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    02 Aug 2019 02 Aug 2019
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    Who knew being a bird could be so boring?

    I'm not gonna lie, I bought this game for the gamerscore. I'm not usually one to buy games just for the gamerscore, but today I felt different, so I searched through the list of low-ratio games here on TA and found a cheap one that looked like I might like it called Bird Game +, for only $5.

    This game isn't very long, only consisting of three levels, with a boss fight at the end of each level. Each level and each boss fight takes about 5-10 minutes. Its concept consists of a bird--you--flying south for the winter. The game plays as a 2D autoscroller. Even though the graphics are... ehm... "3D" (and look like they were drawn by a 5th grader, in addition to a lot of the graphics not having any shading, as well as there being no color whatsoever), you have no control over the distance of you from the camera, so you are really only playing in two dimensions. This is the sole objective of the main levels of the game. Dodge objects and enemies coming towards the screen. The levels themselves are extremely boring. The slow pace of the autoscroller, bad graphics, bad controls, and repetitive enemies made for a very boring experience all-around. The boss fights were the only time where I felt like I was actually having a bit of fun, but it was minimal at best. The background is also very, very bland, just a blank ocean and blank sky with a few lines drawn for "waves".

    The game also does a very bad job explaining the controls to you. You can hit LB or RB to barrel-roll to the left or right, and you can press X to glide (though this mechanic tilts the camera, making it hard to move where you want to, so I wouldn't recommend it). Another warning is that when pausing the game, the game will tell you to press LB to "Quit". This will quit you out of the level, not resume the level. To resume the game, press the pause button again (this is not advertised on the pause screen).

    The music and sounds are alright, not bad at all but nothing spectacular. It's pretty standard as far as sound goes in a video game. There's sounds for most of the enemies and features in the game, nice background music during the main levels, and boss music during the boss fights. Unfortunately it doesn't make up for the other, arguably more important aspects of the game like gameplay.

    If there's anything this game has going for it, it's the easy achievements. You can earn all of the achievements in this game between half an hour and an hour and a half, depending on your 2D autoscroller skills and your will to keep playing bad games. I personally wouldn't consider myself an expert in the genre and I had gone from buying the game to uninstalling it in almost exactly an hour.

    Overall, get this game if you want an easy 1K, but don't expect to have any fun while playing it. If you're looking for that top-notch quality bird simulator gaming experience, you'll probably get closer to it in this year's upcoming Bee Simulator than you ever could in Bird Game +