Blades of Time Walkthrough

3. Normal Difficulty Walkthrough

Volcanic Dale

Once you hit Start Story, turn around walk forward, and open the chest on your right for Swords of Dragon Might. Kill the four statue enemies and go back to the chest. Face it and then look behind it, you will see a chest. Open it for a short cutscene. Now go back to that same chest and look at it from behind, go straight forward to find a chest and open the chest in the little nook you find. Note that you can press down of the D-Pad to start using the compass. This points you to nearby treasure with a red arrow, so if you can't find a treasure, use it.

After opening the chest, go to the front of this room where the dragon is. His head will fall and you can jump on it and cross it. Do so. Continue following the path until you see some statues. Keep going and they will awaken. Kill them all and continue. You'll get a cutscene shortly after. You'll gain the ability to capture "chi" from enemies. This is essentially the game's currency. It is also useless. You'll also get...

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 3,212 tracked gamers (98% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 3,275

Now continue. Lava will start rising. Continue following the path and use double jumps to keep following the path up. You'll reach a dead-end and you'll see time rewind for the first time. You'll have seen a door closing when you were climbing, that door is now open. Backtrack a bit and enter, time will start moving again.

Follow the path until you reach a big room, the path is on your left. You'll be attacked by a few spiders. Kill them all, X button attacks will do just fine. Follow the path until you reach a glowing door that you cannot pass and take a left. During the cutscene you will get Naturalist’s travel writings Page 1. In this room, step in the middle of the weird device. The statue enemies will activate, kill them all. Three spiders will drop down afterwards, the game will mention finishing moves at this point. When you've done enough damage to a spider it will fall on its back and you can press RB to finish it.

Now back to the glowing door you just passed. It is now gone. Go through the doorway and follow the path into a new room. You'll see a weird flower floating around, destroy it. You'll be attacked by some weird monster dog-thing, kill it. Enter the door nearby and you'll get a short cutscene. Pick up the rifle that the game points out for an achievement...

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 2,970 tracked gamers (91% - TA Ratio = 1.04) 3,275

Now look for the door blocked by magic nearby. Look above it, you'll see a weird machine. Press the right stick in to go into shooting mode. Use LT to aim at it, and then press RT to hit it. The door will open and the two statues will activate. You can strafe in shooting mode, so go ahead and get some practice with it. Shoot the statues down and then progress.

The game will point out a new enemy. Shoot it with your rifle until it dies. Follow the path but keep an eye out for another piece of paper on the ground, pick it up for Naturalist’s travel writings Page 2. Continue until 3 locusts appear. Kill them and then move a tad forward and 2 of those flying things will spawn, shoot them down and then 3 more locusts will appear, kill them all. To the right of where the flying enemies spawned is a door with a wheel. Turn the wheel to open the door, and then go through it.

You'll find a bunch of spiders here. Use a slide (RT) to dodge their ranged attacks and then kill them. After killing them all you'll notice another altar. Approach it. You'll be given the choice between freeze and fire. I took freeze. You also get the "dash to object" power. Once you have, you'll be teleported to a new world where you can test your new power out. The bar below your health is your rage meter. Attack the statues that spawn until the bar reaches the first skull, press B and then Y to cast freeze. After you hit ten enemies with the spell, you'll be sent back to the uh...real world?

Anyway, look for the doorway on the left wall if you are facing the gate. Enter and you'll get told about the corals. Kill the two flying enemies here. Walk around the middle pillar to find a chest containing the Diamond Ring. If you are facing the chest, go right and look for a coral above you. Hold LT to lock onto it, and then press RT to dash to it. Achievement...

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 2,643 tracked gamers (81% - TA Ratio = 1.11) 3,275

Continue to hold LT and press RT to dash to the next one. Kill the flying enemy and then look for a coral nearby above you and dash up them. Kill the enemy again and use the wheel to open the nearby door. Now step on the device inside the room and kill the statues. Now go back out and let's snag ourselves an achievement. Dash to the coral nearby and then dash to the next three. After you hit the last (fourth one) turn the camera with the right stick so you are facing the ones behind you, and then dash back across them, once you reach the top one, turn the camera and dash back down them, repeat until you've done it 30 times. Here is a video of it.

