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  • GrobaniteGrobanite2,356,630
    06 Aug 2015 06 Aug 2015
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    For me "Beyond Eyes" is a special game.
    A simple game that without much around, tells a very emotional story.

    In "Beyond Eyes" you control a little girl named Rae, which is blinded by an accident with fireworks. Her only friend is a red cat named Nani.
    At the beginning of the game Nani goes missing and you're going outside your familiar surroundings in search of your little friend...

    It's a very relaxing game without enemies, only with fears of a blind girl.
    Everything around Rae around is first white and with every step and with every touch you fills the gaming world with colors.
    'Cause of their blindness the control of Rae is very slowly.
    The sound in the game is composed of all the noises which perceives the little blind girl.

    With your guidance, Rae learns to overcome her fears and finds beauty and possible new friends outside of her little world.

    Endearing game with emotional story. Not for people who need action.
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    MCASguruGreat review. Agreed with Conscious Entity that the ending is powerful - I respect and appreciate the developers taking a risk with this type of game. One can quibble with the price, but I got it for $10 and am pleased. I played this and Brothers: Tale of Two Sons this week and am overwhelmed by the emotion of both games. That's a compliment and a warning! cry
    Posted by MCASguru on 04 Jan 16 at 12:50
    thomaskoratThis is a 15-page pretty storybook stretched to 3 hours. Pretty, but very little game. Good ending though.
    Posted by thomaskorat on 12 Jul 17 at 15:43
    Centuri0n CatoNice and honest review. Thank you.
    Posted by Centuri0n Cato on 28 Nov 18 at 12:40
  • Nana LurgiNana Lurgi156,818
    09 Aug 2015
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    I’ve been really looking forward to playing Beyond Eyes ever since I saw the demo at EGX Rezzed earlier this year. The plot is simple: you play the protagonist Rae, a 10 year old girl who lost her sight in a horrific firework accident. Ever since the accident, she has been too scared to leave her own garden, yet she has befriended a cat she calls Nani. After a period of time, Nani stops showing up at Rae’s garden, leaving her lonely. So she decides to venture into the unfamiliar world to find him.


    The whole premise of Beyond Eyes is to help Rae find Nani, and so begins the journey of looking around the surrounding villages and fields looking for the elusive feline. Nani appears from time to time giving the player some kind of direction to go in, but a lot of the time you are walking around blind (literally!) in the hopes that you will stumble across something poignant to the story.

    With Rae being blind, the game is quite unique in style. You start with a blank canvas, and as you move towards something, you are treated to a beautiful watercolour of the areas Rae visits. Rae remembers all of the areas that she has been, but sometimes the locations will change, if a van drives away for example, or if the rain is making it hard for her to remember where she is.

    Not everything is as it seems however. What sounds like a waterfall to Rae, turns into a sewer as she gets close. In a similar way, what she assumes is a stone wall turns out to be gravestones. Sometimes Rae hears noises that frighten her and will refuse to move any closer. She can sometimes overcome her fears of certain noises, but for others, you’ll just have to find a different way of reaching your destination.

    Unfortunately this is one of the things that bothered me. Rae walks incredibly slowly, (of course she would, she is blind), so it just seems to take forever to get anywhere. I get why the designer did this, I really do. But after a while, the beautiful artwork just couldn’t keep me entertained and without a proper story to keep me engaged, I was almost bored trying to get her to where she needed to go. And, towards the end of the game, I just found myself eager to find out what had happened to her old friend. I won’t spoil the ending, but it was harsh!

    Audio and Visuals

    Like I mentioned above, the graphics in Beyond Eyes are really lovely. The whole game is a watercolour painting that gets unveiled as you travel to new areas and experience new things. Visually, I’d easily give this game a 10/10.

    The audio in the game was a bit hit and miss for me. I loved the music in the game, but this was used sparingly, so much of the time you were walking around in silence which was only broken up by Rae calling for Nani from time to time. I’d have loved to have heard the music for much longer periods throughout the game.


    There are 10 achievements in Beyond Eyes worth 1000 Gamerscore altogether. The majority of them can be missed (minus the one for completing the story), and it took me until chapter IV to realise that the blue swirls that sometimes appear near Rae mean that she can interact with something. I’m going to go back through the game to snap up the achievements that I missed! For such a short game, the 1000 Gamerscore should keep completionists happy. Nothing is very difficult so long as you take the time to explore each area to its fullest.


    I badly wanted to love Beyond Eyes, but unfortunately I can’t say that I do. The concept is brilliant, but I just think it could have been so much more. The story is so short that it could have been written out on a paper napkin, and without any real direction, the game seems to fall flat. I don’t have the empathy for Rae that I wanted to have, and when you compare her to someone like Clementine in Telltale’s The Walking Dead, the difference in feeling is huge. That said, it has given me much more appreciation for what I’m sure blind people must have to deal with on a daily basis.

    If you want to experience the beautiful graphics, and like a game that encompasses a basic story, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this. At around 3 hours long, it won’t take you long to finish so it’s worth a go. For me, however, I’m just disappointed as Beyond Eyes had the potential to be so much more.

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  • HecticProductHecticProduct215,911
    25 Feb 2016
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    Beyond Eyes was a beautiful game, and had some interesting mechanics, but it was not as good as people rate it to be. Here are my opinions on some elements of the game, and things you may be wanting to know.

