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    BLACKLIGHT: TANGO DOWN is a new game by Zombie Inc. (The ones behind 2009's "Saw"). It takes place 20 some odd years in the future, where everything has gone digital, including the battlefield. You get to play for one of two factions: Blacklight or The Order. Both have the same physical capabilities, and the same access to weapons, so there is no difference other than physical appearance.

    Blacklight: Tango Down is almost entirely multiplayer, with a 1-4 player Co-Op mode called "Black-Ops" available as well. This mode is basically a campaign mode, in which you attempt to complete objectives while killing enemies. There are only a few levels for this mode, and there are 3 difficulty levels. Normal, Hardcore, and Insane. While it is very hard to attempt alone, it is a fun Co-Op mode for those of you who don't feel like matchmaking for some quick fun.

    On to the multiplayer. There are 7 modes:

    Deathmatch - Classic free for all
    Team Deathmatch - Speaks for itself
    Retrieval - "Capture the Flag" type gameplay
    Domination - "King of the Hill" type gameplay
    Detonate - Plant the bomb to win
    Last Man Standing - Everyone has one life, last one standing wins.
    Last Team Standing - Everyone has one life, last team with a living man wins.

    Each one is balanced for experience, and the variety of modes allows something for everyone to enjoy.

    Gameplay and Weapons
    This game has a bit of a learning curve. At first, the low health can be a bit of a problem to get used to. You may feel like you die too easily, but after awhile you become used to the frailty, and adapt to evading damage very well.

    The guns are very well done. The shots go where you aim them, which believe it or not, is sometimes a problem in shooters.

    You can customize your guns to be however you like, allowing for an immense amount of different weapons. You can even add Weapon Tags to them. These rang from a smiley face, to a shotgun shell, to a rainbow. They come in all shapes and sizes. Each one effects the stats of your gun, making it stronger in different categories.

    And on that note, the guns just feel right. Well made, easy to use, and easy to change with the loadout screen.

    There are 5 types of weapons:

    Assault Rifle
    Sniper Rifle

    Each has its own strength and weaknesses. And each can be decked out however you'd like.

    You also have sidearms. You can choose from 3:

    The 9MM
    The .45
    The Revolver

    Lets not forget the Equipment, allowing you to choose from one of two choices for your first slot:


    And one of two for your second:

    The Digital and EMP grenades are a very nice feature, allowing you to effectively blind the opponent with cyber censoring explosions and Blue Screens of Death.

    And the last customizable choice is your Armor, allowing you to change your look and strengths. Both sides have the same classes, ranging from Basic, to Recon, to Tactical.

    All of these things can be set to their own loadout, allowing you to switch between up to 4 different combination that you previously created before entering the match.

    While speaking of weapons, it only seems right to mention the most unique feature in the game. While not specifically a weapon, the rechargeable HRV allows you to see through walls for brief burst of time. This gives you a deadly advantage over campers and those too busy to use their own HRV.

    The graphics are about equal to some of the 60$ games out now, but they aren't anything special. They don't look bad by any means, but they aren't anything new.

    Everything looks as it should, smooth around the edges and all. The Digi-Grenades look great, and the Bluescreens look just like those on our computers.

    Last but not least are the Awards. You get extra experience from everything you do. From Killing, from winning, from teabagging. (Thats right folks, theres an award for teabagging.) This system gives more to do, and a faster way to level.

    Another fun miscellaneous feature is the Armory and Field Locker. The Armory is where you go to customize yourself and your weapons. To change tags and scopes and whatnot.

    The Field Locker allows you to view your Awards, your experience, and all of your statistics (Kills/deaths from each weapon, playtime, etc etc).


    This is a GREAT team game. Very well made for an XBLA title, and it brings many unique concepts to the gameplay. At 15$ it is MORE than worth what you pay for, and thats why this game has gotten my praise.

    I give Blacklight: Tango Down 5/5 stars.
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    Hey guys, let me start off by saying, this game IS worth the $15.00 asking price. A lot of fun can be had here. Today i read a review for this game that just horrified me (Destructoid)shock 3/10 is what they gave it. I was mortified to see someone give this game such a low review. Granted its not perfect but still is atleast a 8/10.

    Blacklight basically is a Multiplayer only game. With a game mode that can be player single player (Black-Ops) but you can also play it with up to 3 other people (4 total, for those of you that cant countwarning...Shame on you) Moving on! When entering the game and going to the main menu your greeted by 8 options one saying "Downloadable Content" We can only hope they release it soon...Hopefully. But the first 3 options are the most important. Enter Combat, Armory, Field Locker. let me elaborate.

    Enter Combat is just what it sounds like, go here to start playing immediately. Don't worry about Ranked or Social matches. You'll notice there isnt any. You'll only find Quick Match, Private Match, and Black-Ops.

