3. Binary Domain Story walkthroughUpdate notes

First off we will start with a new game on Survivor. This difficulty might seem high at first glance, but apart of some tighter spots, it's rather easy and straight forward. Also this will unlock the No Mercy difficulty, which needs to be finished for another achievement. In addition you will need to reach max trust with all of your teammates. There are methods to increase the trust which I will explain in detail as soon as you can do them. However, I recommend starting with Faye and Bo on your team since those 2 have achievements tied to them. Also make sure to always use Cain on your team as soon as you get him since he has no method to boost his trust apart from playing with him. Every special kill and collectible carries over to new playthroughs, nothing else, so you will need to maximize the trusts in one playthrough!

The only thing you should keep in mind now is that you should kill enemies in certain ways. This is gladly cumulative, but why not get them out of the way while we can (smash kills, head shots, confusion kills, etc.). You should anyways aim for heads and weak points whenever you can.

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Now with that preparation, let's start on Survivor

1. Playthrough on Survivor

After the initial cinematic we will start off with a small Tutorial in chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Hit and Run

You will learn that you can use your headset (yeah, seriously) to give certain orders shown on a list in the voice menus. However, it´s up to you if you want to use this feature. I find it quite cool so I used it :) Keep following Bo and make sure to answer his questions either by mic or manually. This will raise his trust towards you and make it therefore easier to get the achievement for that. As soon as you exit the broken train car, the first Sec Com is on the car right in front of you (1/40). Follow Bo and after the cut scene you will have some serious firefight ahead of you. Make sure to deal head shots to make your enemies kill each other. Get to the Bosomic Charge Station at the end of the road and use the shot on the barrier blocking your path. Follow it until you meet a giant white robot. Don't engage him, head to the right to find the next Sec Com in a small alley (2/40). Dash down the path and jump down into the water. Now follow his advices and follow the track through the water and make sure to not get spotted. As soon as you reach the tanker, you will get your first achievement

Keep following Bo and his orders. After getting up with your cable gun, there will be a nanomachine on the box in the red light area. You will need to collect a lot of these things and there is also an achievement to get them in 1 single playthrough! However, gladly you can buy the majority of them out of vending machines and only need to find a total of 6, where this one is the (1/6). Follow Bo and you will have a fight on a bridge with some boxes for cover (he will explain further squad commands here). Head straight forward and up some stairs to the right to find the next Sec Com between the boxes (3/40). Enter the elevator and head forward to find your first terminal (1/38). Access it and buy all the nanomachines if possible. This will net you the following achievement

Use the remaining credits to either upgrade damage, accuracy or rate of fire (or all of them) to unlock the following

Now reload the last checkpoint and buy 1 upgrade. Back out and rinse and repeat until you got all your credits spent. This will net you the following achievement automatically

You will see that each time you buy something a small mini-game starts, awarding you with free items each time you hit blue or green. As soon as you hit the jackpot, the following will unlock. It didn't unlock for me on the first I met, but since there are 38 more vending machines in the game, your chances are quite high that you will get it.

Make sure to talk to him as often as you can to raise his trust (also answer positive on his questions, to raise the trust) and DON'T shoot him, since this will lower it. When you hit the dead end, use the crane controls to the left and move it all the way to the right to enter the next area. This will be a larger room where you will face the first time red robots. Kill them all and instead of going further through the door, take a right and get up a metal walkway to find the next Sec Com (4/40). Get through the door at the end for the next vending machine (2/38). Now kill the enemies in the next room (careful of the large guy) and open the door to the next area. Take cover and kill all the enemies trying to rush you. After the cut-scene, climb up the ladder to the left of the white robot and operate the crane to hit him from above. Get to Bo and activate the 2 levers to advance and climb all the way up to activate the girders control. Watch the cut-scenes and you will find yourself sliding down. Finish that part for the following achievement to unlock.

