau
Page 8
Solomon IslandsBelizeBahamasPanama
HaitiDominicaCosta RicaIreland
Page 9
UruguaySerbia and MontenegroBelarusBulgaria
Page 10
UgandaCubaCote d'IvoireGhana
Page 11
SyriaMoroccoBurkina FasoGuinea
Page 12
Central African RepublicNigeriaCameroonVietnam
Page 13
NorwayPapua New GuineaMauritaniaColombia
Page 14
ZambiaMyanmarNamibiaNew Zealand
Page 15
PakistanSouth AfricaMaliUzbekistan
Page 16
ChileDemocratic Republic of the CongoIndiaArgentina
Saudi ArabiaKazakhstanMexicoBrazil
IndonesiaUnited States of AmericaCanadaChina
Page 17


Weird Things

Page 1
Y - Puzzle Piece 5cm0mmU - Puzzle Piece 5cm0mmStar Puzzle Piece 5cm0mmGreen Puzzle Piece 7cm5mm
Pink Puzzle Piece 10cm0mmOrange Puzzle Piece 15cm0mmLarge Puzzle Piece 20cm0mm3D Puzzle Ball 17cm0mm
Ring 5cm0mmCube 5cm0mmPyramid 5cm0mmCrystal 5cm 0mm
Page 2
Ninja Spike 5cm0mmBall 5cm0mm



___ means that the name will vary, depending on what type of planet you make. The name comes from what the King calls it at the end of the level.

Page 1
Eternal StarEternal StarEternal StarNorth Star
Page 2
StarTaurusGeminiUrsa Major
VirgoPiscesCorona BorealisCygnus
CancerOrionCassiopeaBig Dipper
Page 3
Shining StarsBright Shining Stars___ Sun___ Mercury
___ Venus___ MoonEarth___ Mars
___ Jupiter___ Saturn___ Uranus___ Neptune
Page 4
___ Pluto___ Comet___ Supergiant___ Satellite
___ Space Station___ Antlia___ Scorpius___ Cetus
___ Vega___ Circinus___ Microscopium___ Horologium
Page 5
___ Milky WayBlack HoleShooting StarShooting Star
Shooting StarShooting StarShooting StarShooting Star
Shooting StarShooting StarShooting StarShooting Star
Page 6
Shooting StarSpace Mushroom
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