2. Bejeweled Blitz LIVE General hints and tipsUpdate notes

A small note of how the game works:

In Bejeweled you've got red, orange, yellow, blue, green, white and purple pieces which you've got to combine to three or more pieces in a row. Doing this a few times shortly after each other will get you a combo and your score is doubled. The higher combo you get, the more points you'll get. Combining more than 3 pieces at once will reward you with a All Flame Gem, Lightning Gem or a Supernova Gem. You get a Flame gem by combining 4 pieces, a Lightning Gem for 5 pieces or by combining 3 pieces with 2 pieces perpendicular to it (think of an L or T shape) and lastly, the Supernova Gem which you''l get for combining more than 6 pieces at once.

The game consists of two possible modes, Classic and Twist. Each game lasts for 1 minute. All Flame Gems, Lightning Gems and Supernova Gems which are left at the end of each game will explode and you''l get points as well for those.

If you get low scores, don't give up but keep practicing. Practice makes perfect. I had very low scores when I started this game and I completed the game.

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