3. Bionicle Heroes Story walkthroughUpdate notes

There is only one game mode and you will have to do the whole game twice either way since you have to go for the collectibles again anyway. You can of course do it on your first attempt and I encourage everyone to collect as many cylinders as possible, but truth be told, there will still be some levels missing since you won't have the needed characters upgraded for the corresponding levels.

Getting gold medals on each level is required for 100% completion, although if you never die (and that's really easy to accomplish) and collect every single item per level, this wont cause any problems.


Story mode isn't hard and each level is a piece of cake to go through since you can't really stray around, your minimap shows you each and every exit you need for progression, including mask locations. Although they will require some time (watching the stupid pointless video sequences wastes a lot of time) you will breeze through the levels, netting you an achievement for each single level you complete, no matter the rating. Here are the achievements you should have after your first story playthrough, although the order of the zones is rather a matter of choice.

This concludes all the story related achievements which will be earned after you have finished each level. However, there are some kill-related achievements, which I will point out now.


These are the spider enemies and I didn't have to grind these enemies since they are the most common enemies in the game.

These are the small guys, which transform into balls and roll around (being invincible during that process) AND the flying guys. They may look different but both count as kills towards the achievement. You also won't have to grind them since they are rather common, but if you feel the urge to do so, bonus arena 1 offers a great chance to grind them.

These guys look like big spiders and stand up again after they get knocked down. They are by far the strongest enemies in the game and therefore the rarest ones, leaving you no other way as to grind them in the bonus area. It might take some time since i got only around 150 during my story playthrough.

This achievement is for a certain number of kills with the green Bionicle.

This achievement is for a certain number of kills with the gold/yellow Bionicle.

This achievement is for a certain number of kills with the black Bionicle.

This achievement is for a certain number of kills with the red Bionicle.

This achievement is for a certain number of kills with the blue Bionicle.

This achievement is for a certain number of kills with the white Bionicle.

This concludes all the kill-related achievements, leaving you with some miscellaneous achievements.


This is by far the longest achievement in the game. IF you want to grind this, the boss stage of the blue world is the best place to do this. I found an excellent video, courtesy of the person that filmed it of course.

This will be the last achievement in the game since you have to get everything else to unlock it. I recommend keeping money for the "canister locator" since it will help greatly on your tedious search for them. You also will need to get a gold medal on each bonus stage (purchased through the shop), which shouldn't be too tough EXCEPT for the third bonus stage. I have a good solution for that however: simply stand in the middle and use the black mask (it should be fully upgraded to work) to kill as many opponents as possible. As soon as you get down to half a heart change mask so you dont lose the black one. You should get gold after the first try, if not, just try once more. You DON'T need to collect the studs to get gold, just kills.

I won't provide a collectible guide here since after you obtain the canister locator there will be arrows directing you to the specific canister as soon as you get close or at least in reach of them. Search thoroughly since they can be hard to spot and you shouldn't have any problems with that.

Congratulations, you now have a full 1000 on this game.

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