3. Black Mirror GlitchesUpdate notes

As per the previous walkthrough writer; EazyE2285:

I experienced quite a few little glitches that didn't negatively affect game play. Namely with textures overlapping each other. Blood on character models and such.

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I was however able to continuously replicate a glitch that froze my game after choosing to talk to someone outside of the greenhouse in Chapter 3 of my walkthrough. For this reason alone I would not recommend choosing the option to talk to her again after you have left your initial conversations with her.

If I stayed stationary while crawling at a story related point of the game, he would randomly stand up even though there isn't "supposed" to be room then back down on all fours just as randomly. This turned my David sideways and in crawl position he was clipped through a wall and would not progress. Thus requiring a reloaded save from before he stood up (in my playthrough an auto save checkpoint was in the crawlspace)

In the forums while taking on this guide an inventory glitch was brought up. I have included it here as they found a semi solution to their issue.
Rejected said:

Be cautious whilst playing, I made it to Chapter 4 of 5 and my inventory has glitched and removed all but a couple of items rendering the save completely useless and requiring a full restart.

Rejected said:

When you click ‘New Game’ it gives you the option to start from any previous chapter so it didn’t take me long to get back to where I was before. That being said, I had the same inventory glitch 2 more times between chapter 4 and the end of the game but luckily I learnt from the first time and was saving frequently.

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