Bejeweled Live (WP) Reviews

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    17 Feb 2011
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    Chucking light reviews to WP7 games, thought I'd throw my thoughts over here.

    Bejeweled is famous all over the gaming world - we're due a BJ Blitz (copyright Facebook!) on XBLA shortly, the original came with most Xbox Pro's, you've probably at least heard of this?

    Bejeweled WP7 is a like-for-like port of the main gaming functionality; match 3+ gems and they disappear, match 4, 5, or a 3 twice (that is, using same gem for two matches at the same time) for bonus jewel.

    There are three modes available here;
    - Classic (complete level of making enough modes; if you run out of moves, Game Over!)
    - Action (Timed - think fast! Make moves fast enough to end level)
    - Endless (What it says on the tin; pretty pointless, but probably easiest way to clear most achievements, as later levels are very long, and no chance of game over).

    Achievements - gets a bit messy. Some will be quick enough to complete Action mode, and walk their way to 'Blazing Speed' - I'm not. Too old probably, beer does things to your reflexes.
    In addition to this, the classic Bejeweled grind achievement,
    Bejeweled Live (WP)MillionaireThe Millionaire achievement in Bejeweled Live (WP) worth 108 pointsCollect 1 million gems.

    No-one's got it as of today, and I'm 3/10 of the way there; not cool, not at all!
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    SaltyTONIs there a counter for the 1 million gems anywhere?
    Posted by SaltyTON On 23 Jun 11 at 19:31
    Pete5683Yep - on the leaderboard, under rank I think.
    Posted by Pete5683 On 23 Jun 11 at 20:19
    TardiiI've played a LOT of Bejeweled, and I gotta say - this is the best version. This game was meant to be played on a touch screen.
    Posted by Tardii On 12 Nov 11 at 04:33