You'll get this achievement for doing so.

Grasshopper in Blades of Time
Use Dash 30 times without touching the ground.
  • Unlocked by 1,034 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.77) 3,275

Now drop down and return to the big gate, it is now open. Once you enter it immediately look to the left for the Naturalist’s travel writings Page 3. Now use the wheel to open the door nearby and enter, follow the path to a dead end room and another device on the ground. Walk into it and then kill the enemies that spawn. Now backtrack a tad to find the door you passed that was closed is now open.

Enter to find two humans being decimated by a new type of flying enemy. Gun them all down and then go forward for a cutscene. Go to where the first coral is and look to the left for a chest with a Ruby Amulet, use the compass to help you find it if need be. Shoot the two parasites off the nearby coral. Now comes the fun part. You'll see an island between the second and third coral. There is a page on that island, so we need to get on it. Dash to the second coral and then jump toward the island. If you fail, you'll respawn nearby and you can try again with no penalty. Once you have the Naturalist’s writings Page 4, dash to the other two to land on the bridge.

Drop down the platform nearby to find an altar, approach it. You can choose skills again. I picked the fire one, and it always lets you take a dash to enemy skill. It'll send you to the arena again, use the skill on ten enemies (fire is B and then X) and then you return to the "real world" and get an achievement...

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 2,479 tracked gamers (76% - TA Ratio = 1.14) 3,275

Dash to the flying bugs and kill them with X. Cross the bridge afterwards and go forward for a cutscene. Boss time. This boss has two fireball throwing uh...shoulders, I guess. You'll need to use your newly learned dash to enemy ability here. Dash to one of his shoulders, use the left stick to aim toward the boss, and press X to try and hit him. After doing enough damage to his body/shoulder, it will die. Do the same for the other shoulder and then jump and attack his upper body. His body will start flashing colors and then he will slam the ground with his face. Once he does, the ring in the middle will be vulnerable and you can damage it. Spam X at it to damage him and use whatever spells you want. You might have to do it a second time in order to kill him. A video for reference...

And you'll snag an achievement...

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 2,177 tracked gamers (66% - TA Ratio = 1.22) 3,275

Now approach the big device for another cutscene. Afterwards, face the portal and look to the right for Naturalist's travel writings page 5. Now look at the two switches. Walk onto one of the switches, then wait until it activates. Walk to the other one. While on top of it, hold LB. You'll see a clone retrace your steps. Let it retrace them all the way back to before you stepped on the first switch. Now let go of LB. You'll then watch your clone do what you did. Once it steps on and activates the other switch, the portal opens. You'll also get the time rewind achievement.

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 2,171 tracked gamers (66% - TA Ratio = 1.22) 3,275

Enter the portal to move on to the next area.


Enter the portal now. There will be an altar nearby. I chose Heavy Strike. You'll also get a skill that increases fire spell radius. Heavy Strike is B and then A. You'll be teleported to an arena. You know the drill. Progress afterwards and you'll see the world change color and Ayumi will mention Chaos. This is a Chaos area, you move slower here. Different enemies appear in Chaos zones, although none will in this area. The game tells you about your Order spell. Hold up on the D-Pad to use it. It creates a sphere in Chaos zones where you move at normal speed.

Anyway, keep moving and you’ll find another Chaos area. Keep going and you'll eventually see a bunch of heads spawn. Immediately make an order sphere and stay inside it. Kill the heads as they attack. After you kill about ten, achievement...

