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    Seriously, I'm the first person to write the Bioshock review. Well i know why, you're all playing it. Bioshock is an AMAZING game. the graphics are great, game play simple and solid and VERY unique story line make it a standout.

    10/10, 5 stars, two thumbs up, whatever you consider the highest rating a game can get: this game has earned it.

    you begin surviving a plane crash and swim to the entrance of the of a underwater society called "rapture". there are numerous weapons to use, crazed inhabitants to kill and a numerous means by which to do so. you get to modify your DNA to give you superpowers flaming fingers, lightning, telekinesis just to name a few.Also it has a unique leveling points, no side missions just as you play you earn credits to buy more superpowers and special skills and abilities.

    the game is intended to play like "alone in the dark" or one of the other horror survival games , but i don't see it that way.yes, you may find it hard to play at night but the game is really fun and none of the game has you being hunted by crazy zombie creatures ( well a few) but it has more of a goal of having fun than that of scaring you till you ruin yet another pair of boxers.

    the game is super engrossing and fun: and although i've play it for only a while i can say that it is one of the best games the system has to offer. its a shame that they licensed it to Playstation. it could have been another of the XBOX exclusive giants.

    if you don't have it buy it. amazon has it for like 24 dollars and i think its easy to find in the stores ( i got my copy from my roommate so i don't know). the game is a gem of any game library.

    the achievements don't seem difficult and its a fun enough game that I'm looking forward to my second run-through. the game is a must buy i cant give a higher recommendation than that. Oh and don't get worried at the 1100 the downloadable content is free and i wish all video games did that.
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    BIOMEDMAN74Yeah I agree! I am on the second play through on the hardest difficulty and its still a blast to play. Of course this time I am harvesting all the little sisters to get more plasmids. All I hafta say is this game rocks!!!
    Posted by BIOMEDMAN74 on 30 Apr 09 at 01:13
    ERIKDOTCOMYour review somewhat explained the game... But it was really difficult for me to understand your grammar and punctuation. :/
    Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 23 Nov 09 at 00:47
    Ebony ShabbaI LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted by Ebony Shabba on 09 Jan 14 at 21:04
  • bittapudgebittapudge303,551
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    There is not enough stars in the galaxy to rate this game.

    Bioshock is a first person shooter at its most unique. I mean we all love our Halo's and our Call of Duty's, but there's a million games just like them except not as good. Only in Bioshock can you kill a steroid junky in a diving suit with a drill for a hand using hornet's that come out of your hands so you can pull a slug out of a little girl. If that isn't original i don't know what is.

    Story 95/100

    I'm a sucker for a good story, and i loved this story. The opening sequence with the two big daddy's makes me orgasm everytime. But seriously this game definetly is worth listening to, its lack of cut scenes is a bit disappointing and is why i had to subtract 5 points, but that just means you have to pay attention a bit more, especially with the audio diaries.
    An underwater Utopia turned dystopia thats futuristic yet set in the past is enough to make any science fiction gamer wet him or herself, but you also have superpowers which is just the icing on the cake. The characters though few are very well developed and with very good voice acting for them all, especially Ryan.
    And Hell, what a twist with the whole Fontaine thing eh?
    Propps to anyone who noticed the 'Would you kindly?' repetition before Ryan explains it to you. It really made me think to myself 'huh, now that i think about it he did say that alot didn't he?'

    Gameplay 96/100

    This game is so freakin beautiful, if you took a still frame of any part of the game it could compete with the work of actual Artists. Its Colouring and filtering reminded me of the film '300'. Thankfully that is the only thing '300' and Bioshock have in common.
    Your objectives are indeed plentiful, not only do you have to complete the story quests to get to the next level but also you have to find and extract the little sisters, Defeat the big Daddys, take photos of different enemies, find audio diaries and collect plasmids and tonics which is no chore by any means, its fun to explore the levels.
    There is just something so awesome about the vita chambers, not only do they look cool but they bring you back to life everytime you die. Can you believe that? a game that actually explains why you keep coming back to life. Take That God!
    Of course that also makes it the game's biggest flaw. Its TOO EASY, your death does not affect any of the enemies and basically means you have a one man infinite army.

