4. Black Mirror Quick Completion/ Story WalkthroughUpdate notes

A few things about this quick completion guide. You will be skipping A LOT of the story by not investigating thoroughly. If I had to put a number to it I'd say we'll be skipping 60-70% of the game's dialogue. I will also be giving solutions to any puzzles I specifically can via text for you. With that said if you're here to blaze through for 1000 then a few things of note about this abbreviated version.

  • I will just put interact and with what as there are on-screen prompts that tell you which button to push and very few places where too long of a wait will have a death consequence (all of which I experienced have different scenes so maybe worth dying a couple of times for)
  • With directions, I will be telling you which room/where to go and if it's a forced path to cut down on unnecessary information
  • Unless I specify further doing anything with an item just exit the screen and continue with the walkthrough
  • Last but certainly not least is using cn_A to skip through dialogue and some portions of cutscenes. Loading times are a pain in the ass for this game so cutting corners whenever possible for a quick completion is recommended

Note: Some of these achievements will unlock exactly where stated in this guide. However, there have been multiple reports of achievements unlocking a few minutes after meeting the requirements for them. Sometimes exhausting the dialogue following the achievement requirements is all the time required to pop the achievement.


Follow the forced path until you are prompted to interact (using cn_A) with the a rock that you're laying against. Follow the forced path to a ghostly woman. Touch her and then follow the path to the stone in the middle of the hedge. Hit cn_A when prompted, Take lantern and then you'll hit a loading screen after a short cinematic.

Chapter 1

Examine the card on top of the box. cn_B to exit and pocket the card. Examine box/You will pull out a broken piece of an object, then hit cn_B again to back out of it. You'll be told that you've arrived.

Welcome to your new home!

Exhaust dialogue and story progresses. Follow the butler/Angus up the stairs to your room. You don't have to interact with anything on the way if you don;t want to. When you reach your room, you'll hit another loading screen. In your room, you'll see a nice open fire in a creepy but comfy looking room. After the dialogue with the butler is completed, you'll pop your first achievement.

Open suitcase. Take matches. Open chest on desk. Light Candle. Leave Room via door left of the bed.

Go to the kitchen and exhaust dialogue. Open the drawer on the opposite side of the island and take the wire.

Go to library and Examine papers on desk Andrew is at. Exhaust dialogue. Head up spiral staircase to 2nd floor of library. Examine roll up desk. Make sure to choose cn_X for Use Wire to get;

Examine desk. Enter 3618 on code box. Open compartment below. Take key. Leave. Use key in bottom right hand corner drawer. Use cn_LS to move and then examine the right side of the desk. Interact. Now go to the left side and examine the snake. The button is near the bottom right. You use the keys to enter;

Black, white, black, white, black, white, white, white, black, black, white, white, black, black, white, black.

The safe will open with a key and note that are automatically added, which triggers;

Go to study door and try to unlock the door. Open your inventory and rotate the pieces of the key you just got to match the lock in front of you to gain access to the study. Walk toward the desk and examine the object on the bookshelf to the right. Then use object. Rotate big ring 22 times. Rotate medium ring once. Rotate small ring 4 times. (If like me after exiting once your game has the runes looking off centre the answer is 17/1/4 for rotations). Examine castle to unlock;

Chapter 2

After popping the achievement for the end of chapter 1. Here you'll have your first QTE minigame start to have a seizure then you will see a circle appear on your screen along with a cursor. Move the cursor inside the circle and try to keep it there. Once it’s filled up the bar and you exhaust the following dialog, you'll pop

Leave bedroom. Speak to Angus. Make sure to eat all 3 items BEFORE using the napkin to get

Go to trophy room. Examine fireplace. Take earring from bottom right hand corner under fire. Go to kitchen. Talk to maid using earring and then spiders in the cellar options. Leave conversation. Head to door on opposite side of kitchen and leave. Follow maid/light and take candle. Go straight back and take alcohol off shelf. Examine hunting map.

Back to the maid and choose burn. Exhaust dialogue. Go to living room. Examine the photo on top of fireplace. Rotate photo. Examine blood. Short QTE. Go to trophy room. Exhaust dialogue. Go to 1st floor of library and examine letter on desk. Go to kitchen. Leave via double doors.

Go up the path towards the chapel/graveyard from the painting. Examine overgrown taller grave from flashback. Open chapel door. Go back to the building on the left when you were heading up this path. Ask Rory to borrow his bolt cutters. Use uncover graves option. Go back and remove plants from grave and get castle model piece. QTE to open chapel. Locate pillars with books in rear of chapel and read them left most, then fourth, third, second and finally right most book. Walk back towards the screen to touch a water bubble. Walk towards exit door and touch plant. Walk back towards books and touch fish. QTE time. Walk close to sinking ghost lady and spam A to examine her ASAP. Climb scaffolding to left. Examine woman as she is falling again. Climb back wall. Interact with Edward's ghost to unlock;

Another cn_LS circle minigame. Exhaust dialogue.

