2. Black Mirror General hints and tipsUpdate notes

General Tips
cn_LS to move
cn_RS to move camera
cn_RB to strafe
cn_Acn_Xcn_Ycn_B to Interact
cn_up to access Diary
cn_right to access Menu
cn_down to access Questlog
cn_left to access Inventory

When you see cn_LS in the guide it requires you to keep a little dot inside of a moving big circle until the bar around the outer edge fills up white. It pops up often and you shouldn't have any trouble with it.

Other sections will have what I'll refer to as a Quick Time Event(QTE), but really isn't since once you have the hang of them it's really hard to fail, has you pressing cn_A or cn_X on certain events occurring or tapping/holding cn_A or cn_X to get out of certain situations. All of these are unique ways to die (game over screen and having to load your latest save) I believe I caught and made note of all of these on my playthroughs when doing this guide but if I missed one or yours was different (you had to tap where I had to hold) let me know so we can get it updated/changed to reflect all experiences of the game.

You cannot get too far off the path to completion. You will come across a lot of areas/parts of the game that look like you can access them but the game will just bounce you right off an invisible wall barrier or have a character state something while yours refuses to move further that direction. This usually just means that it will unlock/open up or be used for a later part of the story. If you are going to view the complete walkthrough I will point out objects when you can first interact with them. For the purpose of the guide, if they receive a mention again that isn't clearly using them for directing you on then that means it's a new dialog/Item interacting with it will provide. Some items will stay select-able but just keep giving you the same dialog and aren't necessary to view or interact with again so for my walkthroughs I will only be looking at things in the inventory when you need to.

cn_A during dialogue and cutscenes can skip/speed up your completion if you don't care about any of the story and are just going for the 1000G

Last but not least, make use of saves at any time where you feel you could miss something you'd want to see. I would recommend at least saving before any event that pops an achievement so if you don't get it you can reload, also before any noted QTEs since sometimes the auto save point can be a ways before and restarting from there might not be what you really wanted to do but more frequently won't hurt you either. If you're going to play this for the story as well, while not unlimited, you're allowed 18 save spots so use them up and replace old ones when you feel necessary. I deleted all saves but the first and last of each chapter as I entered a new one. This would take up 10 of your 18 at games end leaving you plenty to save/save over throughout the game.

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