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Quick Plot

Based upon the Alien Force TV Series which was aired on Cartoon Network between 2008 and 2010. In this Ben 10 game, Ben's arch-nemesis Vilgax creates a plot to invade and destroy planet Earth, using a Null Projector that allows him to release his minions to the planet and cause chaos. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin eventually meet up with Professor Paradox, who teleports them back in time, telling them that if Vilgax attacks with the Null Projector, it would be too late to save Earth. Therefore he demands Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to travel to different parts of the planet, find out what has happened with Grandpa Max, and destroy parts of the Null Projector before Vilgax gets all the parts and attempts to attack and destroy Earth... and our heroes.

The game has been given an all around rating of mixed feedback. It has been praised for its simple gameplay, and the character forms Ben can transform into. But the game has been criticized because of it being short, clunky graphics, bad camera angles, a handful of glitches, and a game that feels unwelcomed for adult gamers.

My Hints & Tips

Press the cn_LB and cn_RB buttons to scroll through your available character formations that you can transform into. To transform into the character, press the cn_RSc. Press the cn_RSc again turn back into Ben. You'll need to do this if you wish to change into a different form.

Press cn_RT to perform a special attack with the character you are playing with.

The game features a set of combo attacks you can perform if you use cn_X, and then press cn_RT. cn_Y, and then cn_RT. Or even cn_X & cn_Y together along with cn_RT as well. The attacks are different depending upon what buttons you have pressed, and whether you have mixed more than one button along with cn_RT or not. As you progress in the game, you will unlock new combo abilities for each character, allowing them to use new moves.

Press and hold cn_LT for a point of interest that allows you to look and see where you've got to go for your next objective.

Press cn_B to interact with items and doors around the levels you play in. Most of the time, the game prompts you to do these actions in order to continue with the game, however there are some collectibles which can be missable, and require you to simply find and perform the action yourself.

Your Health and Energy are on the left side of the screen, the same as where your chosen character form is placed. As you take damage or use your special attack with your character, they will start to drain. If you run out of health, you will die and you will respawn at the nearest checkpoint (you won't usually know when you get a checkpoint, but they are fairly close to one another). If you run out of energy, you will not be able to press cn_RT to perform a special attack until it's slightly recharged.

To restore any health you have lost, simply destroy environment items and obstacles around the level. This can include boxes, obstructions, barrels, computer terminals, and anything else that looks destructive. You will also replenish health when you reach certain parts in the game.

To restore your energy in this game, simply defeat enemies or wait around for a short moment, and the energy will automatically recharge itself. If you are in a character formation, your energy will recharge at a slower pace. However if you turn back to Ben, the energy will recharge must faster.

When you are against a boss in the game, you may notice the boss having the energy on the right side of the screen covered in a steel case. When this happens, it means the boss is invulnerable to all of your attacks, and you will have to find a piece of environment that can help you, or find an alternative solution that will help you knock out the invulnerability that the boss has, so that you can attack them.

Every level you successfully completed will put you in a flight-zone area where you play as Ship. When you get to these areas, you have the option whether you want to play the flight area, or skip it. If you do not wish to play these parts, you can simply press cn_LT to warp to the next level automatically (confirm this on the pop-up menu). You do not gain any additional benefits or unlocks when you play these flight zone areas, so in reality they are known to be a waste of time for completionists.

If you have the instruction book for this game, you are treated to a free word-search and spot-the-difference puzzle that's inside the booklet. Perfect for you kids and adults!

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