Follow the path ahead of you and fight a few robots. When you hear Bo talking about a troop carrier bringing in some enemies (you will run up a ramp), shoot it's 4 engines (they need to blow up to count as destroyed, not just burn) until the transporter gets destroyed. Order Bo to charge so he get the enemies of your back while doing this. This might be easier on easy, but a few tries here should do the trick. This will unlock the following

Here is a video, credit goes to Powerpyx

You will come to a barricade after that part, across the street and to the right of the ramp that leads up, you find the next nanomachine (2/6). Get across the barrier and you find the next vending machine in the large area (3/38). Behind that hut here, you also find the next Sec Com (5/40). Follow the street further on and you will find the next vending machine in plain sight to your right (4/38). Buy here some MP grenades since it will make the fight with the shield guys a lot easier. After killing them you will have another cut-scene. Stick up to the higher ground to pick the enemies out from up here and as soon as you drop down, head to the left to find the next Sec Com (6/40). After the next cut-scene you will unlock the following achievement and end chapter 1

Chapter 2 - Yearn for Refuge

Here you have the choice to choose teammates. There is a total of 6 teammates you can have in this game and an achievement needs you to manually choose each one into your team. For the beginning, I recommend you choose Bo and Faye since both have related achievements. I will point out points where you should swap for others. This will give you (1,2/6) characters picked for your team.

Follow through the ruined building (I recommend NOT agreeing with Bo here) and head to the left to find the next nano mech on a box (3/6). Also to your right you will find a vending machine (5/38). Follow the street down to the left of it and you will see some stairs to your left leading up to a dead end and the next Sec Com (7/40). Keep moving down the street and you will come to a section where you fight off the big lancer. To your right on the upper floor is the next vending machine (6/38) and on the ground floor you will find the rocket launcher. Shoot him so he loses his armor and head all the way up on the roof. After some hits and talking (need to shoot down the cable as Faye tells you), HQ will tell you to aim for his head. Bo will tell you to jump on his head from the roof. Do so to unlock the following achievement

Now use LT and RT to shoot him and LS to keep the balance. After around 3-4 clips, he will drop dead. Now follow the path and after the cut-scene, you will be back in action. For this mission I chose Charlie and Rachael to get the next members for the achievement (3,4/6). Here you will find another vending machine near the service robot (7/38). Now there will come a huge troop carrier and I recommend, even though you already got the achievement, to shoot this one down too. This will net you a nice 3300 bonus credits! Kill all the incoming enemies here and after they are all down, destroy the fuel tank in front of the door. Get through the door and head to the left inside the destroyed building. In the leftmost corner you will find the next Sec Com (8/40). Head now to the right, watch the cut scene and escape the attack from the huge spider. Inside the building, head upstairs to find the next vending machine (8/38). Keep following the way across the roofs until you come to a shutter you need to open. After the small cut-scene you will need to fight the huge spider. It´s payback time!

Head immediately to the right and pick up the rocket launcher. Shoot the legs with the rocket launcher once to destroy the armor and shoot the blue coolant tanks exposed that way. There are many rockets throughout the area, just run around and keep looking for them. To the right of the rocket launcher in the distance is a tower you can walk up. Do this all the way up to find the next vending machine (9/38) and Sec Com (9/40). You can of course use the bosomic charge to stun the huge spider, keep that in mind. As soon as the spider is down, you will unlock the following achievement

We are now in a nightlife-like district. First off, we will head to the left and will encounter a guy which is talking to you (press Y when you are close, he is standing to the left). Accept his offer and you can buy the next available nanomachine (4/6). Get back to the main road and to the left of the large door is the next vending machine (10/38). After the cut-scene, head to the door again and another cut-scene plays.

