Black & White Bushido Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the Black & White Bushido walkthrough.

This game is basically a hack-and-slash arena brawler, made to be enjoyed with multiple players as a party offering. Up to 4 players can enter a game, and the objective is to defeat the other team either by eliminating them multiple times (Deathmatch), or by capturing more flags than the opposing team (Flag Capture). There's also a solo mode, which they somehow named as "Challenge Mode", in which you get 1 life to complete as many random objectives as possible, until you're eventually killed.

There's a stealth element in Black & White Bushido, and this comes mainly in the color scheme. You control either a white or black warrior in the match-up, and various parts of the arena will be in shades of black and white. If you blend into the background with the same color as your character, you become invisible, which obviously works in your favor. Nevertheless, apart from one achievement that specifically requires you to be in stealth mode, most of the time you'd just be running and jumping around like a mad man, so don't think too much about it.

The game is a relatively easy completion. It's helped by the fact that all the achievements can be unlocked using a second controller. In fact, one of the achievements may even require you to have four controllers. So if you don't actually have that, and are concerned about 100% completion, you may want to look away until you save up for another controller or three.

For the ease of getting achievements, this walkthrough is written with the assumption that you've at least two controllers at your disposable. With two controllers, you can unlock at least 980G in this game in less than an hour. The methods I mention will work in solo, but a second controller will make all the random achievements so much easier to obtain just because your opponent (i.e., the second controller) will not be moving at all when you're going for them.

Let's get to the tips and tricks.

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