    Enemys and bosses 88/100

    Enemies arent a big threat really as you have like a billion different options for killing them. Splicers are cool though, not only are there different types but you can see and hear them do such weird and interesting things when they dont know your watching. So they definetly get an A for creativity.
    Bosses on the other hand arent really bosses at all, Steinman and wilkins arent much stronger than splicers, infact there only really is one Genuine boss and thats Atlas at the very end of the game, which can be a challenge as there are no vita chambers in the vicinity.
    The Big Daddies are freakin awesome and make up for the games lack of bosses, they are hard to kill no matter how strong you are and they look amazing. You usually find them roaming about levels protecting little sisters and they are no threat to you unless you attack them, which you need to do to get Adam and to get the two achievements for dealing with all the little sisters

    Weapons 100/100

    You have Superpowers! What more is there to say? Telekinesis, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis are to name a few. And the actual weapons are also fun to use, especially as the can have different modes for the weapons. Also they range from simple items like a wrench to a complicated RPG/greande/mine launcher.

    Multiplayer 0/0

    The game features no Multiplayer, which may be a good thing, sometimes a good single player game is all you need. Although if it did have online play I would imagine it being a cross between call of duty 4 and the Xmen.

    Achievements 85/100

    A Great game has to come with a great set of achievements and Bioshock does so well.
    This game is quite generous dishing out 51 achievements for 1100 gamer score, and with the DlC free its all the sweeter.
    This game gives you the opportunity to really have fun trying to get achievements, but a lot of them to be honest are very similar to one another, there are 7 for upgrading weapons, 13 for using the camera, 7 for hacking and at least 11 that are story related and cannot be missed. Still, it is rewarding in the end.
    A lot of the achievements, like any game can be annoying, especially the dreaded collectible achievements 'ugh!' like 'Research PHD', 'Historian', 'Tonic Collector' and 'Weapon Specialist'. But at least they're not just collectibles for the sake of collecting them, the audio diaries fill in a lot of the story holes, the tonics give you a better range of skills, and the weapon upgrading and enemy researching makes the game go smoother. Although it must be noted that they are all missable as many parts of this game cannot be returned to.

    My only real problem with this games achievements is the 'lucky winner' as it requires luck, prepare to waste 10 minutes of your life trying to get it.
    I also think that you dont get enough points for completing the game on the hardest mode, of course it doesnt really matter because it adds up to the 1100 anyway.
    As for the Feared 'Brass Balls' achievement (which requires DLC) It is undoubtebly the hardest one in the game as it basically takes away the one thing that made the game a cakewalk and you really must use your skill to obtain it, nontheless Bioshick has a quick save feature, so aslong as you remember to save often you should eventually persevere.
  • STZ513STZ51378,983
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    Well it's the end of 2009 and with the release of Bioshock 2 just around the corner, I thought I'd play the original one more time to reminisce and make a review. Back in 2007 with the releases of such anticipated first-person shooters as Halo 3, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and The Orange Box, one unknown rose up to compete with the best of the best. That title as we all know, was Bioshock.

    Graphics + Audio:
    Even now more than 2 years after it's release, Bioshock has some of the best graphics around. Water in this game is still the best you will find anywhere. Whether you're looking at a puddle on the floor, or out across the surface of the Atlantic, the water looks incredibly realistic. Weapons look and sound amazing whether you're using a pistol, a shotgun, or a grenade launcher. The music is both classical and haunting, keeping you on your toes at all times, while still reminding you that you're playing during the 1960s. Characters sound great over the service radio, audiofiles, and in person. The only audio issue is that after a while you may begin to notice that the enemies both sound alike and say similar lines.

    Bioshock is a first-person shooter set in the 1960s. As such you get weapons such as a Tommy Gun, a pump action shot gun, and a revolver-like pistol. However, there are some other weapons such as the crossbow, grenade launcher and chemical thrower. What really stands out about Bioshock's weapons is the fact that each can be upgraded twice. These could range from an increased damage to explosives not dealing damage to you. The real star of Bioshock is it's plasmids. Plasmids work like magic. You can genetically modify your body to shoot flames, lightning, or even a swarm of bees from your hands. A big reason why plasmids are so key to Bioshock's gameplay is their interaction with different enemies as well as the environment. For example, lightning shot into a pool of water will electrocute enemies standing in it and flames shot at oil puddles will ignite them. Battles in this game are intense. Whenever you have to face a large amount of splicers at one time, you will be at the edge of your seat totally focused on the fight. Another major part of this are the big daddies. Big daddies act as mini-bosses, and your encounters with them will be some of the most intense moments you'll ever have in a game. One negative part of Bioshock's gameplay is the hacking mechanic. To hack a machine you have to complete a puzzle mini-game. Hacking is key as it will lower prices in vending machines and turn the security to systems in Rapture in your favor. However, later on in the game it will become increasingly boring to hack EVERY. SINGLE. MACHINE. This breaks up the gameplay and is very frustrating. In fact by the last few stages I was skipping most machines entirely. Another problem with the game is it's respawn system. When you die you respawn at a station called a Vita-Chamber. Enemies healths remain the same so in theory, one could just keep running in and chipping away at an enemie's health until they die. This makes the game rather easy, no matter what difficulty you play on.