Chapter 3

Cutscene. Dialog options with Leah. Examine plate on island. Talk to Leah for dialog. Open cellar door for dialog. Examine dumbwaiter. Walk out? to garden. Cutscene. Walk foward down to the docks. Cutscene. Examine rocks that Leah points out. Hold cn_A to start. Head back towards greenhouse for dialog with Rory. Enter greenhouse and he'll grant you access. Examine plant/cross on left side of greenhouse for dialog. Examine plant to right of Rory for dialog. Examine/open desk further down for dialog. SAVE HERE Talk to Rory for dialog. Examine the wreath that the game points you to. Just like in the chapel a deadly mini game. cn_A to touch here wreath. cn_A to touch flowers your examined next to Rory. Back away if you see the screen getting too black. First examine is against the table. Second is while ghost man throws the secateurs. Third is over in the corner where they land. These don't have to be done all on one loop of the flashback. I actually recommend doing it in 3+ so you can regain health and know exactly where to be for the next one. Once you have examined the third one you will get a cutscene as well as;

Another LS episode and if you've been following my achievement guide you should unlock I still can't breathe achievement.

Talk to Rory for dialog. Examine window where the secateurs were thrown at. Hold cn_A to examine below that where the secateurs would be. Leave through door for cutscene and dialog.

Go back towards house and up stairs to load up in the dining room. Now heads toward the study. Here you will encounter some options for quite a bit of dialog. If you are looking for achievements and still want to see these options then save here and use path A until you have used the dumbwaiter to unlock the cellar then reload here and carry on. Head to the kitchen. Use dumbwaiter. Take breakfast knife by plate on island. Go back to and use dumbwaiter again;

Your new main squeeze will open the door for you and you can head into the spooky cellar to investigate. Examine back wall for dialog. Examine blood bowl for dialog. SAVE HERE. Examine her body for dialog. Another point and click flashback. Hug from behind. The Struggle. The Toss;

Examine bowl of blood again and hold cn_A to get the necklace out and get a cutscene. From the body follow the back wall to the right, the camera will switch to you facing it walk all the way towards it now head to your left, David's right and follow that wall down as the camera follows you. Once you pass the first pillar on your left with some planks leaning against it, keep hugging that wall and spamming cn_A until you receive a message in the upper right hand corner saying you picked up some more photo pieces. Leave the basement by following this same outside wall all the way around to the stairs.
Head to the Library and to the right of the stairs is a desk where you can examine>?. Examine picture. Examine letters. Talk to Leah for dialog. Head back towards the study. SAVE RIGHT OUTSIDE THE STUDY. Show Pendant to Eddie or Angus to start dialog that all leads to the same ending. Some cutscenes and more dialog options with Leah. In order to see all this dialog, you will be needing to load and reload that last save a handful of times. Head to the Attic for a cutscene. Examine to pop the Profondo Rosso achievement.

Talk to Eddie. Examine where a cross was on the back wall for a cutscene. Examine the wooden planks in the back of the room to the left of Eddie. Walk to your left and behind the covered sofa pick up the photo pieces. Keep going to the left to find more planks and A to open a hidden door. Crawl til you have to repeatedly hit A to progress and you will continue on until a cutscene. Try to talk to R. Examine shackle. Grab cross off the wall across from R. Break shackle by tapping A. Get R to talk by using LS. Exit the room the way L came in. Cutscene.
Cutscenes where you find out what's behind the big blocked door in the trophy room. Examine door for dialog. Examine drop for dialog. Examine L for dialog. Get close enough to Examine the other side of the bridge for dialog. Drop down at the bottom of the screen. Climb down again, halfway down I had to hit cn_A. Climb down again. cn_A to push. cn_A to balance. Tap cn_A to climb up. Walk left to and up the rock stairs to trigger a cutscene. Examine table to right of doorway for dialog. Pick up bone on long table left of doorway. Examine crossbow across from that table on a desk. Shoot crossbow for a cutscene, dialog and Chapter III completed achievement.

Chapter 4

Cutscene. Dialog options. Examine the symbol on the wall for dialog. Examine deer table. Examine jars for dialog. Examine books for dialog. Take photo pieces on ground to the left of the doorway. Examine desk. Examine mini globe in upper left, take photo pieces from upper right, examine bottom right choice for dialog, take Master Key part from bottom left drawer, open inventory and examine key part with cn_A, examine middle drawer, examine lock for dialog, use key for dialog, open inventory and choose master key, add part, rotate parts to match lock, use key, take diary for dialog and take note for dialog. Talk to L for dialog. Walk out to bridge and examine. Examine long table.

Examine map, take map, examine candle, pour? option on small bottle, put into bottle option on stained paper, examine big for dialog and use with candle for a cutscene. Go back to the castle the way you came in.

