16. BioShock (DE) (Xbox 360) Point Prometheus

Point Prometheus

Fontaine will happily greet you in Point Prometheus by destroying the environment around you. Exit the Bathysphere when he's finished showing off his strength, and head through the doors ahead of you. You'll notice a splicer hacking two security bots, and while these bots will attack you at first, they will quickly deactivate, and you are free to hack them yourself. Follow the arrow into the main room, and Tenenbaum will give a speech informing you to become a Big Daddy. You will now be tasked with looting a dead Big Daddy to find the Suit Control System, so loot the glowing Big Daddy corpse in the far left corner of the room. Directly behind this corpse is Weapon Upgrade Station #11/12.

You will now be tasked with heading to the Little Wonders Educational Facility, so turn left from the corpse, and head through either of the doors here. Head down this hallway, and enter the door at the end to enter the facility. Upon entering, I would recommend that you crouch, because there will be two windows and two turrets looking to shoot them out. Once the turrets have done so, destroy them, and head through the windows to enter the facility. Once inside, you should notice a splicer, a Big Daddy, and a Little Sister. As always, kill the Big Daddy, and deal with the Little Sister. Save her with cn_Y.

At this point, you will be tasked with finding three pheromone samples around the facility. The first one can be found in Room #5 around the area where the Big Daddy was found. From where you entered this location, if you head straight ahead, it is the first door on your left. The second sample can be found by heading straight ahead from where you entered the area. You should notice a door across from a vending machine. If you head inside this door, there will be a security camera, so hack it. Head behind the security camera to find an apparition sequence, as well as a desk at the back of the room. The second sample will be on this desk, as well as Tonic #49/53: Safecracker 2. This is yet another tonic that is a more effective version of its predecessor.

Exit this room now, and head to your right to go up the stairs that lead to the Main Hall. Take a left as soon as you reach the top of the stairs to find the third pheromone sample directly ahead of you on a desk. You should also find Audio Diary #114/122: Why Just Girls? on the desk in front of the one containing the sample. Turn around now to find the door that exits to the Main Hall. Upon entering this door, there will be a security camera just above your head, so hack it. Now head through this door into the actual Main Hall. Head to the right towards Optimized Eugenics, and kill the splicer with the hacked security bot. Directly to the right of the entrance to Optimized Eugenics is a door covered in ice. Melt the ice with Incinerate, and search the trash can directly in front of you to find Audio Diary #115/122: Changing Employers.

Now head into either entrance of Optimized Eugenics. I went into the right entrance. After you are allowed to go through the second door, there will be a security camera directly in front of you, so hack it. The first door on your right will be Live Subject Testing, so enter it. Head to the back of the room to enter Candidate Induction. At this point, you should notice a Big Daddy, so have him call the Little Sister, kill him, and deal with her. Save her with cn_Y. When you entered Candidate Induction, chances are that you noticed Tonic #50/53: Alarm Expert 2 on the file cabinet on the far left side of the room. This is a more efficient version of the first tonic and gives you four fewer alarm tiles when hacking.

You also probably noticed the Voicebox Modification Machine on the far right side of the room upon entering it. Use it to change your voice to that of a Big Daddy's. You will be ambushed by splicers upon doing so, so kill them, and exit back into the main hallway of Optimized Eugenics. The next door on your right upon heading down the hallway will lead to Plasmid Prototyping. On the left side of the room will be a turret, so hack it. Behind the turret will be Audio Diary #116/122: Extra Munitions. Exit this room, and head down the hallway to Eugenic Analysis. There are turrets on either side of this room upon entering, so hack both of them. Head behind the left turret to find Weapon Upgrade Station #12/12 and to unlock:

Weapon Specialist

Acquire all upgrades for all weapons.