    Bioshock has no multiplayer, and to be a game of the year contender without it in this era of gaming is an extraordinary feat. The single player campaign lasts quite a while. Depending on your skill level and whether or not you are looking for every weapon upgrade machine and audiofile it can last between 12 and 16 hours. Storywise, you won't get much better in a videogame. Deep and full of plot twists, Bioshock's story is one of morality, and ethicality. Audiofiles are spread throughout Rapture. Finding all of them will not only earn you an achievement, but also will fill you in on Rapture's backstory. The only negative aspect of the story is that throughout the game you are forced to choose whether to harvest (kill) or rescue young girls called Little Sisters and your decision alters nothing but the final cinematic. For something so stressed during the game to change so little is disappointing. The campaign is also very suspensful. One such moment is when you are wading through a pool of water looking at an enemie's shadow from around the corner. Suddenly, the lights go out. When they come back on, the enemy is gone. A disapponting part of campaign is the final boss battle. The entire game is full of intense, fun moments, but the final boss is just a complete letdown. It's repetitive, boring and easy.

    The achievements are well varied ranging from collecting audiofiles, to researching, to upgrading weapons. 2K used secret achievements well to hide story-based ones. This game has a challenging, but do-able set of achievements. While its easy to get 700+, you will have to work to earn all 1100. The only achievement that you may have trouble with is Brass Balls as it is sometimes glitched. However, the glitch is easily fixed so it isn't that big a deal.

    Graphics + Audio- 10/10
    Gameplay- 9/10
    Story- 10/10
    Achievements- 9/10

    Overall- 9.5/10 --> 5/5

    A must-have game for any 360 owner. Bioshock is a shooter with sprinkles of survival-horror and RPG mixed in. This game has a great amount of replayability for a single player game and is filled with fun, intense moments.
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    "A man chooses. A slave obeys" ~ Andrew Ryan

    What better way to start off a review of a fantastic game with a fantastic quote from the game's mysterious visionary, Andrew Ryan. His vision of a utopia free of the shackles of modern (1950s modern, mind you) society delved him fathoms below the ocean's surface and into the world of Rapture: Underwater paradise for those looking to shed the oppressive forces of communism, Washington bureaucracy, the church, and commonality. He designed a world away from the prying eyes of John Q. Public and gave it a chance to flourish. Too bad he didn't factor in a few misguided crackpots wanting to crack the glass that sheltered his paradise.

    So begins Bioshock. This game is a fantastic first-person shooter that looks at story and character development just as much as it looks at physics and framerate. Stunning to look at, fun to play, easy to get sucked into, Bioshock took the FPS genre and made it entertaining and emotional. With splicers jumping around you with their bunny-eared masks and jazzy 50's style suspenders, the world that Rapture dwells in is extremely well-crafted. Sure, the fantastical entered into the picture with ADAM and gene splicing but that's what the 1950s were all about! We're talking about a generation of people who just finished off Japan by splitting the atom and using it to level Hiroshima and Nagasaki! The 50's totally changed how the world looked upon itself and its enemies. Soviets started to stockpile warheads, Cuba worried the US only two decades later, technology was jumping by leaps and bounds. Bioshock takes an era while taking you away from it, as well. You're both in the 1950s and out of it. It's quite the feat for 2K Games, one that hasn't been rivalled until Fallout 3.

    I won't reveal much about the story for those still uneducated on Bioshock's ways but the above paragraph is a glowing image of what the game has to offer. It's easy to lose yourself in the audio diaries and images, let alone the enthralling characters and the fantastic storyline.

    Story: 10 out of 10

    The look of the game is something else! You're dealing with an underwater world in the grips of collapse, so expect lots of leaking pipes and cracked glass. Sure, there's your demolished areas but it is what's still there that really gets me. We're talking a full-on city with gardens and graveyards, bars and brothels. The neon lights glow bright beneath the sea.

    The enemies are fluid and frightening. If you ever get close to their mangled faces, 2K rendered them extremely well! The Big Daddies are what really take the cake for me and this game. You're dealing with a deep-sea diver's suit with a drillbit for an arm and speed unlike any Splicer. Plus, the retched screams from the LIttle Sisters circling their feets don't exactly help! Rapture is a fantastic place to look at. Too bad the enemies tend to make sightseeing impossible!

