Blackwood Crossing Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Welcome everyone to the walkthrough for Blackwood Crossing. This is an incredibly short and easy completion, which is probably why many of you are here. It's an adventure game and it's pretty simple with very few puzzles. However, the sheer number of missable miscellaneous achievements and the small number of collectibles make it a prime candidate for a walkthrough. So grab a cup of tea and follow along for an hour!


Total GS: 1,000
Difficulty to Complete: 1/10
Estimated Completion Time: 0-1 Hours
Missable Achievements: 14
Collectibles: 12
Playthroughs: 1

The game is very straightforward and easy. If you're wondering whether it's worth full price, you can check out my full, official site review. The short answer is probably not at full price, but it could be great value in a sale.

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