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    04 Feb 2009 05 Feb 2009
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    Bee Movie Game

    Oh noes, you're a bee!

    You start off in New hive city as the Bee named Barry and you have no job, you're an adult and still living at your parent's house while they're trying to find a job for you. The story is fine, maybe a bit funny too, depends on your mood.


    It's quite fun and maybe some unique too, you're playing in free mode where you can hover around in New hive city, get new clothes, drive cars, do jobs, get the badges, play arcade games or just hang out, also you can get badges (many of the badges are the same as the achievements).

    Also there's the story mode of course.

    It's great, but there's not much replayability, so after doing most of the jobs, achievements and badges or getting it 100% you will probably sell it or atleast you won't play until a long and boring day.


    The graphics are fine, not very good, but it's a game, so you can't really complain much on it, there's bright colors, but terrible cutscenes.


    The voices are great, but some of the sounds during story or hovering in new hive city is horrible, i promise you get tired of the bee-sound after awhile.


    There's many different types of these, like pollinate of flowers at different areas, reach the location or do stuff without getting a scratch or hit, some easy starters like hovering in new hive city or drive your first car, kill enemies, do all the jobs or get all the badges.

    Well, Around 10 hours, less or more for the 1000 / 100%.

    Mostly a game for kids, but an average game for teenagers or adults too.

    ~ StoodBridge. (13 Year old Norweagian)
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    elSmitmysterCan I please add a WARNING to this game. Many achievements can and WILL glitch an refuse to unlock no matter what u try. An example? I beat all action stages and have the achievements to prove it, but the 50GS achievement for completing all these refused to unlock. This, unfortunately, means my 200GS achievement for aquiring ALL in game badges will not unlock. It is NOT a game I want to replay because there's no guarantee that this won't happen again. APPROACH WITH CAUTION.
    Posted by elSmitmyster On 16 Feb 09 at 21:17
    StoodBridgeOuch, i am sorry to hear that.

    I gotta check it out.
    Posted by StoodBridge On 17 Feb 09 at 13:49
    SpectreSubZeroSome of these kids movie games can be a lot of fun. For anyone who liked this one check out wall-e. I don't recommend ever purchasing these games, but they are fun to rent...just hope that no one knows you at the store you renting it from lol!
    Posted by SpectreSubZero On 28 Apr 09 at 18:12
    StoodBridgeYep, you're right :)
    Posted by StoodBridge On 30 Apr 09 at 15:27
    KZOIDBERG89nice review man
    Posted by KZOIDBERG89 On 04 Jun 09 at 18:48
    Posted by StoodBridge On 04 Jun 09 at 20:12
    ERIKDOTCOMYeah, good review. Just work on your English a bit. (I understand, you're Norwegian so it's not a first language)
    Posted by ERIKDOTCOM On 11 Nov 09 at 23:51
    PatsredsI thought your English was fine, good review :)
    Posted by Patsreds On 15 Dec 09 at 02:10
    raidenhardcorefor the first 8 hours all achievements are 10 GS man slow as hell and sooo boring
    Posted by raidenhardcore On 21 Nov 11 at 22:19
    ixOWNxAGExiReally need to the fact this game is a glitch fest
    Posted by ixOWNxAGExi On 17 Jul 12 at 07:45