3. Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Whilst this walkthrough will not provide you with major spoilers that will tell you how to complete all of the game from start to finish. It will provide you with information towards achievements you need to go for, collectibles, mini-games you need to do with Brainstorm, puzzles you need to solve in some levels, and tips and tricks on how to defeat the bosses in the game.

Step 1: Full Playthrough & Collectibles

"Psyphon! One more thing! Bring me the head of Ben Tennyson!!"

This will be the longest step throughout the entire walkthrough. It will likely take you around 8 - 10 hours to complete, or maybe a tad longer depending upon your skill for action/platform games. For this step, you are required to do 1 full playthrough, and find all of the collectibles in the game. The collectibles are the Red Plumber Badges (increases Health), and the Green Plumber Badge (increases Energy). The collectibles will appear in the first 6 Levels of the game and there are 5 in each level. I have provided you a written guide and a video-guide as an alternative choice. Credit for the video goes to NTA...

Note: The collectible achievements are known to be glitchy in which they may not unlock due to choosing to play Step 2 first before resuming on Step 1 and completing the playthrough of the game. However this is known to not always happen to every player that decides to do this. Another recommendation is that once you have acquired a checkpoint in the level you are playing, that you continue onward, find the collectibles in that level, and complete it without leaving the game or turning off your console.

Level 1: Bellwood

Overview: This is a simple introduction level that will tell you how to play the game and it gives you the weakest of enemies that are around throughout the entire game (most of them can be defeated in 1 hit using a character form). You also have all of your character forms you can choose from in this level, which allows you to witness your full collection.

Character Forms you can change into in this level: Spider-Monkey, Humungousaur, Big Chill, Swamp-Fire, Cannonbolt, Goop, Brainstorm, Echo Echo, Chromastone, Jet-Ray

This is the first achievement you can go for, and this is the only misc achievement throughout the entire game. As you playthrough this level, you will notice cars scattered around in the street and the roadside areas. You need to destroy 15 of them. For a confirmation that the game has registered the car destroyed, you need to keep on bashing it until the car is black, flat, and has smoke around it. The only character form that can destroy the cars is Humungousaur, so whenever you see a car, make sure you transform into him and simply press cn_X multiple times to bash it around.

Tip: Make sure you search around each roadside and street area before moving onward. Some of the cars in this game are fairly hidden and can be missable if you do not pay attention as to where you are going.

Once you have destroyed your 15th car, the achievement will unlock. If you have gotten to a point where you reach the end of the level, but you don't get the achievement, then you can always restart the level from the "Level Select" screen, or complete the playthrough and re-try when you move onto Step 2 of the walkthrough.

Note: You can only go for this achievement in the Bellwood level. You cannot get the achievement in the Bellwood - Revisited Level, despite that there are cars scattered around in that level too.

Collectible 1: Gwen will warn you sometime during the level about an electricity tower that has fallen into the street and the electric is spreading around. After her brief conversation, simply turn right and you should see a pole you can climb up with Spider-Monkey. The collectible will be waiting for you up top (you should see it in the cutscene).

Collectible 2: From the previous collectible, use Spider-Monkey to jump onto the boxes, and use the double jump feature to get over into the trapped fence area to grab the collectible on top of the containers.

Collectible 3: In the next area, you will have to fight some enemies after you have crossed through where the rubble is. If you were to go right, you would continue in the level. Instead, if you keep going straight down there is an alley on your left. Reach the end and the collectible will be in plain sight. Use Spider-Monkey to grab it.

Collectible 4: When you're inside a building there will be a part where you will travel through a small corridor and some enemies to take care of. In the next room you should see 2 Elevator doors. One of them will be open, the other will be shut. Switch to Humungousaur and stand in front of the Elevator door that's shut. You should be able to press cn_B to perform a quick action to open the door (tap cn_X). The collectible will be at the bottom of the elevator. This in actual fact is a shortcut, but you can use Spider-Monkey to climb back up, using the pole if need be.

Collectible 5: You will reach a room after traveling down some stairs, which has a moveable box that Humungousaur can push, a battery on top and the collectible. Push the box, and then use Spider-Monkey to jump up and grab it. Use either Big Chill or Jet-Ray to get past the electrical barrier area without getting hit.

Brainstorm Mini-Games: There are two mini-games you have to complete using Brainstorm and they are exactly the same. The only difference is the 2nd terminal goes faster than the first one.

You have 45 seconds to complete the 3 Rounds, or you will take damage and have to start over.

Round 1: There will be 3 bars on your screen with the numbers 1-5. When you hear a beeping noise, you need to press cn_A to make it match. Repeat this 2 more times for the other 2 number slots. If you get one wrong, you will have to start over.

Round 2: You are a yellow circle, and there will be a red line going sideways. You need to align both the line and the circle together by pressing cn_A when they meet. Another line will appear which will go up and down, and you need to match the circle again to that line as well.

Round 3: A PIN Code will appear, and a little keypad will feature the numbers 1-9. The keypad will then highlight some of the numbers in circles for a short moment in an orderly fashion. You need to copy the code by putting down the numbers it presented earlier. This is done by using cn_LS to move and cn_A to choose a number.

An example for this could be if the keypad highlighted in a circle 3, 7, 8, 2. You simply need to enter the code in that order - 3, 7, 8 & 2 to pass the test.

Level Boss

I will provide you a video as well as a written guide to help you defeat the bosses in the game. Credit for this video goes to MarshMelon.COM

Tip: If you need any health during these boss battles, simply run around and destroy the obstacles and the boxes around the arena's.

Round 1: Psyphon: Your first encounter with Psyphon will be on the rooftops and he will be on the other side of the building. He will start his conversation "Earth as you know it will no longer exist".

This is the part in the game where you can work on all of the achievements that require you to defeat 150 enemies with each character formations, but it's up to you if you wish to do it now or later. If you decide you want to get it out the way, please scroll down and start reading Step 2 immediately.