Now here you are free to choose whichever character you want, but I strongly recommend to use the ones you don't plan to play a lot with. However, for this part I chose Rachel and Bo since whichever players you DON'T pick, there will be a chance to raise their trust quite easily later on. Now follow Yuki and you will stumble across the next vending machine (11/38). Head through the door and defeat the incoming enemies. Climb into the circular bar to find the next Sec Com (10/40). Keep following the way through the service tunnels and subway tunnels until you reach the jet-skis. In the area which you defend before the jet-skis, there are an infinite number of enemies that will spawn and it's a good spot to get some head shots, melee kills, etc in. DON'T get on the other side yet, instead look for the vending machine to your right (12/38) and a caged in area. To the right of the entrance of this area is the next nanomachine (5/6). I unlocked the following achievements with ease before I even boarded the jet-skis. If you didn't, don't worry, you will get these almost naturally throughout your 2nd or mop up campaign playthrough

The next part is rather straight forward. Simply evade every kind of enemy attack and finish the jet-ski sequence to unlock the following

Jump down the ledge and you will have to fight a huge raptor gunship attacking you. Head to the left downstairs and you will find a stinger rocket. You need to hit each engine at least once with a rocket to destroy the armor protecting it. Although the stinger has a target lock on, the flying robots will shield the raptor with their bodies. Also incoming homing missiles will make your life no way easier. However, there are again robots flying around the area carrying new ammo and also there is plenty of ammo scattered in the area. Shoot the 4 engines once and finish them with either the rockets or MG's. As soon as he's down, activate the vending machine in the building you found the stinger in (13/38) and head to the northeast of the area to find a tower you can climb up. On the very top you will find a sniper and the next Sec Com (11/40). Continue to the marked area and enter the complex.

For this part I chose Charlie and Bo since I wanted Faye and Rachael to be maxed out on trust. Choose whichever character you want to be maxed out in trust, but I strongly recommend choosing Faye in any case since she has an achievement which needs you to have high trust with her. As soon as you get into the sewers, head to the left for the next vending machine (14/38). Kill the incoming robots and you will see to your left along the way a pipe with the number "05" written on it. Right next to is your next Sec Com (12/40). Keep going and upon entering a circular sewage room you get attacked by several ape robots. Kill them in melee or any way you want (they are 1-hit kills). I unlocked my melee kills master here, if not you will come pretty soon to a spot where there is an endless stream of these.

Head up to the right where the robots shot you from and to the left you will find the next vending machine (15/38). Follow the path and after the cut-scene, get back and up the ladder to the left. Get through the hallway and enter an office like room. To your right you will find the next Sec Com (13/40). Head through the door, get up and blow the barrier with a charged shot. Head into the next room upstairs and to your right you will find the last nanomachine you can find (6/6). For the rest of the nanomachines, you will need to buy them from vending machines. Now keep moving up, activate the console to stop the water and head back to the elevator. Here you will get attacked by various apes and here is where you can grind out trust. Kill them as much as you can with multi kills (melee did the trick for me) and you can watch how your trust with them raises. You can reload this part at any occasion later, but I strongly recommend maxing out the trust of the 2 members you have here with you. These were Faye and Rachael and therefore I unlocked the following 2 achievements

Inside the elevator one of your teammates will get grabbed and you need to defend it. As soon as you are done, you will reach the upper city and end the chapter.

Chapter 3 - Bad Ground

As soon as you can move, head forward and slightly to the right behind the small bar to find the next Sec Com (14/40). Further ahead to the left you find the next vending machine (16/38). Talk to each of your squad mates to get some extra trust and then talk to Charlie last and tell him to leave. Now the next part will be the car chase and basically you just will need to survive it to get the following achievement.

I recommend taking Cain into your group because that leaves just one member to choose manually in (5/6). In this area you find a vending machine behind you to the right of the cars (17/38) and the next Sec Com behind the troop transports in front of you (15/40). Kill enough enemies until you get the order to retreat, push the button and follow the path ahead. Upon getting up some stairs, to your left you find the next sec com (16/40) and to your right on the left side is the next vending machine (18/38). Keep following the path until you reach the elevator.

