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    The original Bejeweled is an ancient XBLA match-three puzzle/arcade hybrid that managed to combine casual gameplay (albeit gameplay that is better suited to touchscreen formats) with staggeringly arduous achievements, turning what should have been a pick up and play classic into a soul-destroying grind.

    So this sequel has wisely tried to break everything down into handy bite-sized pieces by limiting each game to one minute. Far from being a step in the right direction, PopCap have rather gone in the right direction and then overshot their destination by a few thousand miles as one minute really isn't enough time to get into the zone before the whole thing is over but still, it does make everything feel pretty accessible and casual and despite each game having the average lifespan of a mayfly in Chernobyl, you can still lose hours to what is a highly addictive title.

    The game also allows you to play the 'Classic' and 'Twist' versions of Bejeweled, both of which are easy to get into (despite the slightly ham-fisted non-customisable controls - 'Classic' would obviously benefit from using the right-stick to make swaps) which effectively gives you double the value over the original title.

    Add to that some decent leaderboard integration and decent presentation and you'd think this would be a winner.

    Unfortunately, Bejeweled Blitz lets itself down in both modes thanks to the effect that luck plays on each game. If things drop in your favour you can easily score two or three hundred thousand. Have things go against you and you'll be scoring a tenth of that without really doing anything different. Sure, it still takes skill and judgement to capitalise on these opportunities but ultimately luck will be the biggest factor.

    With the far-superior Chime available for half the price, your Microsoft points would be far better spent on that but if you don't mind the idea of being horribly addicted to an ultimately random and pointless variant, Bejeweled Blitz will do at a push.
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    SqueezefanClassic is luck , Twist is skill if you are good like me , average 600k , top score 1.7 million. Your rating should be 4 out of 5.
    Posted by Squeezefan on 21 Jul 11 at 07:38
    SqueezefanRE. Hairy Jeesus . Multipliers are not random , everytime you get 12 jewels in a quick time a multiplier appears , which also ain't random as it counts 1 to 8.
    Posted by Squeezefan on 21 Jul 11 at 07:42
    TsubakiCalamityThe game's price is now slashed off from 800 to 400 MSP as a permanent price cut.
    Posted by TsubakiCalamity on 12 Aug 11 at 15:30
    22 Dec 2011
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    With there being many different options to play Bejeweled is there any reason for people to pick this up.

    Well I personally have only played classic and twist bejeweled, both of which are extrememly addictive. On Blitz you get one minute to accumulate as many points as possible. For those of you that havent played the point of the game is to get as many points by getting three or more jewels of the same color next to each other.

    As for regular bejeweled blitz it is just like every version youve ever played, you can move your pieces to the sides or up and down.

    As for twist you get to spin the blocks left or right. The good this about this is that you get to manipulate the blocks however you want. For me this was the version of choice because having the ability to move a piece from one side to the other if I decided to.

    Another nice addition to the game was the ability to play online vs. people. There are two different modes, you have LIVE Battle and Party Live Latter. The community for twist is dead but there wont be a problem finding a game for regular Bejeweled.

    Live battle is a two player game where you compete in three categories. You'll know if your up there will be green lights next to the categories.

    When playing Live latter you will join a game in session and the goal is to get the highest score. Live latter can have up to four players. There is nothing I noticed that notified me of my opponents scores but there is a chart on the side that lets you know where you are ranked.

    The achievements in this version are the perfect balance between difficulty and grinding. There are some real easy achievments, some hard ones and a single grinding achievements. The only ones that will give you a challenge will be the 200k in both modes in consecutive games and 500k in one game. The grinding one is reach level 50 in either mode. This is time consuming but it is so much fun you wont notice.

    At the end of the day this is one of my favorite arcade games, mainly due to the awesomeness of Twist. Even though each round is one minutes you'll find yourself starting another game. I was almost late for work a few times due to this game. The achievements added to the game for me, this is one of my proudest arcade comepletions. I would recommend it to anyone, especially for only $5.