Cutscene and dialog. Talk to Leah for dialog. Head to dining room and interact with window for dialog. Go to kitchen. Go outside. Push boat. Go back towards the house and examine the car. Use the car. Cutscenes.

Examine rune on rock. Talk to Rory for dialog. Talk to Leah for dialog. Head through tunnel straight ahead and pick up photo pieces in front of the rune on the rock directly ahead. Examine rune. Pass by it and immediately turn left 180* then follow the path up to the henge from the prologue. Find and take the photo pieces from in front of the closest pillar to the left of the path.

Backtrack and once you reach the bottom of the stairs follow the brick wall near the top of the screen into a tunnel. About halfway down examine a rune on the right. Upon exit you should see the two overhangs from earlier, keep going left past a set of stairs and a tunnel entrance and you should see a boarded up shaft. Open it. Pick up board and open again. Two different tapping As occur. Cutscene.

Back up a bit until you see the photo pieces on the ground to take. Examine the note. Then proceed to examine more notes as you can for more dialog working your way from right to left. Dialog and a short cutscene reveal a puzzle piece mini game. Use cn_A to interact with a piece and then cn_LT and cn_RT to rotate your piece to fit another. cn_A to drop it in place. You will see them kind of morph together if they fit. cn_X if you are losing your mind and want to reshuffle. cn_B to back out and get dialog and then a ghost mini game. For the first vision go near the door and interact as the ghost tries running out. Talk to Leah for dialog.

Leave cave. Head towards the screen until you see the identical archways head under and then head towards the lighted tunnel entrance ahead for the second vision. Approach from the front and stay far enough away as not to trigger black screen. When you see the interact circle push forward and hit A. If you didn't get it and screen is getting black go back a bit to where its safe and try again. This time the game will leave you right next to the stairs you need to take for the third and final vision. So run up the stairs and into the henge to trigger the event and work your way into an area where you can press A and not die a little up and to the right of the altar.
Cutscene which will pop the "We are not in Biddeford anymore" achievement followed immediately by using cn_LS. Cutscene and dialog. 3 QTEs tapping cn_A, cn_X, tapping cn_A.

Cutscene. Talk to Rory and get dialog. Another cutscene you'll pop Chapter IV completed.


Talk to Margaret for dialog. Examine Fireplace. Examine door. Enter old wing. Examine rune to copy it. Examine globe again to pick it up. Examine again for dialog. Talk to Margaret for dialog. Cutscene will unlock Bette & Joan achievement.

Open inventory and examine master key. Add part to finish key. Talk to Leah for dialog. Go into upstairs office, examine desk, examine globe, examine globe again for dialog. Examine castle model. Open front wall of tower. Rotate key so it fits. Use key on lock. Vision time. Interact using cn_A with all 3 points. cn_LS your way out of the after effects. Talk to Leah for dialog. Cutscene will unlock Just like Rodney achievement.

Examine model. Interact with the button revealed in the model. Head back to the big globe in the foyer. Examine it. Examine lock. Rotate master key to fit. Use key to unlock globe. Spin hemispheres of globe so the pointer is set to match mini globes. (Australia/Spain) Once you find the sweet spot you will receive a tablet of runes.

Examine it for the code to the fireplace. If you've saved some of your math from the earlier puzzle this will be easier to decipher. Examine door. Enter code. Code=6th, 3rd, 4th runes. Enter door. Cutscene, where you'll pop;

Follow Leah's instructions. Follow John's hand signals which will unlock;

Push stone gate. Enter the left corridor. David mentions his reflection so you may notice the reflection room is a little different. Leave and reenter to rotate the room. Do it again. Now walk up to examine and watch your reflection grab a statue. You will meet at the mirror.

Tap away at cn_A to steal it from your reflection. Now right corridor. The rooms are randomly generated here but you're looking for a room with a small round table and white table cloth. You can peek in some doors before walking in them. And may be able to keep doing that til you get there. I just kept entering the right most room until I saw it and went in. Your dads ghost will give you a candle that shows runes on the walls. Follow the doorways with runes from the tablet to get back to a room with a round table and the second statue. Cutscene.

Tap cn_A for 1st QTE. cn_X for 2nd. Cutscene. cn_A, cn_X,Tap cn_A for 3rd. Cutscene. Dialog. Tap cn_A, cn_X, cn_A. Cutscene. cn_A,cn_X,cn_A,cn_X,cn_A,cn_X,cn_A,cn_X. Cutscenes and ending dialogue which will unlock;

The credits will now roll.

Congrats on your quick and/or interesting run through of the game and 1000GS! Easy peasy! Shoot me a message if you guys come up with a game you might want a walkthrough for or any questions you might have about this one. A lot of the work that went into this one was from EasyE2285, the original writer. I merely spruced up and refined the work he left behind.

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