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    Came across Beowulf: The Game for $4.99 and figured what the heck, I like mediaeval fantasy games, even bad ones... and it costs more than that to rent games these days.

    I enjoyed this game; it's hard to make a hack-and-slash game with interesting combat controls, and I think they did a good show of it here. Blocking, dodging, etc., are just as important as slashing with the 'ol sword.

    I played on Legendary my first time through, and although challenging, it wasn't particularly frustrating and certainly not impossible. Yeah, there are some tough spots you'll need to attempt multiple times before you get it -- but guess what? This is what all video games used to be like! (I think people are spoiled these days by games like Fable III which you can walk right through without dieing once)

    Having the voice talent of folks like Ray Winston and Anthony Hopkins was a huge plus for this game, and the art and animation is solid.

    Unfortunately, it's short -- too short to be worth $60 bucks; you'll finish it in about 6 hours or so, even on Legendary. But if you like fantasy action games -- such as the Lord of the Rings film games -- Beowulf is worth a rent.
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    RAVIOLICAPONII dont know why, but I really liked this game. And i agree, having good voice actors made the game a whole lot better. This is a good game to 1'k even though it required 2 play throughs. My favorite part in the game was the singing part. I dont know why but it cracked me up and I had never seen anything like it in a game before.
    Posted by RAVIOLICAPONI on 15 Feb 12 at 12:02
    Minchy MunchkinBit harsh just 2 star, like you saw the game second hand in a sale and thought why not?! I like it, it's been slated as a game by others but I think that's because it's Beowulf and people don't understand how to play it properly. If it was just a normal hack and slash game not relating to Beowulf it would have gotten a better reception, but I do agree that loads of gamers now don't have the patience to retry parts of games they're stuck on or even try and understand how different combat engines work.
    Posted by Minchy Munchkin on 19 Feb 12 at 01:02
    AN JUSTICE4 ALLWith all the positives being mentioned above, of which I concur, mostly.
    No one mentions of the Horrible way this game does saves.
    Only after each episode, really, are we in the Stone Ages ( pun intended.)

    There are some really long stages, where if you die, you have an in-game re-spawn but if you must leave the game for some reason you are forced to Re-do the entire episode.
    This oversight by Ubisoft was a big flaw and this feature alone will frustrate many gamers from wanting to see this through.

    How many people today have continuous hours to devote to a game without breaks / interruptions, not many in my opinion.
    Posted by AN JUSTICE4 ALL on 29 Apr 13 at 13:50
    ChungJaiGamers make the incorrect assumption that this title is an easy 1000 GS. I managed to get all the achievements but it wasn't easy and I was close to giving up and returning the game during the "Protect The Relic" challenge.
    Posted by ChungJai on 02 Jan 14 at 04:38
    HyyrI bought this game for $20 brand new, when it was first released. I don't believe it was ever sold for $60. Though it was certainly not perfect, it was quite enjoyable and worth every penny of what I had paid. It was also a challenging 1000 GS!

    I've bought games that cost the full $60, and which were much worse than this one.
    Posted by Hyyr on 21 Feb 14 at 12:51
    Angels Kill TooI'm stuck on that relic part at the moment then I went back to last save ane it put me all the way back to the fucking legendary weapon... fucking assholes.
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 07 Aug 14 at 04:50
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