    Graphics: 9 out of 10

    Mixing muscle with magical powers is not always an easy mix. We're talking about a very grounded plot with its head in the science fiction world. That's essentially the plot for a lot of famous sci-fi outtings but how many more have tried and failed? Bioshock definitely does not fail! They excel so far ahead of the game that they never need to think twice or give you much backstory regarding Plasmids and their development. Sure, you find out the basics from characters but there's no real explanation. It's all just blended together so seemlessly that you don't notice. The gameplay follows suit: switching between lighting someone on fire and then beating them to death with your wrench is commonplace. You have to plan your attacks for the bigger ones and switch your Plasmids accordingly but it's a pleasure to do so. The game pleases those classic RPG gamers: the gamer who likes to only play as the fighter or the mage (use your guns or your Plasmids,) as well as catering to those who like to mix n' match.

    The difficulty is similar to any game: it's harder in the beginning. You'll struggle when Atlas tells you to nail your first Big Daddy to the wall but once you get your feet under you, you are golden. The Brass Balls achievement is a fun little addition for that extra 100G making you play the game without dying and using a Revitalizing Chamber. Saving is a cinch so abuse it often!

    Gameplay: 10 out of 10

    The sound of the game is amazing. You're under the sea so the ocean noises fill the void left after large battles take place. Voice acting, long touted as a breaking point for many games, is excellent and eerie all at the same time. The shrieks and cries of a Splicer frying beneath your manmade flames, running for the nearest pool of water, is quite the sound. Big Daddies sound like they should, lumbering around the world of Rapture with their clunky boots and inhuman groans. Little Sisters have an echoed effect to their voice, which is appropriate considering what they are. The voice actors are excellently cast, as well.

    The music is an area I want to touch on. For a game that doesn't have a lot of original score to play with (the downloaded score has 13 songs each no more than 2 minutes) it hits on the perfect emotional notes. The strings play a huge role in really getting the emotion across. If you have a chance, download it and listen to Empty Houses and you'll understand.

    Sound: 10 out of 10

    The achievements are spread out over several levels: info gathering, weapon upgrading, difficulty completion, you name it. The replay value is definitely there, unless you are superhuman and nail everything in one go. Aside from that, the lack of multiplayer hinders it's viability after the single player campaign is done, but I'm completely fine with that.

    Replay Value: 8 out of 10

    Overall, if you haven't picked up this game, do it now. The game has changed a lot of minds about FPS. I personally find this game to be brilliant and would recommend it to everyone on TA. Just watch out, though. The sequel is said to be a bit disappointing...

    Overall: 9 out of 10!
  • Murder of BirdsMurder of Birds86,973
    30 Aug 2011
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    This is my first review and I chose to do it on Bioshock because it is one of my favorite 360 games of ALL TIME!

    This game has truly earned the title of "classic game"! 5/5. Everything about this game is captivating and awe-inspiring.

    The game starts off with you (Jack) in an airplane that goes down over the Atlantic Ocean in 1960. You then enter a lighthouse that turns out to be the entrance to an underwater city known as Rapture. The game quickly becomes a test of survival and the means to adapt and overcome uncertain odds. Alot of cool features such as hacking, upgrading, and ammo crafting make the game interesting and can turn the tide of battle. There's also a complete arsenal at your disposal...from a rusty wrench to a revolver and crossbow. Even your own body will become a weapon as you're forced to genetically modify your DNA giving you the power to cast fire at your fingertips or unleash swarms of hornets from your veins!

    The game is centered around a horror-survival genre. There are some jumper moments that had me not wanting to even play at night. (Steam case you don't wanna be scared lol.) The enemies are delusional shadows of their former selves as they become addicted to the mysterious substance of the world known as ADAM! However, the big fish of the game are the Big Daddies...or the giant hunks of diving suit metal. Take one down and you'll feel like a real BADASS! However, the game soon becomes a fun, easy going adventure.

    After playing and completing the game on several occasions I must say that this game is a must for gamers (Now that it is also available for the Playstayion 3) and stands as a true classic.

    I highly recommend anyone to but this game. Pricing isn't much as the game is 4 years old(Xbox), 3 years old(PS3). I bought mine for $10 used at my local Gamestop after selling it in the past..which was an immature mistake.

    As far as achievements go, everything can be obtained on 1 playthrough. They are really straight forward and easily obtained. There is also free DLC content that improves your arsenel as well as other features. It also nets you an eXtra 100G!

    Overall: 5/5 a must have for fans of truly magnificent games!

    I hope this guide helped people better understand the works of this game.
  • Neko PounceNeko Pounce142,753
    18 Jul 2011
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    Bioshock... Oh, where to start? Well, I'll try and do this review in a normal format, but please excuse me if I drag on, there's so much to be said about this amazing game.