Keep moving forward until you reach the shipping area (a teammate will mention it). Head up the stairs to the left and instead of going up the next set, move past it to find the next Sec Com (17/40). Head to the elevator, kill the incoming enemies and drive up. Right in front of you is the next vending machine (19/38). Head inside the next room and keep always to the left. You will come to a sign with some Japanese letters underneath it and to the right behind a shelf is the next Sec Com (18/40). Here you find a new sort of enemy and these die easily in one shot. These are perfect for grinding out the 50 one-hit kills, just to mention it. Continue on your path and use the elevators further up. Here you will stumble upon the next vending machine (20/38) and if you were thorough with your upgrades on the weapons, you should now unlock the following for maximizing your weapons level. If not, don't worry, you certainly will get it by the end of the game

After the initial cut-scene, you are trapped in the greenhouse. There is a total of 4 sterilisation units in this room, 2 above each entrance and 1 to each side in the middle. Shoot the blue consoles attached to them (you know if it's the right one if you can see it venting gas) and near the exit to the left is the next Sec Com (19/40). Head inside the elevator and after the cut-scene, kill the enemies attacking you. Head to the front left and you find the next Sec Com (20/40) and will unlock an achievement

Now as soon as Faye tells you to leave, do as she says and after the cut-scene you will finish the chapter and unlock the following

Chapter 4 - Refuse and Resist

Inside the train, head through the first wagons and you find the next Sec Com to your right in the 2nd car (21/40). Now keep going, head on the roof of the train and upon dropping down again, head for the space between the 2nd and 3rd car. To your left will be the next Sec Com (22/40). Now keep moving through the train cars and kill what is in your way. After the cut-scene, destroy every enemy at the station and kill the next set downstairs. Instead of following your teammates further down, go straight ahead and you find the next Sec Com at the very end to the left (23/40). Upon getting downstairs, to your left you will find the next vending machine (21/38). Get now through the 2 train cars and in one of the small secluded areas is the next Sec Com (24/40). Keep going and you will have to fight off the huge gorilla robot. To your right after the cut-scene is a vending machine (22/38). Aim for its head and keep shooting there while evading his attacks. This is a tough enemy, so be on your guard and upon killing him, you can continue. After the cut-scene, follow Shindo and you will see a vending machine to your left after getting down some stairs (23/38). Head further downstairs and all the way to the right to find the next Sec Com (25/40). Get to Shindo and leave the area.

Keep moving until you reach a huge car assembly facility. To the right of the door leaving out of this room, there is the next Sec Com (26/40). Continue to the parking lot and you will find to the right of the hall the next vending machine (24/38). Continue to the gate and choose Shindo after the cut-scene (6/6). This should unlock the following achievement

Now kill the enemies and the gorilla bot will appear again. Drop down the shaft and to your left is the next vending machine (25/38). Head to the left of the gorilla up the ladder and wait for him to come to blow up the tanks. Head towards the next ones but before that, head to the right of the stapler to find the next Sec Com (27/40). Right next to the next ladder is the next vending machine (26/38). Move the charge to the box and keep going until you reach the huge hall. Here you find another vending machine (27/38). Now this is certainly the most annoying battle in the whole game! You will need to shoot him several times with the mounted gun and you will need to reload it around 7-10 times at least. However, he will also call in some reinforcements (way too easy right) and although your partner tells you that he will reload the weapon, he simply won't. So basically you will need to carry the ammo boxes to the gun and reload yourself which makes you a perfect target for the gorilla. As soon as he's down, rejoice since he was one of the hardest bosses in the whole game! Now head to the elevator and watch the cut-scene. If you have high enough trust with Faye and Cain (which you certainly will have by now) there will be a kissing sequence which won't play if the trust is too low. Faye should be maxed since you did the sewer part and Cain should be above bar 3 since you had to use him most of the time until now. This will unlock the following

