1. Big Crown: Showdown Walkthrough overview

Hello and welcome to the walkthrough for Big Crown: Showdown, a medieval-themed party game that can cater for up to four players (locally or online). Players will navigate short auto-scrolling stages, while avoiding hazards and the attacks of fellow players, to reach the end with the most lives left. The number of lives left for each player will then be tallied up (alongside any additional points gained for knocking players off the stage) at the end of each stage, with a 'game' taking place over multiple stages until one player reaches the required number of points, thus winning the 'game'.

The game doesn't really diverge from this template at all (apart from the ability to create a custom game with different settings) and is one of those games where you've seen everything on offer after a few minutes. The game was evidently designed for families, but I'm not sure how they would be reached with a budget indie title. However, the game was included in Games with Gold in July 2019 which has brought some interest to the game.

One interested group will certainly be achievement hunters, as Big Crown: Showdown has a simple list which unfortunately involves several hours of grinding. 16 of the game's 19 achievements are as simple as they come and can be easily obtained within an hour, while the remaining achievements involve grinding for several hours (for knocking items over, picking up coins and distance traveled). There are three online achievements in the game which involve joining a custom match, completing an online match and completing an online match with four players. These will pose more problems as the Games with Gold interest dies down, so if you are reading this further down the line I would recommend to set up a boosting session on the site, they will only take 10 minutes for everyone to get.

Before we continue, ensure that you have four controllers as they will be required to gain one achievement. If you are struggling for controllers then Rock Band instruments reportedly work, otherwise you could use Windows 10 game streaming and hook up your Xbox 360 controllers. It is also worth mentioning that you can't even start a local match without at least two controllers. So if you are short of controllers then I wouldn't recommend starting this game.

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