    The setting-
    You are on a Aeroplane, the year is 1960 and your destined for great things.
    The plane goes down, your stuck in the middle of the ocean with nothing to use survive, so you must do what anyone would do, find land and move on.
    Pretty much all the game is set in Rapture, a underwater dystopian city.
    Your trapped in the little biosphere you entered to reach Rapture ,while you watch another person get honorificly killed by a "Splicer". After this you are contacted on the radio that is with you in the biosphere. Your spoken to by a guy called "Atlus", and at this time there's nothing more you can do then trust this guy, thus begins your chilling venture into Rapture.

    The gameplay
    At first this would seem like any other first person shooter, and for the most part it is.
    Most of the time I would tell you this is a awful thing, but this time I don't think it would work as well any other way. The shooting is solid for what it is, and the weapons are all fairly diffrent so you can kill the splicers in lot's of diffrent ways. You can use your geneticly modified DNA to fire a lightning bolt out of your hand and then hit them with your wrench, or better yet you can send a swam of bee's out from your hand to attack the splicers and then shoot them with the gun of your choice.
    Your main objective of the game is to do as Atlus tells you, for reasons not so clear to start with, but it makes more sense as you go.
    Another large part of the game is dealing with the little sisters of Rapture. You have 2 choices when you are dealing with these, you can save these little ones from there torture, and get a lower amount of "Adam" (This is the chemical used to change your DNA and plays a big part in the game ) or you can harvest them for the maximum Adam. This is not so easy for anyone with a heart, since the little sisters really are little girls that are being controlled.

    There's one mini game that you will be playing a hell of a lot, the hacking mini-game used to hack everything, and this is one thing I didn't enjoy after the first 2 or 3 times. It's a pipe dream mini-game where you have to move the water from one pipe to another by moving the little pipes from place to place. It's easy but It's really not fun after the first few times.
    Other then this there's collectable Audio Logs along the way and they all add a little to the games story, but aren't vital to finishing the game.

    The story
    Most of the non-spoiled story that I can write is already written at the start of this review, and I'm sure you readers don't want the game spoiled. So, the most I can say is that there's many twists and betrayal is involved, in some ways you could say the game is a little lacking on the story, but after finishing the game you'll see that this isn't true.
    The game's story is a little crazy at times but in the end it all fits together amazingly well.
    There is 3 diffrent ending to the game, only 2 of which are really that diffrent for each other. These ending are caused by 1. Saving ALL the little sisters, 2. Harvesting only 1 of the little sisters and 3. Harvest more then 1 little sister. I've only played with the good ending currently but I can tell you now that it's really heart-warming and nice.

    The graphics in this game are... unique, to say the least. It look's a little cartoony, but it soon becomes clear that this is how the entire game is set out and it look's amazing after you get deep into Rapture and realise the style is perfect for the game.

    The NPC's and Splicers all look really good and I have no complaints there.

    The game isn't all that long if your just playing the story alone, about 6 to 9 hours depending on your difficulty setting. However, if your looking to get every Audio Log and all the gun upgrades, your looking at more like 12 hours. There's no multiplayer and that's a good thing if Bioshock 2's multiplayer is anything to go by.

    The voice acting is pretty amazing, and I can't fault it in any way.
    The gun sounds and the environment sounds, like the water and the crashing of Raptures walls falling apart, are all really good. Walking round is enjoyable even finishing the game thanks to the how the environment feels.

    This game is one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced, if someone was to make a movie about this game it would stand up on the story alone, in my option.
    I give this game a 4.5 out of 5. It has so very few flaws and these hardly effect the game overall.
    I Highly recommend this game to you, and if you haven't played this game before already then your really missing out!

    Thank you for reading my review. I hope to read some feedback from you all.

    (This is one of my first review, I posted this over at under the name "NekoNekoPounce" so this is my work. Thank you.)
  • themegamancavethemegamancave145,378
    09 Apr 2013 20 Apr 2013
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    It’s been just about five years since Bioshock revolutionized the world of first person shooters, with its story driven campaign and refreshing gameplay mechanics. I originally played the title in 2009, stifled in awe by its originality and dark roots, excited to have played a game with such enormous depth and creativity. After playing the 3rd game in the series, Bioshock Infinite, I instantly wanted to play it again. Writing this review feels retrospective in a way, but I truly wanted to capture Bioshock like it was the first time I have played it. As always, I will stick to my “spoiler free” review for anyone who was looking to get into the series for the first time, while sharing the nostalgia with the people who were fans from the get-go.

