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  • PhatDaemienPhatDaemien933,962
    09 Aug 2016
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    So do you need a few points? That is about all this game is worth, an easy free 1k GS. For the price it is well worth it.

    There really is not much to say about this "game". It is an advertisement for the up and coming remake of Ben-Hur the movie and maybe a unique game for a movie tie-in. Let's face it, most movie games, well for lack of better words, suck. There are a few exceptions out there. I thought X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Mad Max were really good games that could have stood on their own without a movie, but then you have games like Superman Returns and Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix that were obvious attempts at just making more cash to go along with the movie. Well we cannot accuse them of making money with this game since it is free and that is a relief because if anyone paid for this I think they would be irate!

    The game is kind of a chariot simulator. You race against 5 AI chariots in a series of 3 races. Each race increases in laps by one. the last being 4 laps. The objective is to win. If you do not win a race you get to retry it. If your chariot gets destroyed, you get to retry it. And that is the entire game.

    Oh, yeah, when you first start up a "season" (three races is a season?) you get a decent little movie trailer. That, my friends is the entire story for this game.

    I wanted to post the last two paragraphs as a spoiler...but it really isn't spoiling anything you will not find out literally 2 minutes in. Win and move on to the next race, lose and retry over and over. Nutshell right there!

    Some positive notes are that the achievements all work. The controls function properly. That's about it for that.

    The graphics look last gen and other than driving around in circles for a couple minutes per race, I don't think improved graphics would have meant a damn thing. There is so little to this game that it would have just been overkill.

    I mentioned that the achievements work. None of them are overly difficult though you may spend some time in frustration trying to destroy all enemy chariots in a season. That achievement delayed my 100% by about 45 minutes. You generally will pop at least two achievements before you even learn the controls.

    In summary, easy and rather quick 1k GS. The price is right on it.

    This game is only worth about half a star. I, however, give it 1.5 stars simply because everything works (no glitched ach's) and it is free.
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    I8ITackyticsI8II played this for halloween and thought it was the scariest game I played during that time. Horrible, truly horrible. Just glad it was over with in under 90 minutes. Felt like longer.
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 22 Feb 17 at 14:03
    DEolii got my 10/10 ach unlocked on the xbox. but after a restart game only 2/10 unlocked. On my profile / Xbox.. i would say it's a totally rip of, but i can't cuz it was free 😎
    Posted by DEoli on 31 Dec 17 at 17:48
    ProjectJeff85What Ben-Hur did good is that the game was free (oh, and 1000 GS at no cost). That's it. No, really, that's all it is going for. LOL

    Mighty No. 9, a Mega Man knockoff that I didn't like was a masterpiece in comparison to this.
    Posted by ProjectJeff85 on 23 Aug 18 at 06:15
  • PangoBaraPangoBara1,782,381
    12 Aug 2016 19 Oct 2017
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    Welcome to my review for Ben-Hur! Ben-Hur is quite possibly the greatest game ever made. Don't even get me started on the 100s of hours of replayability, beautiful graphics years ahead of its time, and immersive gameplay.

    Story: The story of Ben-Hur is the story of legends. I don't want to spoil the one amazing cut scene that is almost movie trailer-like in style and grandeur. This one cutscene instantly makes the story of this game more massive, more intense than the likes of Mass Effect and Star Wars combined.

    Campaign: This massive campaign is a solid -10 minutes long, and your reward for getting through this legendary game is a 2 sentence long epilogue. This game consists of 3 races. The first race is 2 laps long, the second race is 3 laps long, and the third race is 4 laps long. This total change of pace makes each level completely unique in its own way. (For some reason, the more laps there are, the easier it is.) You are tasked, as Ben-Hur, with riding a chariot and whipping your opponents (it's not sexual, I promise) to death. If you kill all of your opponents, then you don't have to finish the race.

    Gameplay: It only has a couple of controls.
    Mash cn_A to go fast, but not too fast.
    cn_RT makes you whip right, whereas cn_LT whips left. The other controls are obvious choices. You murder enemies and win (3) races.


    There is no gameplay, just garbage. There is no plot other than them just shoving their trailer for their unnecessary remake of an already great movie. You thought movie video games were bad. Movie remake video games are the WORST!
    External image

    Even the loading screens are just ads.

    I can't give this game lower than a half star, so that's what it has to be. The only person that should ever play this game is an achievement whore. At least Avatar: TBE actually is a game.

    Pure achievement whores will like this "game's" easy achievements.
    It's only 3 races long.

    It exists.
    Graphics look like Wii graphics at best.
    No replayability.
    Isn't even a good ad. It probably made people want to watch the movie even less.

