1. Bejeweled Blitz LIVE Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the walkthrough of Bejeweled Blitz Live. For completing this game you get 200 gamerscore and there are no DLC for this game. This is my first walkthrough so I'll appreciate any feedback.

The game has 12 achievements. Most of the achievements in this game are easy to obtain, but Gemstalker Supreme will take you at least 10 hours to get. For the Stellar Stamina and the Paragons of Paragons achievement you'll need to practice and have a bit of luck on your side to get high combos. The rest of the game should be quite easy to finish and won't take you too long.

This is how the guide is structured:
- Achievements which require you to reach a certain level or earn points.
- Additional achievements
- Online achievements

Good luck with completing Bejeweled Blitz Live!

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