    For a game that came out relatively early in the 360’s lifetime, Bioshock looks pretty damn good. The world of Rapture is a beautiful disaster of sorts, with most of the city in shambles from a long stemming war sprouted from Splicers and the like. The game looks slightly futuristic, but still has that 60s charm it was meant to have. The environments are beautifully rendered, and the enemies are grotesque and believable. I remember being amazed by the expansiveness of the underwater Rapture scenery, especially during parts of the game when you travel in the “water tunnels” where you get the opportunity to examine the outside blue abyss.
    The frame rate is pretty decent in Bioshock, using a superpowered gaming engine to prevent slowdown, even when the game is at its most hectic. One aspect of the visuals that I found most amusing was the ability to access a “high framerate” option in the in-game menus, slightly blurring the textures, but speeding up the flow of the game quite a bit. The two alternatives almost offer a completely different, but equally immersive gaming experience. There are few graphical glitches to take notice of in Bioshock, other than the occasional “oops” in texture rendering, where I noticed the shadow of the Little Sisters present even after they’ve disappeared. With only the slight mishap here or there, the average gamer wouldn’t notice in the slightest. The plasmids also looked great, as throwing giant fireballs or sending huge bursts of electricity sailing toward your enemies never looked so good!

    One thing I specifically remember about the graphics in Bioshock was how awesome the characters looked. It was a huge breath of fresh air from normal FPS games, often shoveling out generic characters with blank faces, focusing more on gameplay issues. The NPCs in Bioshock fit the times with their vintage wardrobes, and they perfectly describe their situation (Splicers in particular) with disheveled looks and ragged clothing. In essence, they were the epitome of “crackheads”. The Big Daddies were also very impressive, both monstrous in size and presence, protecting the morbid looking Little Sisters. They freaked me the hell out the first time I played it!

    STORY: 9.5/10
    For the amount of games that have launched since the release of Bioshock, few have rivaled its story depth and complexity. You play through the game as Jack, an unfortunate soul who has survived a terrible plane crash, only to be transported to the devilish underwater metropolis known as Rapture. Once inside, you witness the chaotic mess firsthand, as you encounter a Big Daddy and Little Sister right off the bat. To make matters worse, Jack is effectively defenseless and is no match for the Big Daddy, shortly being made a toy of. You reawaken, this time to encounter Splicers firsthand, learning quickly the detrimental effects these plasmids have had on the Rapture populous.

    Once things seemed as grim as could be, a savior emerges (Atlas) as a voice to Jack, guiding him through the fight with the Splicers. Jack is then forced with the decision of whether or not to help Atlas with his own agenda. And so spawns a series of precarious events, all stemming back to Rapture and its roots, and the player quickly realizes that this city isn’t what it appears to be. Death, deception and life changing decisions are all utilized to give the gamer the feeling that the choices he/she makes really affects the outcome of the story. The game confronts you with a decision process which is rare in games these days, and although ultimately all gamers reach the same destination, the ride is the best part.

    It is exceptionally rare that I would go back some five years later to replay a game I had considered “dead” or “shelved”, but the dark storyline of Bioshock makes it worthwile, and I would guarantee to any gamer hours of mind-bending fun.

    GAMEPLAY: 9.0/10
    The gameplay in Bioshock is almost flawless. With as unique of an approach as it offers, it executes almost all facets with ease. Gamers will find themselves warmed up to the playing style with essential shooter elements such as crouching, aiming down sights, etc., and the intricacy builds up from there. In addition to the classic pistols, shotgun and machine gun, the player will be introduced to Plasmids and Tonics. These are where the heart and soul of Bioshock’s gameplay lie. Plasmids are sort of “magic attacks”, the same style of drugs that the Splicers of Rapture are obsessed with. With plasmids, one can do anything from freeze enemies to attacking them with a swarm of killer bees. They are also upgradeable by using the Adam (which will be introduced to the gamer early in the story) you acquire throughout your journey. Jack will also collect Tonics, or personal upgrades, during his trip through Rapture. Tonics are divided into three categories: Physical (giving you special abilities/resistances), Combat (allowing you to deal more damage) and Enineering (allowing you to hack and such more effectively). Unfortunately, Jack can only be equipped with 6 plasmids/tonic types at a time, making the decisions that much more complicated.

    Players can also tap into their computer-savvy selves to hack anything from safes to security robots and cameras, making the player solve a simple water pipe puzzle to achieve hacking success. My only complaint is the linearity to this method, only offering one type of puzzle for all hacks. More creativity could have been spent on evolving this aspect of gameplay, making hacking more rewarding and fun. Hacking security items can prove vital when played on higher difficulties, allowing turrets and such to fight on your side, possibly turning the tide in a major battle.