Weapon Specialist
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

There is also a safe in the back of this room you can hack if you need more ammo. Now exit this room, and continue heading down this hallway to find Test Subject Storage. Immediately upon entering, there is a generator-like object on the right side of this room. On top of it is Audio Diary #117/122: Marketing Gold. Exit this room now, and exit Optimized Eugenics. Head across the balcony to the other side to reach the entrance of Failsafe Armored Security. In front of the entrance is a turret, so hack it. To the left of the turret is a Gatherer's Garden. Buy Tonic #51/53: Human Inferno 2. This is a more effective version of the first. Also feel free to buy the Health and EVE upgrades with your spare ADAM.

Now head into Failsafe Armored Security. Once again, there are two entrances, but this time, I chose the entrance on the left. Head to your left to enter Candidate Induction. You will notice a bunch of Big Daddy helmets in front of you, as well as Tonic #52/53: Hacker's Delight 3 on the left side of the desk directly in front of you upon entering. Equip whichever Big Daddy helmet you want. You will be attacked by a large number of splicers upon equipping the helmet. Now head through the door on the other side of the room to enter the Suit Assembly. There will be a lot of Big Daddy bodysuits hanging from racks, so choose whichever you please. In this area, I also encountered a Big Daddy and Little Sister. Kill the Big Daddy, and deal with the Little Sister. Save her with cn_Y. Since this is the final Little Sister in the game, you will unlock:

Dealt with every Little Sister

Either Harvest or Rescue every Little Sister in the game

Dealt with every Little Sister
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

Since this is also your twenty-first saved Little Sister, you will receive a Teddy Bear gift at your next Gatherer's Garden. From where you entered the area, go into the door in front of you proceed through this room, and exit out the other door. Now take a left, and head all the way down this hallway. You should see a flooded corridor below you to your left. To your right, however, is a frozen gate. Melt the ice with Incinerate, and on the table to your right will be Audio Diary #118/122: Cheap Son Of A Bitch. If you head back down the hallway to where the previous door was, directly in front of you should be the passageway to Candidate Conversion. If you head down into the central room of Candidate Conversion, you will find two turrets on either side to hack. Head past them to find that the Big Daddy boots have been misplaced. However, you will also find Audio Diary #119/122: Missing Boots on a desk on the far right side of the room.

Now, make sure you exit out of the door WITHOUT an arrow in front of it. This would be the door on the right side of the room if you turn around from the previous Audio Diary. Head up the stairs to your right to enter another room. Head around the machinery to the other side of the machinery to find Audio Diary #120/122: Protector Smell on top of the machinery. Head through the door on the other side of the room, and follow the passageway to another door. Right by the Gene Bank here upon entering this room will be Audio Diary #121/122: Mistakes on some more machinery. Head through the next door, down the next passageway, and through the next door. To your right on a file cabinet immediately upon entering this door will be Audio Diary #122/122: Protecting Little Ones. Since this is the final Audio Diary, you will unlock:


Find every audio diary.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

You are now free to leave Failsafe Armored Security in pursuit of the missing boots. The Teddy Bear in front of the Gatherer's Garden will contain 200 ADAM, some ammo, and some first aid kits. Head into the Genetic Modification Library on the left side of the balcony, and then head into the Mendel Memorial Library on the left side of the hallway. There will be a security camera and a turret to your right upon entering, so hack both of them. Enter the main section of the library to find Tonic #53/53: Damage Research 2 on the counter in front of you. This is a more effective version of the first tonic, so I would recommend equipping both at the same time. If you are playing the Japanese or Korean versions, you will unlock:

Tonic Collector

Collect or Invent 53 Tonics in the Physical, Engineering and Combat tracks.

Tonic Collector
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

You will find the Big Daddy boots on the same counter, so equip them to unlock:

Became a Big Daddy

Become a Big Daddy

Became a Big Daddy
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

The arrow will now direct you to the Gatherer's Vent in the central lobby we entered when we began this level. Call a Little Sister from it by hitting the vent with your wrench. The Little Sister will now walk towards a bulkhead, so follow her to the Bulkhead to Proving Grounds.

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