    Possibly the worst possible thing in this entire game is that the credits state that this game is in loving memory of someone. That is possibly the most fucked up thing I have ever heard. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    May they rest in peace and be remembered in other ways than this game.
  • Team BretherTeam Brether1,222,996
    18 Aug 2016 19 Aug 2016
    14 8 9
    Ben-Hur, the classic 1959 film which won 11 Oscars is getting a remake and as a gift we have been treated to a free re-imagining of the film which defined the word epic before it became cliché.

    Time and time again we see movie tie-ins on the Xbox that are blatant ways to relieve the public of their cash. These cash-ins are usually poorly made and rushed for the movie’s release, have a mediocre budget even if the films budget is immense, and rarely provide value or enjoyment. Ben-Hur is not one of these games. After all, it can’t be – it is free.

    It is obvious as soon as you start the game that the Xbox One’s capabilities are pushed to the limit. A beautiful menu screen kindly reminds you that the film is out on August 19th. I think this is a great touch, and we are reminded throughout our time with the game of the release date. I think this is particularly useful for people with memory issues, such as stroke patients, people with learning disabilities, or sufferers of dementia. It is great that Krome studios have thought of these groups of people and cater for their memory problems and they should be applauded for making the information so accessible.

    Once you start the game you realise that the bumf on the page is no lie. The information states about the graphics that they are ‘a stunning re-creation of the Roman arena…fuelled by the visual horsepower of the One’. I particularly liked that little play-on-words about horsepower. And they were completely truthful – it is a depiction of a single arena. Whilst racing games try and persuade us to purchase their games with promises of countless tracks it is so refreshing that the developers decide that again, to make the game accessible, they would focus on just one track. After all, how many tracks do you really need. There are also 2 bends on the oval track. Talk about quality over quantity.

    I totally agree that the graphics are stunning. I have never been so stunned in my life that in 2016 the graphics in Ben-Hur would even be possible on the Xbox One. They obviously could have been possible on the Commodore Amiga or Atari 2600, but the Xbox One? I honestly didn’t realise it was possible to recreate the visual look of the year Ben-Hur is set - AD 26 - to such clarity, so yes, stunning is a great word to describe them. If video games were about in AD 26 I imagine they would look exactly the same as this game.

    As you race around the single track you really feel like you there. Neat touches such as sand being blown across the track so you can’t see anything really add to the realism. And we aren’t talking about piddly bits of sand, we are treated to full blown sand clouds. It’s this detail that sets it apart from the rest. The original film used over 2000 horses and 10000 extras in 1959, so over 50 years on, it’s great that this game does it so much justice. If you close your eyes you can almost imagine all those extras and horses. When you open your eyes they are gone, but dreams, as good as they are, cannot last forever. Also, the crowd noises really add to the atmosphere. Whilst you don’t see anybody in the crowd I think this was a good way to allow blind people to be on par with their fully sighted counterparts when experiencing the game. This way fully-sighted people and blind people see the same crowd.

    Gameplay wise the developers have really gone out of their way to make the chariot riding as realistic as possible. To win you must go slowly, which makes complete sense. Slow and steady wins the race my nan used to say, and finally, I see what she meant. You must then speed up and angle an attack on another chariot to grind it into a wall. As ramming is soooo AD 25 you’d be foolish to try it. You also have a whip attack. I felt spoiled with these quality attacks at my fingertips. No need for 50+ different attack combinations – nice and simple is the way forward. It even made the game accessible to my 2-week old nephew. Never too early to start playing.

    The achievements aren’t too difficult, anybody that hasn’t been lobotomised should be able to complete them all in under 2 hours. And anybody who has could probably still play blindfolded in a straightjacket and complete it in under 3. Considering the game is free you can really add up the value. Gamerscore + Free = Happy.

    Ultimately this is probably the most realistic game you will play this year. The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay and sound are Oscar winning – much like the original film was. The people who made the original film I imagine will be so amazed to see that with the advances of technology we can actually recreate the video game scene of AD 26 so well. I’m just disappointed that with VR technology we aren’t able to play the game with a VR headset. That really would have been special.

    So with the usual summer lull in game releases you can be sure 2016 is remembered as the year of Ben-Hur – I’m sure it will win the TA game of the year, surpassing the oscar-winning achievements of the original film. Finally if you needed reminding – it’s out in theaters August 19th. Can’t wait.

  • cenGii91cenGii91341,509
    10 Mar 2017 10 Mar 2017
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    I know there are a few critics already, but i just wanted to put my mustard in it, as we say in German which roughly translates with giving my opinion.