As soon as you are back in control, head to the left where the 2 guys are talking to get the next Sec Com (28/40). Keep going through that corridor and you find a secluded room to your right with the vending machine in it (28/38) and get back to meet up with Shindo. After the cut-scene you need to defeat the huge stapler robot. Simply shoot him with your charged shot and shoot his arms off. This is a perfect spot to grind trust with Cain sine here will spawn an infinite number of green robots. Makes heavy use of this and I strongly recommend maximizing his trust in you right here since there aren't that many opportunities to do this

After that, escape ASAP but don't forget to activate the vending machine where the car is waiting for you (29/38). Upon driving in the back of the truck, behind you is another vending machine (30/38). Kill all the pursuing enemies and upon completing this part, you will face the Tsar Runner. This guy is the hardest enemy in the game since he takes like forever to go down. Shoot his head and arms as much as you can and shoot out the rockets flying towards you. They are slow, so no worries. Also ignore the green guys as much as you can. If you run low on ammo, don't worry since you will get constant supply. As soon as he's down, you will unlock the following.

To the left of the large square you will find the next vending machine (31/38). In the same area you can find the next Sec Com further to the left of the vending machine (29/40). Kill all the enemies and head to the marked area to let Cain hack the Howitzer. Use it to kill all the incoming enemies AND the Lancer. As soon as all threats are dealt with you will unlock the following and after the cut-scene, another achievement for finishing the chapter

Chapter 5 - Intelligent Artifice

After the cut-scene you will face in my opinion the most annoying enemies. These are tough; they can dodge quite easily and move pretty fast. Kill them off fast and right behind your starting position is the next Sec Com (30/40). Head into the next room and after the cut-scene you will face off the Medusa. Get upstairs to find the next vending machine (32/38). Shoot the core in the middle and after that, shoot the glowing parts of the tentacles. You will get after the third a prompt to climb the tentacle. Do so and evade the shooting and electricity. You will now be on the 2nd floor and here you will find the next sec com near a tree (31/40). Here you will need to shoot the casings protecting the core and then the core itself. Activate the elevator to bring your time up to your location. You will get attacked by robots while doing that and also the tentacles will attack you. This is, however, not hard at all. If the core isn't close to you, shoot the chandelier in the opposite direction and it will spin its core towards you. If you have it in the middle of your shooting you have the best chances to unload a whole clip. As soon as he's down you move to a restroom where Shindo takes a break. Defend the position, head upstairs and as soon as you are in a similar corridor. Look behind the counter in front of you for the next Sec Com (32/40). In the same corridor is the next vending machine (33/38).

After the cut-scene (I chose Shindo and Cain), head through corridors following the orders of the member you left behind. There are some mobile turrets patrolling this area and they are really tough, so only attack if you are confident in destroying them. After the corridors, you will come to a hangar like area with a vending machine to your right (34/38). Head for the research lab, enter it and head inside the room where the robots shoot from. To the left of the exit to that room is the next Sec Com (33/40). Keep going, use the elevator upwards and you have the next vending machine in plain view (35/38). Get downstairs and to the right of the huge blue screens you can find behind the circular structure the next Sec Com (34/40). Use now this and the following terminal and you get a cut-scene.

Shoot the head of the boss first until it explodes and dodge his laser. Now refrain from shooting and wait for the prompt to shoot the alarms. Do that to distract him and shoot his 3 energy spots to defeat him. Another cut-scene plays and you will wake up in a dump site. Kill the hollow children and head through the corridors until you reach an intersection. Head to the right to find the next Sec Com (35/40) and continue until you find a closed gate. Here you need to defend the 2 guys behind you from the incoming hollow children. Shoot their legs to slow down their advance. This is a good spot to grind out trust for Shindo! After this one, there will be another door and also you can grind some trust there. I got my max trust achievement with Shindo here

