Bejeweled Blitz LIVE

Bejeweled Blitz LIVE

Xbox 360

Bejeweled Blitz LIVE Achievements

Most Earned

Megatonnage5 (5)Flame Gems are good. Lightning Gems are great. Both in one game is MEGATONNAGE! (Classic/Twist)
Master Matcher
Master Matcher6 (5)This achievement is for people awesome enough to score 100,000 points in a game. (Classic/Twist)
Popularity Tycoon
Popularity Tycoon82 (50)Friendscore is all your friends' scores added up. You've hit 1 million all-time! (Classic/Twist)
Absolute Jewel Crusher
Absolute Jewel Crusher9 (5)Establish Bejeweled supremacy by sweeping all three categories in a LIVE Battle! (Classic/Twist)

Least Earned

Stellar Stamina
Stellar Stamina89 (30)Manage 200,000 points in back-to-back Classic and Twist games to earn this twisted Achievement!
Gemstalker Supreme
Gemstalker Supreme87 (30)If level 10 was satisfying, reach level 50 in Classic or Twist for an even greater accomplishment!
Paragon of Paragons
Paragon of Paragons14 (5)Paragon: ideal instance, perfect embodiment. That's you for scoring 500,000 points! (Classic/Twist)
Gemstone Genius
Gemstone Genius10 (5)Only spectacular players score 300,000 points. They claim this Achievement too! (Classic/Twist)
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