Blacklight: Tango Down (PC)

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Blacklight: Tango Down (PC) Achievements

Most Earned

n00b5 (5)Win 1 quick match! Welcome to the winning team!
Field Officer7 (5)Reach the rank of Sergeant.
Way of the Gun31 (20)Kill an opponent with their own weapon in a quick match. Ouch!
Opportunist20 (10)Kill 10 opponents in a quick match while they are affected by a Digi Grenade.

Least Earned

Gearhead77 (30)Unlock all gear and weapons!
General60 (25)Achieve the rank of Brigadier General. Hats off to you!
Command Officer47 (20)Reach the rank of Major.
Hack the Gibson45 (20)Hack every control point on every multiplayer map in quick match games.
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