This is the part on the rooftop where Psyphon will throw flame balls that explode, and unlimited enemies will keep on respawning until you destroy the electric generator on the left side, creating a platform with the tower to cross over. You'll have to use Humungousaur to destroy the electric generator.

Round 2: Psyphon: Firstly, Psyphon will have a load of enemies that will keep on respawning, and they can be annoying as they will always get in the way. Secondly Psyphon has a blue-shield power-up that can make him invulnerable for a short period of time. Whilst he's invulnerable, he may use a strike attack that will place large X's all over the rooftop, and then an explosive meteor will explode in the circle. When this happens, simply run around and avoid the attack. You will lose a bit of health if you get attacked by one of these. Spider-Monkey is probably the best to use for avoiding these attacks.

His other attacks are usually throwing fireballs, and if he doesn't have his shield on, he may chase you and perform light attacks. When he hasn't got his shield on, it's best to attack him a couple times and then run around again. Spider-Monkey, Big Chill, Goop, Chromastone, or Jet-Ray would be your best choices, but you can use Humungousaur if you want to.

Round 3: Mr. Smoothie

Note: If you lose your health and you die against Mr. Smoothie, you will have to defeat Psyphon in the 2nd battle before you will have another chance at fighting Mr. Smoothie again.

Among all of the bosses I have witnessed in this game, I could easily say Mr. Smoothie is the hardest to beat. The simple reason is because he is fairly big, and you are on a small battle arena.

Smoothie will have some varied attacks. One of the most powerful ones is his juice attack which sprays out of his straw. It's a very close ranged attack, so it can easily be avoided if you stay away from him. Get too close though, and you can take some big damage. If you are close to him, he may try a swipe attack, or he will try shaking his hands at you instead.

Whilst Humungousaur can deal serious damage against Mr. Smoothie, he is very slow at moving around, meaning that you will find it difficult to avoid Smoothie's close range attacks. I personally used Spider-Monkey and simply attacked him a couple times, ran around avoiding his close range attacks, and then I attacked him again. However the video guide started using Spider-Monkey, then ended up using Jet-Ray with his Sonic Dash attack (cn_RT). You can always try characters that have long range attacks with cn_RT, such as Swamp-Fire & Chromastone as alternatives.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be avoided. You will get this achievement after defeating the bosses and completing the level.

After you have completed the level, you will notice that you can play a level using Ship. Remember that this is optional and you can skip this area by pressing cn_LT.

Level 2: Vulpin

Overview: You are now sent back in time, and you've got to find pieces of the Null Projector and destroy it before Vilgax gets them. If you think that's bad, after your battle with Mr. Smoothie, your Omnitrix starts having problems and needs time to recharge, meaning that some of your character formations will be lost. To get them back, you will have to continue your quest and see what happens.

From this level onward, after defeating a certain amount of enemies, you may be awarded with a special message that allows you to award a character formation with a different set of combo attacks you can perform. They will be available randomly and you can choose any character you wish to upgrade. Once you have upgraded a character, you do not have to upgrade them again as the feature will be disabled for them. The progress for these upgrades will go towards "Now, It's Hero Time" achievement, so make sure you upgrade your characters whenever you get the opportunity.

Note: If you upgrade a character, but you don't get a nearby checkpoint and die, you will lose the upgrade, but you will be able to reassign it after defeating some more enemies that appear when you respawn and encounter another fight.

Character Forms You Can Change Into In This Level: Spider-Monkey, Humungousaur, Big Chill, Swamp-Fire, Cannonbolt

Collectible 6: You need to use Spider-Monkey to shimmy along a pipe area with some green slime downward. When you reach the next area, you will have some enemies to defeat. On your left will be a large canister with the collectible that needs to be destroyed to access. The area should have a part in front of you where you need to use Swamp-Fire's fireball attack to access the next area.

Mini-Boss: Twin Snakes: Here is a video guide to help you as well if you are stuck with this mini-boss. Credit goes to MarshMelon.COM

The only character form that can defeat these Twin Snakes which appear through the cave holes is Swamp-Fire. The snakes have the same attacks. They will either perform a bite attack, or they will use their necks and swerve on the ground side to side. Both attacks can easily be avoided if you step back from them. The best place to stand is in the middle area where the heads are either side of you. You need to wait for either of the snakes to do a taunt by hissing at you. This is when you can attack. Aim at the snake and use cn_RT to throw fireballs. If done correctly, you should burn the snake. Rinse and repeat and eventually one of them should die and allow you to focus on the other one. Kill it and you can continue your quest.

Collectible 7: After the Twin Snakes, a platform where you are and a plumber badge in the cave where the snakes were will appear. You'll need to use Cannonbolt's Burnout ability by standing in front of the ramp and holding cn_RT for a short moment. You should then roll over to the other side, and then you can roll around and grab the collectible. You can then either risk yourself and jump to the other side, or use Big Chill's glide to guarantee a safe landing.

Collectible 8: You will come to an area where you will get a big pool of slime and the collectible should be visible in front of you on the left side. You need to use Swamp-Fire's fireball attack to destroy the canisters that are around the slime pool area. Platforms will then appear, and you can then jump over and destroy any other canisters you have missed. Swamp-Fire can double jump, so there is no real need to switch to an alternative character, but watch out for the platforms as they will sink after a short moment.

Collectible 9: You will reach an area which contains the badge on the left, but you will need to do some jumping on some circle platforms to get it. You'll need to time this right as the platforms will open and you will easily fall into a pool of slime. Spider-Monkey is probably the fastest to pass through here. When you reach the other end, double jump over to the loose ledge, and then follow the path around. Avoid the slime that shoots out of the sewers, and grab the collectible. Remember to use Swamp-Fire's fireball to destroy the flammable canisters to access the next area.

Collectible 10: Not far from the previous collectible, there will be a large arena area that will have some enemies for you to defeat. The collectible is just on your right in the same room.