    Gamers can also invent items by using ordinary items scattered about Rapture. By using these items at a “U-Invent” station, ammo, quest items and more can be invented to help the player to combat his foes. I rarely found myself using this method, often forgetting about it entirely other than the cheevo associated with it. A key tip to success for inventing is to loot EVERYTHING. You never know what shiny object could be waiting amidst an ashtray or desk. J Weapons can be upgraded using “Power To The People” stations and more enemy based ammunition can be purchased or constructed for use. Researching enemies with your trusty camera will also allow gamers to obtain bonuses and tonics to give them the upper hand in battle, while creating photographical masterpieces.

    The controls are very well portrayed in Bioshock. The look sensitivity is perfect, and the physics are realistic. I never found myself cursing about the controls, or angry that the game wouldn’t let me do something. Throughout my 2 playthroughs of Bioshock, I never got bored of the game, as the combat is not too repetitive. Whenever I wanted to change up the flow of things, I’d switch over to a Plasmid and wreak havoc on the enemy in my line of sight.

    AUDIO: 8.75/10
    Bioshock’s sound effects and musical score are great. Moments of suspense are well emulated during critical points in the storyline by dramatic music, and the gun blasts all sound realistic. The voice acting is also a force to be reckoned with, using authentic sounding characters to portray an antique, steampunky world, with characters that are far from sensible. There aren’t that many individual audio tracks in the game, but early jazz style songs can be heard playing from radios scattered throughout Rapture. All in all, the music is good, but nothing to be blown away by.

    Of course Bioshock has replay value! I mean, why else would I revisit a 5 year old game that I had already completed on a prior account? The story holds so much weight, that it could easily becoming a biannual playthrough for me. Chances are that you missed some Audio Diaries along your journey, and collecting them really gives you a better perspective of the motives behind some of Raptures inhabitants. Or, quite possibly you want to go for the title update achievement for beating the game on the hardest difficulty without dying? (And NO CHEATING!) Quite simply, Bioshock offers multiple playthroughs, incorporating collectibles into the mix of a fantastic storyline and awesome gameplay.

    The achievements in Bioshock are all easily collectible in one playthrough. Normally I dread collectible achievements on account of redundancy, but the collectibles in this title all have a point. Various other achievements include researching various enemies, inventing a certain number of items and generic story based achievements. Little or no post-game grinding would be required for obtaining all of them in Bioshock.

    OVERALL: 9.2/10
    In summation, Bioshock is a “must-play” for the Xbox 360. Whether or not you think you’ll like it, be sure to suck it up and give it a try. This will be a title that will go down in history as a classic masterpiece, and one that I highly regard as revolutionizing the FPS genre. The best part is that there’s a sequel! And let me assure you, it’s just as good as the first game. So thanks for taking the time to read this review, and as always, happy gaming!

    Time to Complete: About 20 hours
    Favorite Achievement: "Research PhD"
    Hardest Achievement: “Brass Balls
  • BitikhaBitikha312,842
    05 Jul 2014
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    You probably heard about a "old"-gen classic that many consider to be one of the greatest games ever created. This first person shooter released during the summer of 2007 was developed by Irrational Games and was released exclusively for the Xbox 360 dance but would later get a PC, Mac and PS3 release. The game would go on to win numerous game of the year awards and major praises from critics (a 9.7 by IGN, a 96% by Metacritics and a 10/10 by Eurogamer just to name a few). It is personally my favorite game of the old console generation and I am here to tell you guys why. So for my first review for this site, lets DIVE into Bioshock.


    You are Jack, a seemingly normal guy that ends up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after his plane crashes for some unknown reason during the 1960's. You find a mysterious tower that leads you to an underwater city called Rapture. And that's as far as I am going to go into the story for this game since it is something we all have to live for ourselves. You probably heard about the many twists and turns in the story, and if you haven't GOOD!!!! play the game and see for yourself what the buzz is all about.


    For a game that came out only a year after the launch of the 360, Bioshock looks great. Sure the following games in the series technically have better graphiques but you will be shocked to see such a good looking game being so old. The game rocks a blend of Unreal Engine 2.5 and Unreal Engine 3 and uses advanced water effects to immerse the player into a incredible world filled with horror and action. One thing I noticed while playing Bioshock is that the game does well the things that it should....Let me explain: the game's engine makes the important elements of the game look very good instead of focusing on other things like texture resolution. But dont get me wrong, I'm not saying that the game's textures look bad, NOOO far from it, they look good but I have seen better. What I am saying is that elements like water and lighting/shadows REALLY look good. But looks are not the only thing the game nails: Bioshock is one of the best, to not say the best sounding game EVER. The noises and voices you will hear during your venture in Rapture are mind-blowing. From the screams of dying enemies to the roar of your weapons, every sound in this game works to immerse you into it's world. Playing the game with some headphones truly helps in the experience.