Climb up the crates and drop down the chute. Keep looking at your right while you go on forward and you will find the next Sec Com (36/40). Climb up at the end to the right and follow that path. Now head to the elevator and watch your teammate die in the cut-scene (NOOO!). After that a timer will start. Run straight ahead, activate the vending machine on the way (36/38) and buy the last nanomachines. If you did as I told you until now to buy everything at every possibility, you will unlock the following achievement

Keep going and you will soon find some shield robots. Head through the door to the left to find the next Sec Com (37/40). Use the elevator, kick in the door and watch another cut-scene. You need to fight the Cerberus here and he is a tough one! Shoot down his armor plating and always move since he is extremely fast and powerful. Make sure to shoot the weak spot at his spine first since after he loses his lower half he will be easier to kill. In between he will call for some backup, so make sure to take them out as quickly as you can. After that, shoot his head often enough and you will get another cut-scene. Instead of heading for the satellite, shoot the Cerberus gnawing at Bo and as soon as he is released, you will unlock the following

Now climb the ladder and shoot the satellite dish. Escape the destruction; shoot the debris blocking your path and climb up. Now head down to the right and you find the next Sec Com (38/40). Keep moving and you come to a part with a collapsing bridge. This part is rather demanding so make sure you know which part breaks when. After that you get a cut-scene and end the chapter with the following achievement

Chapter 6 - Denying Destiny

Fight your way through the robots until you reach the huge door to your left. To your right you can find the next vending machine (37/38) and if you keep going downstairs, to the left of the stairs is the next Sec Com (39/40). Another cut-scene and you will need to fight some more. Here is where I got my max trust achievement with Bo since I kept him every time possible with me. You should also have unlocked it by now, if not, you got plenty of time during your next playthrough

Cut-scene and more killing and after that you go through a door. The last Sec Com (40/40) and vending machine (38/38) are right next to each other and upon picking them up, the following 2 achievements will unlock

Another cut-scene and since you got high enough trust with Bo, he won't turn on you and you will unlock the following

Defeat the robots attacking you, but keep the rocket launcher where it is. Charged shots will make the enemies stumble and you can shoot them easier. As soon as they are down, another cut-scene plays and you finally face the last boss. He can be tough and although not a hard boss, definitely a resilient one. He will start with the MG on his armor, so my best advice is to shoot him with everything you got. Make sure to evade his grenades! After some decent punishment he will pull out his shotgun and this is the hardest weapon he has. Run to the rocket launcher, hit him once and unload on him. Use the rocket 2 more times and rinse repeat. If he isn't changing weapons now, circle around a column and make sure his shotgun is always blocked but you have a clear shot at him. His next weapon will be the rocket launcher and here you need to move constantly and unload on him. His last and strongest form is the laser beam/melee drill combo. Make sure to evade his melee attacks since these are instant downs and dodge the energy beam in the last moment (or hide behind something). Use the remaining rockets in the launcher to stun him and unload on him and he should be down in no time. Enjoy the incoming cut-scenes and you will earn the following 2 achievements

For all of you that prefer a video guide, here is one for the Security Com's, Nanomachines and Shopping Terminals. Credit goes to powerpyx.

Here is a video playthrough for all those that prefer a video over a written guide, credit goes to derSorbus

2. Playthrough on No Mercy

This one is only slightly harder than the previous one. However, you only got a few achievements left here which should be max trust with Charlie, the No Mercy playthrough and a few cumulative achievements. Luckily you can spend all the credits on weapon upgrades. Only buy nanomech when you need them! Keep your money for max damage and accuracy, since these will be needed. Also make sure to always keep the players you want max trust with (keep Charlie of your team when you are in the sewers for a trust boost). Everything you don't get here, you will need to do in another playthrough, so make sure to get as much as you can. However, you will at least get these achievements while doing this playthrough

3. Mop-up playthrough

Here you will get the missing cumulative achievements. I recommend doing this on easy so you don't have to worry too much about enemy fire. Also grab any other achievement you missed so far here. You certainly will unlock the last missing achievements in the single player

Congrats, now on to the MP!

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