    Story: The story lacked a lot. Being a small game, that could be overlooked. The game has a definitive start and end, but not real clear narrative. The story was minimalistic, and could use a better sense of progression. I hardly knew the point of aimlessly wandering around, and text hardly puts things into perspective. That being said, I do have a soft spot for emotional games, and I rate the story 5/10. solid D-

    Graphics: The game is stunning, Many artistic games can't pull off the levels of thought the developers put into this. The minimal amount of viewable materials was a very bold move, and it worked. Without getting into much detail, the technique of defining features being showcased by other senses like sound was an interesting mechanic. I rate the look of the game a 7/10. C+

    Achievements: This game having very strange paths, and routes causes some achievements to be very difficult to find. With a guide, the game can be perfected within an hour and 30 minutes. Finding all achievements on your own could be challenging, but that would be the hardest part about the achievements. Most achievements will be earned by beating the game, but there are a few that can irritate even the calmest of individuals. They are incredibly easy to complete, but be warned, there are points of no return, and you would need to use the chapter select feature if you forget any. Achievements 9/10. A

    All in all the game's beauty is shadowed by it's missing narrative. The game can be clunky at times, and can be annoying, but it's definitely a must have for any achievement hunters out there looking for an easy perfection (1,000g).

    3 out of 5 stars.
  • Nak3d ZaneNak3d Zane64,574
    08 Aug 2015 08 Aug 2015
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    Beyond Eyes Review
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    I'll start off by saying this isn't the type of game I would play, but I was interested in the idea and concept the game had. Which is the idea that you play a character which is blind named Rae you learn her story fairly quickly very brief as well. You met the other main character Nani which you then set off on your walking-simulation tell-tale, if you want to call it something.

    The art style I cannot deny I liked, washed water graphics that just really bloom with the white that you learn really quickly is everything around you, knowing that you are blind you walk into many amounts of things which prove to be not what they seem sometimes. The colours in the game just complement the art style, I could say they are more of a pastey colour pallet.

    The game itself can really not take more then about 2-3hours, it is relatively short which I found was quite dissapointing, I would have liked a bit more put into this game. Example could have been some of the dialogue could have actually been more then just Rae yelling really.

    It just put a different perspective well for me on life, like is that what it would be like been blind? which I think they really did well and I give them props on the idea for this game because it would have been a real different perspective to go on.

    All in all this game is a quick nice walking-simulation tell-tale that is maybe not worth the $15 because of the shortness but in saying that it did put a bit of a different twist on gameplay, but it will be up to you if you feel the same about the game. I give it a strong 2.5.

    Achievement People Note;
    If you are after the achievements you can easily all of them in a playthrough which can take anywhere from 1-2hours if you follow a guide.
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    Picked this up for £3.30 and that's about the right amount for this.

    This is not an 'adventure' this is a walking simulator, at no point can you speed up and get on with it, you are locked in to walking because the main character is blind.

    Now that might get past other reviewers who are 'PC' and end up giving the game a good rating/bonus points because it references a disability. Not here.

    This game has you trudging through white mist, endless white mist, and what it reveals is quite pretty (good graphics) but what it leaves behind in the mud are decent gameplay and any sense of fun.

    This is a slog of a walking sim, next to no story - just exploring the map and solving a few simple puzzles.

    So here we go.

    Sound - barely existent

    Graphics - good

    Gameplay - apart from wandering round in white mist and solving a few simple puzzles - none!

    Achievements - you need a guide for these, they're obscure and really rather daft but it's a daft game. There's one achievement that has you trace a flower down stream - how do you do that when the character is blind! Doesn't make any sense!

    As a game: 1/10. As an easyish achievement thing 8/10. If you're after an actual game or a walking sim to make you feel something then give this a miss. Completely misses the mark. 1/10.

    Edit: Also, achievement hunters, just use a guide for this, don't do as I did and play for story: there is virtually none.
  • BennyBlessingsBennyBlessings162,806
    27 Jan 2016
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    Beyond Eyes is a game that caused me quite a bit of cognitive dissonance. From what I gather, a girl blows out her sight with fireworks. She is abandoned to live by herself . Her only friend is a neighbor's cat. The plot of the game is that she misses the cat and goes to search for it.

    In a lot of ways, this is a horror movie. I can't believe that this girl would just roam the world looking for this cat. I find it difficult to believe that no one notices that this blind girl is wandering around and does something about it.

    The game obscures the landscape with white. It gets filled in when Rae (the main character) walks near something. I think it is very effective at getting across how the world is for the blind. I was always bumping into a shrub or wall or something. Sound, smell and a sense of direction are your only tools as you navigate around. It is very slow and deliberate. If you are the kind of gamer that despises walking simulators, this is not for you. It is also not a "fun" game like Sunset Overdrive. The developers created Beyond Eyes to create a harrowing experience for the player.

    In terms of achievements, this is fairly easy 1000. It's not without it's difficulties. Achievements are not bugged. If you snap achievements you can see progress. Just follow a walkthrough to get this done in a few hours.

    I can only recommend this game as an easy 1000g, unless you want to know the horror of having to search the world blind for a cat. If that type of simulation is your thing, you are going to love it.