    Bioshock is mainly a First Person Shooter but also includes a Role-Playing side with a touch of stealth and horror. Many compare the gameplay of this game to that of System Shook 2. What differentiates this game from the other FPS/RPG/Horror hybrids its the use of "supernatural" powers that the hero gains thanks to some good old DNA manipulation. The player will go from shooting lightning like Zeus to freezing people with the snap* of a finger like Sub-Zero and will also be able to create clones of themselves to fool enemies. But these Plasmids, as they are called in the game, dont just serve as other ways to kill people but also allows the player to do some pretty exciting stuff in the world: see some enemies chilling in the water, why not shoot the water with some lightning and see everybody spark or you might see some foe lurking a couple meters from some flammable substance, why don't you just lure him closer with a clone and then just light the whole place on fire. These gameplay mechanics create a almost infinite amount of ways you can tackle each situation in the game, instead of just walking in the room and shooting people in the face with your shotgun. Add some hacking and some different ammo for each gun and you have a excellent game.


    The achievements in Bioshock are devided into 6 categories. These are:

    Story Progression: These are the typical achievements you will get for playing the game all the way through for the first time. Count: 9

    Collectables: Basique collectibles that you find around the world. In this game they are audio logs. tonics (you must also buy tonics).You can also find Little Sisters guarded by Big Daddies. Note: You must find ALL of the collectables to get the achievements. Count: 3

    Hacking/Crafting: You get them for hacking different types of machines and crafting ammo. Count: 10

    Research: In Bioshock, research is done by taking pictures. So start taking pictures early and often since some enemies dont spawn later in the game. Count: 12

    Upgrades: Getting tonics and upgrading your plasmid/tonic slots. Also includes weapon upgrades found across the world. Count:10

    Others: Secret achievements gained by doing specific tasks or playing the game on hard. Count: 6


    Bioshock has FREE yes FREE DLC. It does not add much, just a couple tonics and one plasmid that is not so useful....What it does add is ONE achievement. And that ONE achievement is the hardest one in the game. Good luck getting your BRASS BALLS
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    This game is a real gem amongst a cobblestonian sea of modern first person shooters. It has everything I like in a game: a very compelling story, an interesting (and colourful!) set of environments, and quite solid controls. Combine that with a unique mesh of RPG and FPS elements, and you have a quite the stunner.

    While the game does suffer a bit from repetition (which can be easily overlooked due to just how FUN the gameplay is) it offers enough player customization, streamlined loot/inventory mechanics, and ample non-linearity to make it rise up above the rest. I only hope the sequels feel the same for me. If you like other RPG/FPS mixes like Fallout or Borderlands, then you'll feel right at home here, as long as you can deal with a bit more of a guided hand throughout.

    Now would you kindly play this game, please?
  • LessrOf2WeevilsLessrOf2Weevils85,068
    17 Oct 2010
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    Bioshock plays like a combination of Half Life 2 and Resident Evil 4. The story telling is reminisent of Half Life, not relying on cut scenes but instead allowing the story to evolve as you explore your environment. The gameplay is like Resident Evil minus the annoying quick-time events, ridiculous boss fights, and laughable dialogue. What reminds me most of Resident Evil are the vending machines scattered throughout the game from which you buy ammo, health, upgrades, and the like. They, of course, make no sense, but the game covers that with a quirkly sense of humour that reminds me of the merchants from Resident Evil.

    Enough with the game comparisions. Bioshock is set in 1960. Your a sole survivor from a plane crash who finds refuge in the massive, under water, city of Rapture, rendered in moldy, art deco, glory. You soon realize that things ain't quite right in Rapture as the citizens are, for the most part, genetically altered lunatics lead by the cities founder, Andrew Ryan, who wanted to build a capitalist utopia free from the annoyances of government regulation and morality. The game is varied and well paced. The weapons are interesting and fun to use, especially the genetic enhancing "plasmids" that allow you to gain all kinds of nifty powers like telekenicis and the ability to shoot wasps from your hands - what fun! The mood is dark and creepy, but not overpoweringly so. The developers never forget that, above all, video games are supposed to be fun.

    Story: 5
    Interface: 4
    Game Play: 5
    Challenge: 4
    Fun: 5

    Overall: 9.5/10