    This game is just a total irony. Why? Because it is so bad, it does not even deserve critics. This game is just awful, probably written in a few hours, by someone who was probably a trainee in developing games.
    Ok it was made to promote a film, but as my experiences taught me: Movie-Games as i say, are mostly a mess compared to other games. Look at the Batman series. It is a worldwide known brand and the games from it are just awesome and has got more sequels. But honestly this one shall better only one-time project.

    It is an easy gamerscore for hunters (like me) (this is why i downloaded and played it), but seriously i was expecting more.
    If you want to play this because it is free, don't do that. It is awful, buggy, and one of the worst games i played so far. The graphics makes you want to vomit, the music is always the same, so your ears are going to vomit, the gameplay is ridicolous as ****, the sound effects are lame, the voicing of the NPCs are repetetive and annoying.
    No challenging missions or something similar, just a wannabe-race game where you have to complete 3 rounds consisting of 2,3 and 4 laps and crush your enemies in a gruesome way like pressing them to the wall, so they die upon hitting it, crashing into their carriage until they fall off, or leading them to crash into one of the obstacles which start appearing in round 2 and 3.
    If you manage to kill them, or they kill themselves sometimes, you win the race and yeah continue to the next round until you finish the game. Done in like 10 minutes. Seriously.

    After that the credits roll up, which you can't skip but luckily they are short (imagine they would be as long as Assassins Creed, where you can make yourself dinner that time).

    But beware, you are not able to save your game or something, if you exit, you are at the main screen and all of your progress is gone (if there is any worth progress).
    Luckily, if you die by accident, you start from the same round and not from the whole beginning, which can be quite annoying, for the 200G-achievement.

    So i could write a lot more, but my time is running and so here is my summary of my voting/critics:

    (+) Free
    (+) Easy Gamerscore

    (-) Awful Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, Voice, Structure, literally everything (consider each of them as one single negative point)
    (-) The kill-cam is not always clear
    (-) Only 3 rounds
    (-) Options, Intros, Game-Graphics (the design of it) - everything totally horrible
    (-) and a lot moooore.

    Conclusion: DO. NOT. TRY. THIS. AT. HOME. Seriously. Invest some money and get yourself some quality games from quality studios. Totally worth it. Crap Game. Yuck.

    PS: If i made any mistake, i am sorry, as i am not a native English-speaker.
  • Sargent 257ASargent 257A265,477
    11 Aug 2016
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    Ben-Hur? Ben-Kenobur? Ben-Wanting-to-Play-This-Game...ur?

    Well, the good news is that it's free and relatively quick to 1000/1000GS unless you have a hard time with these games like me for some reason.
    The bad news? This will take up about 746.9 MB of space plus an additional 0.01 KB for save data. That's precious data that can be used on other things such as much better games.

    On a slightly more serious note, you may be wondering just what exactly you do in Ben-Hur. Well, you race by mashing the A button. Doing so too much will fill a meter to its max and your horses get tired. You race and - if you want - kill your opponents by smashing into their horses with your carriage, whipping them with RT or LT, or just smash them into something head on. There's three races in a season. How many seasons are there? One. After that, the game ends. Of the three races, they all take place on the same course. The only noticeable difference is the amount of laps and opponents per race. If there are other differences, it's hard for me to actually give a rat's ass to look that deep into it.

    It feels like Ben-Hur was made as a joke advertisement for the upcoming movie of the same name. It was developed on Unity Engine with the most basic of visuals, sound, and programming. It shocks me that they even got the A button to work with the game. And do you want to know who had part in developing this game? Krome Studios. Never heard of them? They made the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on PSP, PS2, and Wii, The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning and Eternal Night, Game Room on 360... they had experience with games before. Hell, I used to play Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan on Xbox, and I remember that game being pretty good. And to see this, Ben-Hur, exist, it's very disheartening. There's no other game I want to block out of my memory more than Ben-Hur.

    Overall, here's my pros and cons for this game:
    + Free
    - Existing
    - Visuals
    - Sound
    - Content
    - Music
    - Dumb rubber banding A.I.
    - Making me write a review for this, let alone making me not care about typing more than three paragraphs for the review.
    - No "Drink Bleach" expansion update

    Unless you really need the achievements, don't bother with Ben-Hur. It's not worth your time. If you have 764.8MB or less of free space, consider yourself very lucky. I know I'm not.
  • KingsOfDispairKingsOfDispair1,357,958
    11 Aug 2016
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    Ben-Hur, More Like Ben-Dur

    Originally Posted on Player2Reviews at

    Welcome Gladiators! Do you like life-threatening danger? Do you like adrenaline rushes? Do you like sand? Well if the answer is yes to all of these then we have the place for you. Welcome to the Colosseum, the best racetrack and death pit money can buy in 80 A.D. All the action you could ever want. So grab your favorite chariot and your prize-winning horse and let’s go to the races.