There are areas in some of the levels in the game where you will roll down a tunnel as Cannonbolt. You will have to pass sections that are blocked by a fungus looking trap. This is done by tapping the button that appears on your screen as quickly as you can. If you fail to press the right button, or you do not tap the button fast enough, you will hit the trap and take damage. The buttons used are cn_A, cn_B, cn_X and cn_Y.

Tip: I suggest you stock up on health and make sure you are fully healed as a pre-caution before you enter the tunnel. This is to ensure that if you did make some mistakes along the journey, you can still pass and continue the level.

Level Boss: Vreedle Brothers

Credit for the video guides from this point onwards for the bosses goes to Bob Hall

Note: The video guide for the boss videos is played on the PlayStation Portable Version of the game. However, beside the size of the screen, there is no real difference with the boss fight.

These 2 enemies in reality are a pushover to defeat. To successfully attack them, you've got to wait until one of them goes dizzy (stars going over their head). This is easily done by having their partner simply performing an attack that makes them get hit and go dizzy. Because their health is matched together, it doesn't matter which one you attack.

Simply run around and avoid the laser attacks by the skinny one. If his laser hits the big one, he will go dizzy and you can attack that one. The big one will chase you around and try and use a different weapon. If he performs a ground slam attack, chances are that the skinny one will get hit and he will go dizzy instead, giving you the chance to attack him.

Personally, for the battle I used Cannonbolt since you start with him (you have to go through a tunnel to reach the boss room), but apart from that you can use a similar character such as Humungousaur or Swamp-Fire if you wish.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be avoided. You will get this achievement after defeating the bosses and completing the level.

Level 3: Terradino

Overview: This level is based within a Temple Ruin area, and this is probably the level you will struggle with when it comes to solving puzzles. For this reason alone, it's quite a lengthy level, so be prepared to spend a while. Goop will also return as a playable character as well.

Character Forms You Can Change Into In This Level: Spider-Monkey, Humungousaur, Big Chill, Swamp-Fire, Cannonbolt, Goop

Collectible 11: You will have to use Big Chill to glide down to the bottom left of a rocky ledge. As soon as you land, turn around and the collectible will be in front of you on a small rock. Use Big Chill again to glide onto it, and then glide onto the platforms to reach to safety (you can't swim).

Collectible 12: Gwen will instruct you to destroy some vines in order to get into the next room (use Swamp-Fire). You will enter a room full of spikes, and you should see the collectible in the cutscene. The fans will allow you to float using Big Chill. As soon as you begin to glide, fly leftward and grab the collectible.

Collectible 13: Eventually there will be another room where you will have to use Swamp-Fire to destroy the thorns and access another room. A skeleton will be on your left, and a large flower will be on the right side. Behind it is the collectible.

Large Crystal Ball Mystery Room: I had some difficulty solving this room, but I managed to solve it without reading a guide (probably took me 30m+ to achieve), but hopefully I can get you past it in less than 10 minutes.

  1. Use Swamp-Fire to destroy the thorns that are on the floor.
  2. Use Cannonbolt's Burnout move in the circle to raise a platform with a statue, and make sure it clicks and the flames on each side are revealed.
  3. Use Humungousaur to pull off the circle chain ring.
  4. Climb up the stairs and use Swamp-Fire to destroy the thorns that are in front of you. This should release a hammer that will knock the ball.
  5. Use Cannonbolt to reveal another platform with a statue.
  6. Use Humungousaur again to pull off the circle chain ring.
  7. A bridge will be available, and you can cross over. On the other side you will see a platform that you can push down. Step on it, and the ball will be shoved over.
  8. Return to the bottom part, and you should see an area with some water and a piece of wood/rocks that look breakable. Switch to Humungousaur and start bashing away.
  9. Step on the platform to shove the ball again into another corner.
  10. Use Cannonbolt again to reveal a 3rd statue.
  11. Use Humungousaur to pull off the circle chain ring for a 3rd time.
  12. A new stairway will be revealed. Remain as Humungousaur and you will see another statue at the top that needs a circle chain ring to be pulled. Go ahead, and then the door to the next room will be opened.

Stone Dragon Mystery Room: In this room you will see a large stone dragon that is completely harmless, but in order to get to the next area, you've got to solve some puzzles by stepping on platforms, and then practice your glide maneuvers to safely land and proceed onward.

  1. Step on the platform on the right to open a small area where you need to use Goop to reach the top.
  2. Use Swamp-Fire to burn the thorns that are blocking the water passage.
  3. Wait until the platform edge returns to you and safely land in the middle area where the stone dragon is. Use Big Chill to help you glide.
  4. Remain on the edge and eventually it will take you around towards another ledge area near the wall with another platform to press. In order to reach the platform though, you need to jump onto some other wooden planks that will fall if you stay on for too long. So you need to act quickly and get to the other end as fast as possible. Use Spider-Monkey to help speed up the process.
  5. The platform will reveal another area where you have to use Goop to travel up, and Swamp-Fire to destroy the thorns.
  6. Go left from the previous thorns you've destroyed and walk along the ledge. You will see some more slime in which you need Goop to reach the top. Once you're up top, you need to use Cannonbolt's Burnout on a circle platform that's behind you to extend the ledge on the stone dragon circle.
  7. Land on the platform that's on the other side to reveal another circle platform that requires Cannonbolt's Burnout move.
  8. You will see 2 thorn areas that need to be destroyed with Swamp-Fire's fireballs. First you need to use Big Chill and glide back to the stone dragon area. You should see the area where you can glide to, as it should be hinted for you from the cutscene.
  9. Run to the ledge of the stone dragon platform, and then wait until you see the thorns that are on the wall. Use Swamp-Fire to destroy them.
  10. Travel around again and you should see the other platform that you used Cannonbolt to reveal, allowing you to access the last thorn area easily. Use Swamp-Fire once more to destroy these thorns.
  11. The dragon's mouth will open, and a circle chain ring will be revealed. Use Humungousaur to pull it off (you need to get back there first).
  12. A new door will be revealed, allowing you to continue your journey. You may need to use Big Chill to glide over.

