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Posted on 11 April 18 at 21:04, Edited on 04 September 18 at 10:17
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Despite many years on Trueachievements this is my first game review. I felt compelled to write this review as I am torn in two directions. Firstly, let me say that I had no idea this was a 'reimagining' of a popular PC game from over a decade ago, I had no preconceived ideas or expectations. I rent games so if I am drawn to a title i put it into my Boomerang Game list and it will eventually be sent to me. I write this as I believe its an important point i am not comparing this title to its past editions and when i first played the game I was completely unaware of what I would encounter.

Black Mirror is a point and click adventure, a genre that is becoming increasingly popular on console. The game starts by throwing the player into a pointless playable prologue, why the developers didn't just have the prologue as a visual is beyond me. This brings me to the game itself. Black Mirror has a truly engaging story with very impressive graphics, however this title isn't much of a game. This feels more like a interactive story that has been fleshed out with puzzles and pointless running around. The loading times are a big annoyance, why running from one room to another requires 60 second loading times is a mystery. i believe the developers knew they had a strong story, but not a very long story, so they decided to try and fill the game out by including some pretty tough puzzles and by deliberately not including much in the way of guidance. The movement of the character never seems quite right and the camera movements are terrible.

I managed to complete the game within 8 hours, again I was impressed with the story however the plot just ends abruptly without any real explanation or exploration, leaving more questions than answers. I feel this is deliberate and would not be surprised if Black Mirror 2 will be announced shortly, other elements of the game are impressive the graphics and the voice acting is superb, however as I rent i decided to find out the games cost and was shocked to find it was £31.99 or $40.00. This is why i am torn, if i had purchased this game i would have been appalled, however I was impressed by elements of the game. If you love a puzzle and good story and don't mind the price then this game is for you, with the added bonus that achievements will come thick and fast. However I can't help feeling that most people who buy this game on a whim will feel bitterly disappointed.
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