2. Beyond Eyes General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Beyond Eyes is primarily exploration and navigation through a world that you cannot see. There aren’t any enemies, puzzles or any of the conventions you’d expect from an adventure game. There are several fears that will prevent Rae from moving in a certain direction, but for the most part the only difficulty in the game comes from knowing where you are.

The primary limitation to this walkthrough is that you won’t have a lot of landmarks or sense of direction. This is especially evident in Chapter 5, where the rain quickly erases your perception of the world. Because of this, a lot of the walkthrough will be following the perimeter of areas. Other reliable landmarks are paths on the ground and rivers, which you can always see because they make noise. If there is a wall or a tree 5 feet in front of you, it won’t be visible until you are close enough to touch it.

If you ever get lost, which will happen, the best way to get your bearings is to completely explore the perimeter of the area that you are in. There are rarely objects in the middle of areas that you need to discover, but it can be fun to explore everything. Once you have the perimeter you should be able to find the area that you need to go to next.

There are three types of collectibles in Beyond Eyes.

  • The first one is Nani experiences. These are basically short cutscenes where you imagine that you are playing with Nani. About half of these are unmissable and most of them you will come across naturally. There is one where you interact with a see-saw (or teeter-totter, depending on what region you’re from). This one is very missable, but close to another achievement. If you’re following this guide you should find it right away. Each time you get one of these, the completion percentage in the achievement app will go up 6-7%. These will be shown in bold and numbered in the walkthrough.
  • The second collectible is the true identities of objects. This is when Rae’s past experiences of sounds makes her think an object is one thing, but when she gets closer she realizes it’s something else. There are a few that might look like this at first but they don’t count. The only way to be sure you have them is to check your progress in the achievement app. Sometimes you’ll unlock one and you won’t even realize it. When you find one your completion percentage will go up 5-6%. These will be bulleted and numbered in the walkthrough.
  • The third collectible is butterflies. These are only found in chapter 6 and there’s only five of them. We’ll get to them when the time comes.

If at any time the achievement app shows 0% completion after picking a collectible up. You can reset it by closing and restarting the achievement app. Also note that all the achievements, except for “Closure” are secret achievements which can make the collectible ones jump up and down the list. This can make it a little harder to keep track of which one just moved. Just pay attention to which one has the most recent increase and if you're really concerned you can keep track of the actual percentage.

There are also some visual representations in the game that aren't very clear at first and aren't described. Most of them are self-explanatory, but they are listed here to avoid confusion.

  • Pulsing blue orbs means there is a sound coming from that object/area. This will also allow you to see what is in that area.
  • Black smoke and black rings means that the object is scary (It causes fear and Rae can’t get too close to it).
  • Yellow waves indicate smells like flowers and fresh bread.
  • Green wavy lines means you can interact with the object. Pay special attention to the green wavy lines, as most of them are needed for various achievements and story progression.
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