Collectible 14: You need to use Cannonbolt to open a door, and you will see the collectible in front of you straight ahead. The door however will start to shut, and once you've crossed through the first door, the collectible will be unreachable. However, if you switch to Humungousaur and approach the door, you can open it by pressing cn_B and tapping cn_X.

Super Fast Spike Sliding Trap: There will be a spike trap that will be going side to side at a very fast pace, and right now, you will not be able to just walk through it. Instead you've got to improvise. There will be a crate that you will need to use to pass through a snake trap using Humungousaur. For this part, you need to use Humungousaur again, but keep yourself in the middle and carefully put the crate into the spikes. The traps will keep on moving, but you can cross through the middle of it to some extent. About halfway along, you will want to stop pushing the crate, because once you remove it out of the trap, the spikes will hit you and if you get hit twice... You die.

Now the trick here is to switch to Spider-Monkey, and then double jump to climb across. Switch back to Humungousaur and pull the crate out of the trap, allowing you to pass it without getting killed. But... That's just the beginning compared to what you've got next.

Passing This Spike Door Room: Gosh! Among all of the rooms in the level, I found this one annoying. It took me a long time to figure it out. The way this area works, is that if you step onto the square floor areas, the spike traps will commence, and you will be attacked by the spikes. If you get hit twice by these spikes, you will die. Now this is where the crate comes in handy along with Humungousaur. Push the crate into the room, and whilst you are inside the deadly trapped room, plant the crate where you need to go in the middle 2 square boxes. Each square box contains a square line around it. And if you can plant the crate on one of the square lines, then it will cover you between 2 sets of spikes, allowing you to step onto another box. You then need to grab the crate in the new square you've safely landed in, and carefully move it around and plant the create on another part of the square line. Keep on rinsing and repeating this method until you manage to pass through and reach the door on the left. Do not assume you can keep the create in the trap and walk away. You need to use the crate and plant it on the platform to open the door to the next area.

Collectible 15: The collectible will be in the spike trap room on the far right side. Follow what is said above, and travel rightward and pick up the collectible, then continue going straight after you have got it to reach the other side where the door is. You can avoid this collectible if you want to, but you would have to replay the level from the start, so I suggest you get it done and out of the way. The video guide can help you here if you get stuck, and will give you a general idea on how to pass the spike area.

Note: If you get killed by the spike trap at some point after you have picked up the collectible, you will have to retry and pick up the collectible again.

Level Boss: Charmcaster

Among all of the boss fights in the game, Charmcaster is likely to be the one that will take you the longest to defeat. The reason is because she has a routine set up, and you can only attack her at certain times. In addition, when her health reaches a suitable point after being attacked, she will teleport to another location on the battlefield.

You will also want to be aware of the lava traps that are revealed below. Fall into it once, and you will have to restart the battle from the beginning. This is something you do not want to do, as it'll take ages before you get to beat her again.

Alright, there are 4 platforms she uses to defend herself against you during each fight sequence. 3 of them require you to use Humungousaur and pull the circle chain ring, whilst the remaining one requires you to use Swamp-Fire to burn the thorns using the fireball, and then use Cannonbolt on the circle platform to get rid of it. You can only destroy the platform if she is using it to attack you, and the chosen platforms are random.

First you will need to defeat the 2 large enemies she spawns as they can deal serious damage. Use Humungousaur as he can defeat them each in a few hits.

Next you will need to find the platform she's attacking on and get her off it. It's the only way in which you can make her vulnerable to your attacks. I now recommend you transform into someone else to prevent yourself from accidentally falling into the lava (Humungousaur is quite slow), I recommend Big Chill as he has the glide ability.

Look around and find out where Charmcaster is. If you hear her talking in a different language, it means she going to use a magic attack on you. The attack can easily be avoided by moving around. Find her and beat her up until she teleports. Search for her again and keep on using the same method until she decides to teleport. Remember that you can use cn_LT to pinpoint her out and find her quickly.

When she returns to a platform, she will spawn 2 more of the big enemies again, so rinse and repeat the above method, and then lure her down so that you can attack her again. Be aware that the more damage you deal to her, the more platforms that start going up and down revealing the lava.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be avoided. You will get this achievement after defeating the boss and completing the level.

Level 4: Encephalnous IV

Overview: This is the longest level in the game. You will enter an area which has a combination of buildings within the stormy skies. You will have to travel via train a couple times, and there's even parts that you have to backtrack as well which the game makes you do. In addition, the game also makes you do some jumping around on platforms, climbing with Spider-Monkey, and a lot of gliding with Big Chill. Brainstorm is your newest character in your collection. Yep, the mini-games are back.

Character Forms You Can Change Into In This Level: Spider-Monkey, Humungousaur, Big Chill, Swamp-Fire, Cannonbolt, Goop, Brainstorm

Collectible 16: When you first start the level, you will get to an area where you need to use Brainstorm's ability to open the door. However if you look to your right, there is a collectible on a lower platform. Use Big Chill to get it, and then Spider-Monkey to return back to the area you came from.

Collectible 17: There's a part in the game where you will have to use Cannonbolt to move a ramp and either take it on the left, the middle, or the right. Keep hold of cn_RT and let go of it on the far right side. Then use the Burnout (cn_RT) move to launch yourself over to a lonesome platform that contains the collectible.

Collectible 18: In the room with the laser beams that require Brainstorm to move around with, there will be a red box that you can use Humungousaur to push around. Move it a bit so that it gets into contact with the beam, and the beam points out towards the far left oval shape on the left side of the room. Watch out for the lasers as they will hurt you. Use Brainstorm, and then align yourself in front of the first door on the left. Aim carefully with your newly learned ability and point the beam towards the left door on the red button. Leave it aligned for a few moments, and the door should open revealing you the collectible. You then need to open the 2nd door to continue the level. The video guide can help you if you get stuck and you need a general idea.

