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    23 Feb 2013
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    So have you ever wanted to feel like Tom Cruise but flying planes in the 40s well heres your game! These types of games are usually for the narrow market or flying fanatics just like hardcore sim racers are now. Ever since I played crimson skies for the original xbox I have been hooked on flying around and getting into crazy vomit inducing dog fights. Unlike other flying games of similar elk (Blazing Angels, Heroes over Europe) this is the most realistic flying game I have ever played. This review will be broken down into 3 major perspectives: Game play, Graphics and because this is a achievement site, they will be included in my review

    Gameplay - 8/10

    This game is as real as it gets in terms of video game flying goes in my opinion. This game has extremely detailed tutorial to learn all the details the game requires the player to learn to do well. The game play in this game is solid with it being slower pace then what a Blazing Angel provides but is so satisfying taking down enemies. The story well is that there is none basically. You can expect to see another candidate for worst menus in a game. You can pop in your game into the old Xbox and expect to see back box menu with a plane in the background and no audio...lovely. The multiplayer is fun once you get the hang of the game and is split between simplified and the hardcore players of the realistic difficulty. Community is fun to interact with them being inviting to new comers and not like Call of Duty players "dood you sux manz!! u didnt even get a VTOL brotato! upload that to the yutubez!"

    Graphics - 7/10

    this game looks very nice and easy on the eyes with the sun hitting the planes as they dive bomb through the air to destroy ground forces. The planes look nice when look at them in the hanger and the detail with the rivets in the wings, the clean cockpit and the scratch marks on the glass cover of the cockpit when hit with light sums up how much time and effort was put into this game, the only thing i didnt like was when getting close to the ground was the ground forces looked like cardboard cut joke. Other then that the game looks great and is beautiful in full HD.

    Achievements - 7/10

    This game has a solid list with many achievements coming from completing missions and some for performing certain tasks in a certain mission. The multiplayer achievements (4 in total) are nothing difficult except for get the 5 medals which will take some time but i think if your committed to completing this game for the full 1000 then its possible if committed to the game.

    Overall i enjoyed this game with nothing in the market being similar to its game style. I felt overwhelmed intially with the game telling me i had to be at 30% throttle before landing and turning on the air brake by using the right stick and left on the D - pad but if your willing to focus in and learn what the game is teaching you, then you will have a satisfying experience when flying through the airs

    22/30 = 73%

    ** i would love to have some feedback from anyone about my reviews and how i can improve and aspects i can do without Cheers
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    You obviously let 'IL-2: Sturmovik: Birds of Prey' slip you by, it's older and yet far superior in every aspect, better graphics, better physics, better sound, much more interesting missions. In fact that's what let Birds of Steel down, it was as boring as f*ck, flying over endless featureless oceans with the objective "shoot down some planes" was all it ever boiled down to. I'd recommend it only to those who wish to systematically complete every Flight sim, otherwise don't bother.
    Posted on 28 Feb 13 at 00:45
    Spiderman NoireI have played IL-2 actually and i didn't like the visuals and i thought it to be forgettable. I like the community this game has and it is extremely helpful when learning the game but again to each his own
    Posted by Spiderman Noire On 28 Feb 13 at 02:18
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