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    14 Dec 2008
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    Bionicle Heroes is a 3rd person shooter based on Lego’s Bionicle toy line. While it has some familiar characters, there are new characters introduced just for the game. The Bionicle universe is comprised of life forms created from non standard Lego pieces that form alien dinosaur looking characters.

    Game play: 4/10
    You control a nameless character that has the ability to use different masks. Each mask gives the player the ability to use two to three different powers. Each mask is upgradeable and has changes the look of the character. There are cogs like in most lego games to collect. These cogs can be used in the shop to upgrade the masks unlocked or secret areas. The player has a health meter that goes down from enemies and sometimes the environment. When the health meter reaches zero (no hearts) then you lose a mask. If you don’t have any masks left its game over and you can restart from a last save point. There are little puzzles scattered all over the maps where you have to use the proper mask or build a certain item to move forward. If you destroy enough enemies a bar will fill up and the character becomes invincible for a certain period of time. The game is setup where most of the time you become invincible versus a boss. You lose your invincibility when you hit the boss a few times and you have to build up the kills once more. There are plenty of maps to play through. While most maps have a different setting it tend to be straight forward and repetitive.

    Graphics: 3/10
    The graphics are very pixilated and plain. There is no 3D rendering and there are very few sequences to wow you. Comparing to other Lego games Bionicle is not as good visually as Lego Star Wars.

    Sound and Music: 3/10
    The music is very repetitive and quite boring, there. The sounds could have been done a lot better with just clicks for firing weapons and explosions. During cut scenes there are no voices just silent mouth movement.

    Difficulty: 2/10
    This is a very easy game. Its very hard to lose a life, even when you do die, it would be very easy to continue where you left off. The hardest part of this game is the length. Its dull and long.

    Final Thoughts:
    For a younger gamer this might be a decent choice but there is plenty of competition out there and this wouldn’t be my first choice. I would not recommend this game for an older gamer. Only reason anyone should buy this to get every 360 game.
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    This game is so damn monotonus its absurd. And aren't the LEGO games supposed to be funny? I didn't laugh when I played this... I cried. Tears of rage.
    Posted on 10 Feb 11 at 20:22
    SONofGIANTS610Yeah this game ain't good, kinda liked it when I was younger but coming back to it 10 years later made me question why I liked it in the first place.
    Posted by SONofGIANTS610 On 25 Oct 18 at 17:42
    Not that this is a terrible game or anything, it's just the fact that it was so-ho-ho boring, what you have here is a basic lego shooter game with a bad camera, janky graphics and stale repetitive gameplay!
    Posted on 18 Sep 22 at 15:03
    19 Dec 2009
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    Review according to purchase from Target:

    Well, to begin with, in case you don't know, Bionicle is a sort of monster-machine toy that Lego makes. This is the first Xbox 360 Bionicle game that has been made.

    So, you start out as Jaller, the red Bionicle. You go to start a level and as you progress you find different masks throughout the level that can change you to one of the other Bionicles of the, (at the time of the game's release), current generation of Bionicles. (The Bionicle series has been going on for some years now and has different generations or series.)

    The fact that you can change and regain masks throughout the level makes it VERY hard to fail. Because, once you run out of life, you lose a mask. But, you can just go find the mask again in the level and continue. It's impossible to have no masks available at any given time.

    There is also a feature where when you collect enough cogs, (Lego game currency), you turn into a gold Bionicle that can complete a certain obvious task that is required in order to progress through the level.

    There are cut-scenes, as in every Lego game, but they're all so Lego stereotypical. The characters grunt and often take part in somewhat humorous activities. The music is not great, but not obnoxious. It's on the brink of being calming and being repetitive.

    Well, overall it's a rather fun game, but your money is better spent on one of the many other Lego video
  • borandiborandi239,483
    02 Dec 2008 02 Dec 2008
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    I didn’t know anything about Bionicle Heroes when it first passed my eyes. All I saw was a LEGO symbol – a symbol synonymous with one sort of game: no voice acting, stupidly long linear levels and multiple plays of the same level. After playing BH, it holds up to this branding well.

    As far as is ascertainable without investigating the Bionicle world, you play an androgynous ‘freak’. This ‘freak’ can switch persona with a simple change of its LEGO head giving it different powers – but this freak is pissed. Pissed at some random ‘dude’ who can create minions. This ‘dude’ hasn’t stolen the protagonist’s significant other, or an exceptional amount of wealth from some evil caper worth stealing. Thanks to the no voice acting or written story, this tale offers a mind fuck not worth thinking about.

    Nevertheless, the game itself acts like a third person shooter. Each level consists of going from point A to point F via points B, C, D and E in typical LEGO sequential fashion. At each point, your goal is gain LEGO pieces by collecting or shooting enough ‘bad guys’ to fill a special meter. This power is unleashed and you proceed to the next point. Each level offers either a level or collectable to finish. Repeat 25 times, ‘story’ complete.

    To be honest, the controls are the big let down here. I play the odd FPS/Third-PS, and you should get the normal forward/back/turn/strafe combo with the analog sticks. No such luck in BH, which only strafes if RT is held down. But wait, isn’t that meant to be the fire button? Alas, that is reserved for the myriad of options by ABYX. This combined with the level length and the lack if an apparent story constitutes the main flaws of BH.

    On the bright side, the visuals are a credit to the game. When considering the target audience of ages 3-15, the children will like the highly coloured scenery and the responsive sounds BH offers. Unfortunately, not much comfort for hardcore players.

    As a game, I can’t recommend BH. It’s dull, boring, and has no ‘yay’ factor after completing a task. In my case, due to the appalling save system the game uses, my save file corrupted at around 80% into the game. Unfortunately, looking at online forums, this problem is common. Nevertheless, with persistence (and another 8 months), I was able to complete the games achievements, totalled around 20hrs play altogether.

    On the achievements side, BH is an easy completion in the grand schema of Xbox gaming. Finish the game, kill X amount of each monster and get 5 million coins – these achievements are all straight forward. The main achievement basically requires 100% completion – thus needing every level to be played again (once all the upgrades have been obtained) to get every special item in each level (~9/level), and finish the level with a gold medal (all special items, lots of LEGO pieces). This type of collection achievement is also detriment to the LEGO games.

    Bionicle Heroes – one for the kids.


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