Collectible 19: As you climb up the sky area bit with Spider-Monkey, eventually you will come across a door on your left that is slightly open. You can open this door with Humungousaur if you press cn_B and tap cn_X. It will reveal a collectible.

Collectible 20: There will be a part where you will have to use Spider-Monkey and web sling across multiple web shots. Now you have 2 routes which you can take. If you take the left route and land on the grey rock, the collectible will be sitting their waiting for you.

Brainstorm Mini-Games: This level has the most Mini-Games you have to do with Brainstorm. There are 4 Mini-Game Stations and 2 of them will be the same puzzle mode.

Mini-Game Type 1: To play this game, you need to use the cn_LS to move the cursor, and press cn_A to make a selection. You will have a box on your screen with loads of circles, and some of them will be empty with no numbers at all, while some will have the number "1" in the box. The red circles outside are the lights. You need to successfully have the number 1 in all of the circles in order to get the red circles to light up and pass part of the puzzle. But the way it works is that each time you press a circle using cn_A, it will change whatever is around the desired square. So an example would be that if you clicked a blue circle with a number "1" on the right middle corner, chances are that the "1"'s around it will move leftward and will change some of the "1"'s into blank circles.

Note: You must pass 3 rounds of these number puzzles in order to complete the mini-game. You only get 30 seconds to pass it, or you will fail the puzzle and you will take damage. If you pass 1 round, you get extra time allocated.

If however you cannot be bothered learning the tricks and tactics into playing this mini-game, you can cheat by reading the guide below that can tell you how to pass it.

1st Terminal

  • Round 1: Click the blue circle in the middle of the puzzle to fill it with 1's.
  • Round 2: The four corners will have blue circles. Simply click the blue circles on the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right corners.
  • Round 3: This 3rd puzzle consists of whatever was in the previous 2 rounds. So you just need to click the blue circles on the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right corners. Then click the blue circle in the middle of the puzzle.

2nd Terminal (You may need to pause this regularly by pressing cn_start, as these Round instructions sound long winded.

  • Round 1: Start by clicking the top left corner twice. Then move down one and one right, then click that one twice. Move one right where you are and click that once. Move to the far left on the same row and click that until the 1's are all together, should only be once. Move to the far right on the same row and click that once. All the 1's should now be in the top 2 rows. Scroll down and move your cursor to the bottom part, then choose the middle blue circle and go down to the one before the bottom. Click it once, and then move one right and click that once. Move back left once and click it again. Then scroll down to the bottom left and click that once. Move up one left and click that once. Finally scroll to the far right and choose the blue circle on the far right corner before the one at the bottom right corner. Click it and it should complete this round.
  • Round 2: Start by going to the bottom left corner and clicking on that one. Then move up two and click the middle left from where you are without moving right. Scroll to the top left and click that one to complete the left side with 1's. Move to the right side and click on the far right side the middle circle to fill the bottom right side full of 1's. Now you just need to click the top right side to fill the circles with 1's.
  • Round 3: Move to the left side and then put your cursor at the top left, but don't press cn_A. Move down one, then move right one and click that area once. Scroll down twice to the bottom left, but don't go in the corner. You should have your cursor diagonally from the bottom left corner. Click here to fill the left side. Move to the right side and put your cursor on the circle next to the bottom right corner going diagonal, click it. Move to the top right side and click the same box going diagonal towards the top right corner.

Mini-Game Type 2: To play this game, you need to use the cn_LS to move the cursor and press cn_A to make a selection. You will have coloured balls that will be placed around in a shape, and each of the circles around the balls will be colored as well. You simply need to match the colored balls to the correct coloured circle. So an example would be that if you have a blue coloured circle, then you need to put the blue coloured ball in the circle.

Note: You have a total of 45 seconds to complete the puzzle. Failing to do so will make your character take damage.

Here's the instructions on how to pass these 2 Ball Coloured mini-games should you find them difficult. If you are following this part step-by-step, you can press cn_start to pause the game if you want to freeze the timer.

1st Terminal

  1. Move the orange ball
  2. Move the green ball
  3. Move the blue ball
  4. Move the purple ball
  5. Move the green ball
  6. Move the orange ball
  7. Move the yellow ball
  8. Move the yellow ball (again)
  9. Move the orange ball
  10. Move the green ball
  11. Move the yellow ball
  12. Move the orange ball

2nd Terminal

  1. Move the green ball
  2. Move the purple ball
  3. Move the green ball
  4. Move the purple ball
  5. Move the purple ball (again)
  6. Move the blue ball
  7. Move the yellow ball
  8. Move the orange ball
  9. Move the blue ball

Level Boss: Michael Moringstar AKA Darkstar

Originally this guy can be a pain in the backside to beat. It turned out among all of the character forms you can choose from. One of them makes this boss a breeze. Goop.

When using Goop, simply attack him once or twice using cn_X, and then run around in a circle formation using the cn_LS. The reason that Goop is the recommended character is because his arms are long range, and they stretch out when he attacks, making it way easier to defeat Darkstar.

Darkstar has 3 main attacks which is close range combat, which he will do often since you're close. A straight black beam shot that can take a lot of health if you get hit. Finally a black portal that can trap and paralyze you for a short moment if you get caught in it. Usually you can tell when he's going to use one of these attacks, as his voice can he heard, although on some occasions the voice can be delayed. As you attack Darkstar, he will lose parts of his body when he gets to a certain amount of health.

If you're at a point where you need health, simply run around the arena and destroy any obstacles that are around you. Beware of Darkstar's Black Beam Attack.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be avoided. You will get this achievement after defeating the boss and completing the level.

