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    Despite many years on Trueachievements this is my first game review. I felt compelled to write this review as I am torn in two directions. Firstly, let me say that I had no idea this was a 'reimagining' of a popular PC game from over a decade ago, I had no preconceived ideas or expectations. I rent games so if I am drawn to a title i put it into my Boomerang Game list and it will eventually be sent to me. I write this as I believe its an important point i am not comparing this title to its past editions and when i first played the game I was completely unaware of what I would encounter.

    Black Mirror is a point and click adventure, a genre that is becoming increasingly popular on console. The game starts by throwing the player into a pointless playable prologue, why the developers didn't just have the prologue as a visual is beyond me. This brings me to the game itself. Black Mirror has a truly engaging story with very impressive graphics, however this title isn't much of a game. This feels more like a interactive story that has been fleshed out with puzzles and pointless running around. The loading times are a big annoyance, why running from one room to another requires 60 second loading times is a mystery. i believe the developers knew they had a strong story, but not a very long story, so they decided to try and fill the game out by including some pretty tough puzzles and by deliberately not including much in the way of guidance. The movement of the character never seems quite right and the camera movements are terrible.

    I managed to complete the game within 8 hours, again I was impressed with the story however the plot just ends abruptly without any real explanation or exploration, leaving more questions than answers. I feel this is deliberate and would not be surprised if Black Mirror 2 will be announced shortly, other elements of the game are impressive the graphics and the voice acting is superb, however as I rent i decided to find out the games cost and was shocked to find it was £31.99 or $40.00. This is why i am torn, if i had purchased this game i would have been appalled, however I was impressed by elements of the game. If you love a puzzle and good story and don't mind the price then this game is for you, with the added bonus that achievements will come thick and fast. However I can't help feeling that most people who buy this game on a whim will feel bitterly disappointed.
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    anthony2690£6.40 currently, thanks for the review, going to buy this :)
    Posted by anthony2690 on 09 Oct 18 at 11:29
    StaviaYup. Sounds like just my sort of thing, and for the $8 it’s currently on sale for I expect I can overlook its shortcomings.
    Posted by Stavia on 10 Oct 18 at 00:52
    TheOnlyMattohorrible game, clunky and glitchy... but easy achievements and the save feature at least it wasn't a waste.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 20 Dec 19 at 09:04
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    Black Mirror is a point and click adventure game published by THQ Nordic in 2017 and is a reboot of the popular trilogy Black Mirror released to the PC earlier in the decade.

    This was the third adventure game that I had played on the Xbox One and was pleasantly surprised with the overall experience. There were definitely things that the game did right and also things that they did wrong as detailed below:

    First I will start with the graphics which for the majority of the game were beautiful and help set the tone for the macabre and Gothic atmosphere that the game was looking to portray. I had heard that the game received a bad reputation on the console due to dramatically dropping frame rate, lag and numerous bugs and glitches however this was not my experience at all. During the 6 hours that I played the game for the frame rate dropped minimally, the loading screens were not tedious and I only got stuck in one cut scene near the end of the third act, and was able to reload my save shortly before the error occurred. This is to be taken with a grain of salt however as I was playing on an LED television and others running off an XBOX1X through 4k may experience further issues.

    Next to the sound which I would have praised wholeheartedly, again it met with the atmosphere that the game was trying to portray and there were times that I literally felt chills when exploring the haunted village and hearing the screams and drones of past ancestors in my head was quite concerting. I would definitely recommend this experience to be played through the use of headphones to help with the immersion into the world. Another exemplary form of sound was the voice acting, with the actors, tone and emotion easily conveyed through the actors and the makers of this game also put in language that was accurate to the time period and location, with applicable Scottish slang and accurate information partaking to the Pagan information presented in the game. The ending titles song was also melodic and melancholy and nicely clinched the game to a close so much so that it is now on my Spotify playlist and one of the most memorable pieces of video game composition that I have heard, it just would have been nice not to hear it repeated 4 times before the credits finished rolling.

    The other main positive I could give is toward the narrative. A son returning to his families manor to investigate his fathers suicide and uncovering the dark past of his family and with a second act twist that I did not see coming overall gave the game a tick in my book, however this fell flat with the majority of the final chapter and with lackluster puzzles coupled with a painful and flaccid ending sequence it gave a game with such promise and build-up nothing but a shortfall to excellent storytelling.

    This leads into my other two pieces of criticism, the controls and cut scenes. Whilst the cut scenes looked beautiful when characters spoke it felt like I was watching the western dub of an anime the sync was out so much with characters lips moving long after the voice had completed and the tank controls that seem to be indicative of adventure games on consoles couples with the lag of the pointer definitely broke immersion for me at times and caused a number of "deaths" during scenes that with some increased precision of the pointer been avoided entirely.

    Whilst I do not normally give scores I gave this game a 3.5 out of 5 for an overall engaging story, a manageable time-frame to complete the game and a relatively easy achievement list.