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Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure (Win 8) Achievement Reminder

As the holiday season draws nearer, we decorate our trees, plan the perfect gifts for our loved ones, and, of course, shoot 12 Whitetail Bucks between the 17th and 31st of December in Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure.

Posted 8 years ago by Kelly Packard

PSA: Big Buck Hunter Pro Achievement Reminder

For anyone who has been patiently waiting all year for an opportunity to unlock the Flying Solo achievement the "legitimate" way in Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure (Win 8), the time is almost here. Sta

Posted 9 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Multiple Windows Phone Games Updated

Update: To clear up some confusion, xPut Name Herex has offered an explanation of exactly what this update means, and why people are experiencing different levels of accessibility with the games list

Posted 10 years ago by Michelle Balsan

PSA: Big Buck Hunter Pro Achievement Reminder

From tomorrow, December 17th, until December 31st, you will be able to legitimately earn the following time-sensitive achievement for Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure (Win 8). Flying Solo in Big Buck Hu

Posted 11 years ago by Chewie

Big Buck Hunter Pro Pulled from WP Marketplace

There are some of us out there who love to buckle down on a high perch, sipping some hot cocoa, and listening to the call of the wild as we wait for the opportunity to pounce on a grazing deer. If yo

Posted 12 years ago by SgtDigglesworth

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