Level 5: Freaked Out

Overview: This planet is set in an outer space region and Ben 10 will fear one of his most frightening villains. Ghost-Freak. Who believes that Ben 10 has done the biggest mistake of his life by entering his own domain. Whilst this level has a lot of platform jumping, it is in actual fact one of the shortest levels in the game. Echo Echo will be your newest character added to your team from this level onward.

In this level, there will be ghost enemies that you will need to take care of, however they will be invulnerable to all of your attacks if you are fighting against them in the dark. There are lanterns scattered around the level, and you simply need to attack them when a ghost is nearby. Doing so will make the ghost dazed and vulnerable for a short period of time, allowing you to attack them. The lanterns do not last very long, so once it's faded out, you will have to attack it again to relight the area.

Character Forms You Can Change Into In This Level: Spider-Monkey, Humungousaur, Big Chill, Swamp-Fire, Cannonbolt, Goop, Brainstorm, Echo Echo

Collectible 21: You will get a comment from Grandpa Max starting with "Beware of the enemies that go bump in the night". After defeating the first set of ghost enemies, you will have to use Big Chill to glide upward. Make sure you wait until the steam rises so that you can swoosh up top. As soon as you land, turn around and then pass the spikes for a large canister that needs to be destroyed with the collectible inside.

Collectible 22: There will be a part in the level where you will have to cross a bridge that contains some spikes you need to avoid. You should then see a cave entrance that's blocked with spikes. If you look to your right, you should see the collectible in the corner.

Collectible 23: You will have to use Big Chill to glide down and past 2 large red whirlwinds. Now as you land, if you look to your right, you should see the collectible on a ledge in the distance. This can be reached by using the platforms that are provided that are going back and forth in this area (stay as Big Chill to help you glide across these parts).

Collectible 24: There are 2 tunnels which you have to go through as Cannonbolt, and the collectible is in the 2nd tunnel. As soon as you start the 2nd tunnel, pass the first section, then you should see an arrow point Left. Keep hold of the cn_LSl and you should make Cannonbolt move left and grab the collectible.

Collectible 25: When you exit the 2nd tunnel, you will be in an area that requires some more platform jumping. Choose Big Chill and glide along the right side of the platforms to eventually find a collectible that is in the distance. You can see this collectible as soon as you land from the 2nd tunnel. An alternative character you can use is Spider-Monkey, but he cannot glide compared to Big Chill.

Level Boss: Ghost-Freak

"Ben 10! As I live and breathe! Ha Hah Ha Hah Haahhh! Not".

Like all the other ghosts, he is invulnerable to all of your attacks unless you can lure him towards one of the lanterns. If he does this, then you need to quickly attack the lantern and let him get dazed so that you can deal damage to him. His health meter on the right side will appear as well.

He has a vast variety of attacks. When he's at close range, he may use a claw swipe attack, or he may reveal some tentacles and start slapping you around with them. If you hear him perform a vomit like sound, it means he has unleashed a shadow attack. The only way in which you can avoid this attack is to either hide behind a lantern, or run sideways (do not run straight). If the shadow hits you, then you need to rapidly tap cn_X to break free. He can easily attack you if you don't do this fast enough. He may have some other vast attacks as well which haven't been mentioned.

Health is located around the battle zone which you can get if you destroy the obstacles. For character formation, I suggest you use a characters that's fairly speedy to avoid the shadow attacks such as Spider-Monkey, Swamp-Fire, Cannonbolt, or Goop. Do not use Humungousaur. He is the slowest among the characters, and he will not be able to avoid the shadow attack, making you easy prey.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be avoided. You will get this achievement after defeating the boss and completing the level.

Level 6: Morotesi

Overview: This is a fairly long level that requires you to test your skill against some of the strongest enemies around, and you also have some new puzzles you need to pass through. You will also learn a new move that Echo Echo can perform that will be useful, and Chromastone will be your newest character formation you can choose from in your team.

This is also the final level where you will need to find all of the collectibles in the game. If you manage to find all of the collectibles but the achievements do not pop, then you have either missed a collectible, or the game has slightly glitched on you. Unfortunately this is the level where a glitch could possibly happen, so if this is the case, the recommendation is to restart the level and try again.

Character Forms You Can Change Into In This Level: Spider-Monkey, Humungousaur, Big Chill, Swamp-Fire, Cannonbolt, Goop, Brainstorm, Echo Echo, Chromastone

Collectible 26: You will be told by Grandpa Max how to use the Sonic Scream with Echo Echo. This is done by double tapping cn_X, and then pressing cn_RT straight after. In the same area after this conversation, simply use your new ability to destroy the crystals in this area. The collectible will be in the green crystal on the far right side of the area.

Note: You can only destroy green crystals. You cannot destroy the large purple ones.

Collectible 27: You will need to use Cannonbolt to take 2 ramps to reach the upper level, and then you will have a part where you need to use Chromastone's laser to lower the cart you have to stand on. As soon as you land in the next area, you should walk on a rocky part of a cliff. If you look to the edge on the right, you should see a lower platform you can glide down to (use Big Chill) with the collectible on it. You'll need to use Chromastone again on another cart to return to the rocky cliff you were on before.

Collectible 28: You will get to a part where you will travel through a long tunnel and you will have to defeat a whole load of enemies. One of the routes they will originally block will be up a slope. Once you have defeated the enemies, you can access the new area. Now as soon as you reach the top of the slope a checkpoint progress marker will be saved. Make sure you stand still for a moment so that the game registers the save (this is to prevent the collectible being glitched since it's so close to the checkpoint part). The collectible will be in the green crystal on the left. Use Echo Echo's Sonic Scream.

Collectible 29: You will have a laser doorway that will block your entrance to the next area. You need to use Echo Echo's clone ability to make one of them stand on the platform, to reach the next area. As well as that, there will be green crystals blocking your path. Use Sonic Scream to destroy them, the crystal on the left side in the corner will have the last green collectible you need in the game.

