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Hi all, thanks for visiting my walkthrough for Beholder Complete Edition. This is my second walkthrough. After receiving so many 'Thanks' on my first walktrough, I felt very motivated to contribute to this site even more!

I saw this game on Game Pass and based on just the one image in the Game Pass app I decided to install the game. The last time I played a game because I liked the image was Call of the Sea, which turned out to be a great game that was right up my alley. Beholder was no exception!

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Game Description

Beholder is a game by Warm Lamp Games that was released in November 2016 and appeared on Game Pass in December 2020. The Game Pass version is the Complete Edition, meaning you get the base game plus the Blissful sleep DLC. Both the base game and the DLC have some strong 1984 vibes going on (the book by George Orwell). The setting in the game intrigues me and is not something I have seen in a game yet (but I'm no hardcore gamer).

In the base game, you will be playing as Carl, a landlord of a building with 6 apartments. The setting of the game is a dystopian future where the totalitarian State controls almost everything in terms of what people can or cannot have, do or say. Because you work for the State, you must spy on your tenants. You can do this by placing camera's in the apartments (making you see what's going on without peeping through the keyhole), by searching their apartments for prohibited items, talking to the tenants about themselves and other tenants. Based on the information you gather, you can profile the tenants, earning some cash. When you find prohibited items, you can report the tenant, causing them to be arrested and evicted from your building.

While you are doing all this, you'll also receive some tasks to complete. Some are on a timer, some are untimed. You can receive tasks from either your employer (the Ministry) or the other tenants, as well as 'mystery guests' that either call you, or visit your building.

The game is very decision-based, causing a lot of forks and different endings depending on your choices and actions. In short, you can either play for or against the State.

Blissful Sleep DLC

In the Blissful Sleep DLC, you are playing as Hector, and this game takes place sometime before the base game. Hector is the landlord of the same apartment building as the base game. You may even recognize some of the tenants!

Where the base game focuses more on the totalitarian State that rules her people with an iron fist, Blissful Sleep focuses around a euthanasia center that provides a service called 'Blissful Sleep' to euthanize people when they reach the age of 85. Although Hector is still young, his age has been documented incorrect causing you to already start on a times quest that will initiate Hectors Blissful Sleep procedure. With the help of your tenants you must try to avoid this from happening.

You can still talk to, observe and search the apartments of your tenants, and profile them for some cash. But the report part to evict the tenants plays a much smaller role this time. Your main objective is to avoid being euthanized.

Same as the base game, there are a lot of different forks and endings possible.

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