    Ben-Hur is a racing game developed by Krome Studios and published by AOL, and is currently available for free on the Xbox One. The game is a kart style racer in vain of Mario Kart, but without power-ups and such. It takes place in the Roman Colosseum and as such is a circular track that adds obstacles as you advance from race to race. Starting with race one, it has little to no obstacles, with the final race having larger hindrances more frequently around the track.

    ​This game doesn’t provide much when it comes to gameplay as it only contains a campaign. No multiplayer, no time trials, nothing that you would expect out of a kart racer. The game’s campaign is a racing season; however, it is only three races in the whole game. The track that you race around in Ben-Hur (besides the aforementioned addition to obstacles) does not change in the slightest between the three races. Your starting position can differ, but besides that you go down the same stretch, turn, etc. The largest difference between the three races are the number of laps. Going for two laps on race one to four on race three. See the difference! Yeah, me too! One mechanic that was pretty nice in the game which makes in a kart racer instead of a driving simulator is the ‘Whip’ mechanic. Your character and every other race have possession of a whip that can do damage to the other characters. This is the only way to damage other character besides ramming, in which will also damage your chariot. While ramming, you can force other racers into the obstacles to ensure maximum damage. This title does provide health potions if your health gets below 50% which will fall into the track in set locations. You really do not need to worry about running out of health as the potions fall very frequently and you are the only racer that can pick them up. The race is over in the events that: you win, you eliminate all of the other racers, you lose, or you run out of health. If either of the latter happen then you need to restart the race over at the beginning, which isn’t a huge deal due to the low number of laps. It is worth noting that you only need to restart the race that you are on. So if you are on race three and you lose then you only have to restart race three. This game is not difficult in the slightest to win the races and you will finish it without much trouble at all.

    ​The visuals and sounds in this game are (with most of the game) something that could be better. You character model is the only one that differs from the rest, as all of the other racers look identical except for maybe a color difference and the chariots too look identical. Your chariot has a white horse, while everyone else has black horses. That is the only slight variance. When you bring sounds into the mix, the actual soundtrack is one or two songs. The voice acting for the announcer of the race and the other racers sounds like two different voice actors (which isn’t always a bad thing). Until you realize that they only recorded four or five lines of dialog for the game. The title also does not have much replayability unless you are into achievements and then it still is not much. This game will net you about 35 minutes of entertainment if you are not into achievements and maybe 45 if you are. Ben-Hur is a download, play, and finish all within an hour or hour and half if you are really into this game.

    All in all, I would recommend this game since it is free, but if it was not it would be a definite NO! This game is such as shell game it is not even funny. However, when looking at it, I feel this game was made as a playable teaser for the movie of the same name that is releasing on August 19th. I believe it was meant to be just a simple ad tie-in. However, for being a playable teaser, Ben-Hur is a decent game and worth the download to get the achievements. The game is a very easy 1000 Gamerscore and it is one of the only reason I would think someone would play this game.

    Final Score: 2/10


    -Shell Game
    -No Replayability
    -Very Short Game
    -Horrible Soundtrack and Average Visuals

    Gameplay Video:
  • MetalNuckMetalNuck638,444
    12 Aug 2016
    4 9 0
    For a free game, it's still overpriced.

    As gamers we have seen movie to game adaptations and for the most part, they fall flat. In this case, we see a game trying to promote an upcoming film release. Well if the movie is anything like the game, you'll feel ripped off for the price of admission.

    To start, the graphics. Bland, unimaginative and downright insulting. The game looks like something you would expect from the PlayStation 1. Brown and white, a little black and that pretty much sums up the colour pallet used for this game. The textures are rough, and the characters are a copy paste style.

    The gameplay is nothing to write home about. It's a short game. Completing the so called season only takes three races. There is no online multiplayer, no single race mode. All you get is a shell of a career mode if you even want to call it that.

    The controls are loose and very unresponsive at times. Not to mention there are times when you will get hit from behind and veer into a wall or some other direction. If you do the same to your AI counterparts, they go unphased.

    Yes the game is free, yes it is made to promote a new movie but to call this monstrosity a game is an insult. I've seen better work come out of mobile games made by a teenager living in their parents basement.

    If you want an easy but bland 1000GS, then download this title. That is about all it is good for since there is zero replay value. As soon as you complete this, delete this game and regain that valuable hard drive space.