You will be awarded this achievement for finding all of the Green Plumber Badge Collectibles at this point.

Collectible 30: You will need to use Humungousaur to break open a rock pile to access an open area. You then need to defeat a whole load of enemies. Before you go inside the building, go on the left side and you should see some crystals you can break with Echo Echo's Sonic Scream. This will be your final red collectible in the game.

You will then be awarded this achievement for finding all of the Red Plumber Badge Collectibles at this point.

Well done! You have found all of the collectibles in the game. Having these collectibles completed as well will make your character stronger, as they now have more health and energy for enemies to deal with. Now you just need to progress a little more and complete a couple more levels.

Brainstorm Mini-Game: This level only has one mini-game terminal you have to complete, and it's the final one in the game.

Do you remember playing a Snakes game on your old fashioned mobile phone? Well this mini-game you have to complete is similar. You play as a snake like character, and your objective is to eat the light green item that appears in the arena. You have unlimited time, but your snake will grow each time you eat more of these green items. You must avoid the obstacles on the course and the square wall, or you will fail the mini-game and take damage. You also cannot make the head of the snake hit any other part of the snake's body. The mini-game is played in multiple stages, and at some point, your snake will reset the amount of circles it's got. But it's unknown how many you have to complete to pass the mini-game.

To play this mini-game you just need to move around using cn_LSu, cn_LSd, cn_LSl, or cn_LSr with the Snake, depending upon which way you go. Overall go out there and have some fun in this little nostalgia mini-game.

Level Boss: Albedo

This boss is an alter-ego of yourself, which means he also uses an Omnitrix. So like yourself, he can transform into the same characters you get to play as in the game. He will start off with one of the character forms but as you weaken him, he will decide to switch to something else which requires you to think of a new strategy to defeat him. Fortunately though, he is not the hardest boss to beat and among all of them in the game, I found this boss the most interesting.

There are terminals scattered throughout the battle zone which you can destroy if you need any health.

Alright, so his first chosen formation is Goop. Originally I thought the only way in which you can damage him is to use the same character formation. So I ended up using Goop as well. Like the battle against Darkstar, you can attack him a couple times with cn_X, and then run around and maybe use cn_RT on occasions. You do not want to stand still as he will use a long kick attack, or the Goopshot to try and deal some damage to you. If you want to try a different character form, I suggest either Spider-Monkey, Big Chill, Swamp-Fire, Cannonbolt, or Chromastone.

His second chosen character is Jet-Ray. This is a character right now you do not have in your collection, so you will have to choose something else. Jet-Ray seems to use Sonic Dash and attacks that are mostly airborne. For me I actually found Spider-Monkey to be the best because he has quick reflexes, and when Jet-Ray's airborne, you can still attack him as his legs will be dangling around in the air. The trick against Jet-Ray is to flank him, and then attack from behind when he uses his airborne attack. You can choose another character as an alternative if you wish.

The next chosen character is Swamp-Fire. Like Goop, I thought I'd use Swamp-Fire at first. He was very good as he had the projectile attacks such as the Fireballs and the Flamethrowers, but Albedo somehow managed to drain a bit of my energy, so I ended up using Humungousaur to finish him off. You can use Big Chill, Goop, or Chromastone as substitutes, since these characters are roughly the same height and size.

He will only have one more character formation he will turn into. Yep, you guessed it... Humungousaur. This is the formation that is the trickiest because he has strong attacks that deal some serious damage, so the overall method when attacking Humungousaur is to stay away from being in close combat. I tried being Humgungosaur as well and having a duel, but I ended up having low health, so I needed an alternative strategy. It turns out your best friends are Swamp-Fire or Chromastone, since these 2 can do projectile attacks and Humgunousaur can only do a Shoulder Charge attacks, which takes time to perform. So I suggest you either use Swamp-Fire's fireball attack, or Chromastone's Laser Attack to finish off the fight (I used Chromastone).

This is a story related achievement and cannot be avoided. You will get this achievement after defeating the boss and completing the level.

Level 7: Null Void

Overview: This is where a secret Null Projector Energy Core is kept that supposedly only Grandpa Max knows. He sends Ben 10 to destroy it before Vilgax gets hold of it. It is known to be the strongest core of the lot. This level is similar towards Level 5: Freaked Out, in which it is set within a different universe. It will test your skills with all of the character formations in the game, and you will have to reach the other end for another boss battle where the core is placed.

Your final character formation Jet-Ray will be available in this level. By now you should have transformed into all the other characters at least once, so once you have transformed into Jet-Ray (which will be at the start of the level), you will get this achievement.

Character Forms You Can Change Into In This Level: Spider-Monkey, Humungousaur, Big Chill, Swamp-Fire, Cannonbolt, Goop, Brainstorm, Echo Echo, Chromastone, Jet-Ray

The other achievement you can get as well around this point is for giving all of your characters new combo abilities. By now every character except for Jet-Ray should have all of their combo abilities unlocked and available. This is the last level in the game where you will receive one of these upgrades, so once you have applied it to Jet-Ray (or any other missing characters that don't have all of their combo's unlocked), then you will also get this achievement.

Level Boss: D'Void

There are 4 candles that are around the arena you fight D'Void in. He is invulnerable to all of your attacks if one of these candles is lit. As hinted in the cutscene, the only character that can put out the flames is Big Chill. Therefore I suggest you play as Big Chill throughout the entire boss battle.

When a candle is lit, simply switch to Big Chill (if you changed), and then stand in front of the candle. Press cn_RT to perform a Frostbreath attack, burning out the candle, and making D'Void vulnerable to attacks.

D'Void usually uses dash attacks and chases you around. He may use a ground slam attack on occasions, and when he gets weak he will summon a dragon creature that will shoot lasers on the ground as they pass by. At first he will only have one dragon attacking, but when he gets weaker he will get two. They can be easily dodged by being in a different part of the battle zone when they perform their attacks.

