1. Beyond Good & Evil HD Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hi and welcome to the Beyond Good & Evil HD walkthrough. In this game there are many missable achievements because of a point of no return that, near the end of the game, permanently sets you away from the main world where the story takes place ("Hillys"). In order to achieve 200 G in this game you will need to go after four different collectibles, namely:

- PA 1: you need 8 of them out of the 13 available in the game
- Animal photos (film reels): you need 48 photos of animals out of the 56 available. Every 8 photos you complete a film reel, so you need to complete 6 film reels out of 7 available in the game
- MDisks: you need 11 of them out of the 14 available in the game
- Pearls: you need 80 of them out of the 88 available in the game

Keep in mind that although most of the collectibles are missable only because there is a point of no return (you can't go back to Hillys at the end of the game), some of them are also missable because you get only a chance to get them. For example, some animal pictures (such as those of monsters that appear in boss fights) are one-time-only and can be missed since you don't get a second chance to acquire them.

In addition to these four collectible-related achievements there are also achievements for winning two minigames in the "Akuda Bar", a story-related location that you will visit during the story, a total of three times each (victories in "Training" mode don't count). These achievements (Gamble King 1 and Gamble King 2) are also missable since you can't return to the Akuda Bar (in Hillys) at the end of the game.

Three more missable achievements are related to killing 10 "Alpha Guards" (a particular type of enemy which looks like the guy in the achievement picture for Kicking ***), winning the four "Races" available in the game, suceeding in the Looters' Cavern chases. You will hardly miss the former, since the Alpha Guards are found widely in two of the story-related dungeons (in Hillys) and you will probably kill at least 20-30 of them without thinking about it. Races 1 and 2 are accessed from a passage West in the "Main Canal" area, while Races 3 and 4 are accessed from the "Slaughterhouse" area; you will visit both of these locations of Hillys during the normal story progression. The Looters' Caverns (1, 2, 3, 4) are optional locations hidden here and there on Hillys, and consist of a simple chasing minigame; the first one is available since the first time you exit in the open world with the hovercraft; the second one becomes available after getting the "Neutralizing Cannon" upgrade (which is story-related); the third and fourth one are available after getting the "Jump Kit" upgrade (also story-related).

There are no online achievements in the game, and the remaining three achievements are story-related.

In the Story Walkthrough page you will find a complete and spoiler-free guide to the game's completion, which is advisable to follow to avoid missing the collectibles in the game.

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