Big Bumpin

Xbox 360

Big Bumpin Achievements

Most Earned

Win the Bump Master Classic
Win the Bump Master Classic13 (10)Win the Bump Master Classic
Charge!!19 (15)Return a full load of charge in Power Surge without taking a hit
First Victory
First Victory14 (10)Win an Online Multiplayer Game
Slippery Like Eel
Slippery Like Eel15 (10)Go 30 seconds without taking any damage in a game of Last Man Standing

Least Earned

Knockout King
Knockout King54 (20)Rack up 100 Knockouts in Last Man Standing games
Striker50 (20)Score 100 goals in Bumpin' Hockey games
Mine!49 (20)Own The Puck for 10 minutes total in games online
Hat Trick
Hat Trick38 (20)Score 3 goals yourself in an online game of Bumpin' Hockey
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