A nice trick I found when fighting D'Void with Big Chill is to use his Ice Wind attack. This is done by double tapping cn_X, then pressing cn_Y, and then pressing cn_RT. Big Chill will then jump and glide for a moment, and then shoot iced spikes at the floor. If D'Void is around the spikes, he will take severe damage and you cannot be attacked whilst you are performing this maneuver, making you invulnerable for a moment.

Health is located around the arena, should you be needing some.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be avoided. You will get this achievement after defeating the boss and completing the level.

Level 8: Bellwood Revisted

Overview: You will now return to Bellwood where Vilgax's enemies have already attacked the planet. This time though, he cannot use his secret weapon because he doesn't have all of the Null Projector Energy Core Parts. This is the shortest level in the game.

Character Forms You Can Change Into In This Level: Spider-Monkey, Humungousaur, Big Chill, Swamp-Fire, Cannonbolt, Goop, Brainstorm, Echo Echo, Chromastone, Jet-Ray

You will have 3 gigantic beast enemies that will appear in sequence in the street you are walking on. Only one character formation is recommended for these beasts. And I think you know which one I'm going to suggest... Humungousaur! The reason is simple. He is the same size, and he can deal the most damage on these beasts. As well as that, he's the only character who can destroy the vehicles around should you be needing any health. You will receive checkpoints for each beast you manage to defeat. But after the 3rd one, you will be teleported to your Final Destination!

Final Boss: Vilgax

He has the most attacks among all of the bosses in the game, and he has the most health. There's no point in me explaining what attacks he can do as there's just too many to fit in this walkthrough. Let me just tell you the best way to defeat him.

You can use any character formation you like, but the one I stuck with for most of the battle is Jet-Ray, with him I made the fight a pushover. What I did with Jet-Ray, was I used his Sonic Dash (cn_RT) to simply take his health down piece by piece. It does take a short while to reduce Vilgax's health using this method, but he cannot perform any attacks around you, as you will have a short moment to move aside since Jet-Ray's a speedy character.

Now at some point whilst you are attacking Vilgax, he will become invulnerable and will perform charge attacks. There are 3 electric energy machines that are in the spaceship you are fighting in. So what you need to do is lure Vilgax into one of them at a time. Doing so will make him dazed for a few moments, and will cut his energy by a fair amount. You will need to do this fairly swiftly, as if he does too many charges, he will equip his sword you will have to redo the method of attacking him again.

He will likely release some guards for you to defeat after he has lost some health, so it's up to you if you wish to change to another character form and defeat them, before you continue fighting against Vilgax. You can always use the video guide above for another method into defeating Vilgax.

Once you have defeated him, you will be awarded this achievement and a final cutscene will take place, notifying you that you have completed the game. Well done! Now you just need to pick-up any other misc achievements you have missed during the playthrough, if you have missed any of them. Note that once you have completed the game, you cannot choose the "Continue" button, unless you reload a level under the "Level Selection" screen on the main menu.

Step 2: Defeating 150 Enemies With Each Character Formation

For this step, you will be going for all of the achievements in the game that require you to defeat 150 enemies with each character formation you can transform into. Whilst these achievements sound as though they are going to be long, boring, and grindy, in reality there is a method you can use which will give you all of the related achievements easily. You will however be sitting around though for about 5-10 minutes, defeating a whole load of enemies before you hear that magical "pop" sound towards the achievement you are working on.

Alright, first you need to choose the level Bellwood (1st level) in the Level Selection screen. Playthrough the level until you get to the part where you first meet Psyphon. It's the part where he will start this conversation "Earth as you know it will no longer exist".

Now on this rooftop you will have an electric generator that needs to be destroyed so that you can cross over to Psyphon, "DO NOT DESTROY IT!" Instead simply hang around on these rooftops and transform into the character you wish to get the achievement on (or stay as Ben 10), and defeat all of the enemies that appear. The enemies are unlimited and because this is the first level in the game, you will easily defeat them in a couple hits or instantly.

It is best to stay on the right side of the rooftop so that you avoid damaging the generator, as if you we're to use combos, then the blast radius will not affect the generator at all. In addition, the enemies will keep on running towards the right as well, allowing you to take the easy side of life.

Tip: Psyphon will have flame balls that he will throw that will explode when they touch the ground. However, I've discovered that if you can keep yourself to the right side of the rooftops where the shadows are, the flame balls will not detonate around where you're standing. Whilst you may notice that Psyphon will throw a flame ball in the direction to where you're standing, in reality the ball will just fly leftward and explode nearby the middle of the rooftop, allowing you to concentrate on the enemies and not worry about Psyphon's attacks.

Now if you have played through and completed the campaign, all of your progress towards these achievements as well will be transferred, meaning that you can put in less time using this method before the achievements will pop. But it depends upon how many enemies you defeated with the chosen character during the playthrough.

Tip: If you lose all your health and you die, then you will respawn at the bottom of the building and you will have to use Spider-Monkey to climb up again. Do not worry about this, because any progress you have made before you die will not be lost, so it means you can just simply climb up and continue the grind towards the achievements.

150 enemy kills with Ben 10.

150 enemy kills with Spider-Monkey.

150 enemy kills with Humungousaur.

150 enemy kills with Big Chill.

150 enemy kills with Swamp-Fire.

150 enemy kills with Cannonbolt.

150 enemy kills with Goop.

150 enemy kills with Brainstorm.

150 enemy kills with Echo Echo.

150 enemy kills with Chromastone.

150 enemy kills with Jet-Ray.

And that's all of the achievements related towards this step. If you have skipped Step 1 by doing these achievements first, please continue to read from the Psyphon Boss in Level 1: Bellwood. If however you have completed Step 1 beforehand, then you should have all 24 achievements for 1000 Gamerscore. Well done! Another completed game with 1000G added to your collection.

Good Luck if you are going to play the game. And remember... "It's Hero Time!"

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