    Quick Match will give you the option of 7 different match types. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Retrieval, Domination, Detonate,Last Man Standing, Last Team Standing. I'm not gonna go into details about each one because if you're intelligent you can figure them out. Or if you've ever played any game like CoD it shouldnt be to hard.

    Private Match is just what you would expect. Just a mode to mess around with your friends or prove to the scrub you just beat that you really are better than him.

    Black-Ops is the closest thing to a story in this game, Basically imagine a type of Horde Mode with a bit more depth. You have a limited 4 maps to choose from (Street Fight, Tourist Trap, Burial Ground, Brick & Morter) with 3 different difficulties to choose from Normal Hard and Insane. 12 possible combinations. Not to bad for a game thats mainly built around multiplayer.

    Next we have the Armory the motherland of all things weapons. Now, when i say this game has A LOT of customizable things i mean A whole hell of a lot. Now you may be confused when you buy this game and see that there are only 5 different types of guns, SMG, Assault, Sniper, Shutgun, and LMG. well...for those of you that have this game, you know that that's just the beginning. You start with a base weapon much like any other online shooter and as you rank up you gain more upgrades/perks/etc. Now lets just take the SMG for example just to give you a little taste of what all you can do. With the base SMG you can customize the Scope, Magazine, Muzzle, Barrel, Stock, Weapon Camo, and the Tag (which we'll talk about in a few minutes) Still doesnt seem like a lot? well imagine that there's about 8 or more options for each thing. Trust me when i say A LOT. Now...about that weapon Tag. Blacklight does something very different that i have yet to see in a game (correct me if I'm wrong) But they use a tag system. Not like CoD tags that say funny things, and wayyy to many pot references. No actual Tags like Dog Tags and such. and they hang from your gun in many different colors and shapes. Each giving you some kind of Upgrade. Whether that be better health, a little bit more accuracy or letting your gun unleash its full potential of bullety death. Theres a 101 of these bad boys to collect so get goin. You unlock a new tag each time you level or complete a challenge in the Field Locker, which we'll discuss next. Now if you thought that thats it you can only customize your primary gun think again, You can also customize your Sidearm, which you have 3 to choose from plus about 5 upgrade categories for each, Then there's a section called "Equipment" Here you see 2 options. Primary and Secondary, Primary are your basic grenade and mines and the Secondary is where this game really gets fun. Digi, and EMP grenades. Now these create a whole new level of fun for this game. Digi grenades are basically smoke grenades except they make everything appear Digital and distorted. EMP grenades are just wonderful...when your the one throwing them that is. Imagine your old computer, like the one your grandma has had since the early 90's. That occasionally gets a blue screen with nothing but error messages. That my friends is what the EMP grenade does. To you of course! not your grandmas computer. So you can sleep safely tonight knowing that grenade you just threw wont cause your grandmas computer to crash...again. Final option you have in this smorgasbord of customizables of death is your Armor. you have 2 factions to choose from Blacklight and the Order. They kinda remind me of a Ninja vs a Pirate.......back to what i was saying. you can customize each one with upgradeable suits that change your accuracy and Health. And there Camo, I mean who really wants to look at black all day?

    On to the final option. Field Locker, now this to me was pretty interesting. It keeps track of everything you do. Personnel File is basically just telling you how amazing or absolutely scrubbish you are. Then the fun one. Awards, In Blacklight there are many different things you can try for. Anything from Getting x Amounts of Kills. To Tea-bagging. YES FOLKS this game counts tea-bagging and not only reminds you how many times you've done it IT REWARDS YOU FOR IT. If that didn't make you wanna go buy this game. Then just...Get out, leave my sight forever because you make me ashamed that you call yourself a gamer. Overall there are 55 awards each with 3 tiers, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Rewarding you with better XP all the way to the top.

    With all this being said how can you not want this game? its worth well over the $15.00 asking price. With possible DLC being released and the rewarding for Tea-Bagging how can this game not be enjoyable. Defiantly an 8/10 on my charts if not higher. Go Buy This Game!!!!! Cheers! smile
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    This game is a fresh breath of air. It plays like a classic FPS and not the new age shooters that are flooding the market. The HUD that lets players see through walls is great because it keeps the game fast and fresh. It also makes camping not possible, which is why it plays like a classic FPS and not a new age shooter.

    The class system is also a fresh take on shooters because rather then just upgrading your armor, via halo, you create your own gun. You unlock core, or base guns and then you can add any upgrade you wish. Black Light: Tango Down, does a better job on gun creation then BFBC2 or Modern Warfare because you can add unique gun tags and many more parts to your gun and make it truly your own.

    The game is a must buy if you miss the olden days of great, fast, and fun shooters, and need a break from the Modern Warfare and Halo scene.