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 2,099 tracked gamers (64% - TA Ratio = 1.24) 3,275

Continue forward, you'll meet a new type of enemy. These guys are a tad annoying. They have shields which they will use to block your attacks. However, your rage mode builds even when they are blocking, so attack until you can use a spell and do so. I used Heavy Strike, but others work too. Use RB to finish them quickly where it appears. Keep moving and you’ll reach two spearmen. Dash up to them and kill them. You'll then be told about obelisks. Kill the one nearby and then keep going. Drop down and take the Ship’s log-book Page 1 in front of you.

An enemy with a sphere around him will approach. Shoot at him a bunch and then rewind time. Shoot at him with your clone a bunch. If the sphere is still there, rewind time again and shoot him with your clones. Once the armor is gone, kill him. You can farm the 50 sphere removals for an achievement here. Just remove his armor and kill him, then die or reload the checkpoint and do it again. After 50 times, you’ll get the achievement…

Rain of Bullets in Blades of Time
Shoot off Magic Armor from 50 enemies using Time Rewind clones.
  • Unlocked by 366 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 2.98) 3,275

A guy with a big shield will spawn. Attack his shield until he starts to attack, you'll get a prompt for RB. Do so and press X a bunch of times. Now rewind time. While your clone is punching him in the face, approach him and press RB to kill him.

The next section is much harder. You'll be facing 3 spear throwers and 2-3 shield guys. Kill the spearman first using melee attacks. Then use guns to shoot the shield guys. Once the shield guy with a sphere spawns, use the same tactic as you did for the last one a second ago. After they are all dead, don't leave yet. Go to where you first dropped down and use the compass, you'll see a red arrow pointing straight ahead from where you dropped down. You'll see a coral above you with a parasite on it. Shoot the parasite and then dash to the coral. On the rock outcropping is a chest. Take the Silver Ring from it.

Now dash up the corals that the cutscene pointed out to you when you killed the enemies. Continue forward for a cutscene. Afterwards continue forward and take the Ship’s log-book Page 2 on the ground. Follow the path to a cutscene. Whip out the compass and walk forward. For some reason the game points this chest out. Walk forward until the red arrow is spinning, this means you are right on top of it. Use an Order spell as the game suggests and open it to get a Topaz Amulet.

Now go into the water to the right of the airship and you'll meet an interesting enemy. Despite being called a "Slasher", he doesn't slash you. He grabs you if you get near and damages you by eating your face off. You have to press X to get away. The cutscene points out a parasite on an obelisk. You'll need to hit the parasite and then hit the obelisk. The game tells you to use time rewind, but I just evaded him and hit it. You can shoot the parasite off before he will notice and come after you.

Now go to the altar. Your only choice is earthquake. Take it and then do the usual for arena. It's X and then B+Y at the same time. Dash to the corals nearby and then onto the ship. Take a left for an ambush. Shoot the flies down and then break the obelisk. Continue left to find Ship’s log-book Page 3. Kill the enemies and then continue following the ship and you'll have an event where you meet Michelle. Right after, there is a chest nearby. The chest is invisible at first, you have to use an Order spell. That metal platform on the far left of the screen when facing the two wooden planks leading up leads down, walk down it and then jump over to the platform and use the Order spell to claim the Swords of the Shining Star. Use the compass if need be.

Continue following the path, and two flying enemies will spawn. Shoot them down. Continue along the path to the next boss. The Shaman is actually fairly easy. At the start, run toward him until you can dash at him. Do so and attack him for a few seconds. He will start charging up an attack. After a few seconds, dash behind him and then dash to the coral on your left. Dash across them and when you reach the 5th one you'll dash back to the boss. Repeat until he dies. The one thing you need to watch out for is the big fire spell he uses. It causes fire explosions all across the bridge. If you are jumping across the bridge via corals during the attack, it will hit you. You need to avoid getting hit at all for an achievement.

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 1,701 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.38) 3,275

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 747 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.09) 3,275

Now go up the bridge to the side opposite where you started. Follow the path to an altar and take the special dash attack, Arena time. Hold B and press RT to use it. Afterwards enter the portal nearby.


Go forward and look on the right for a break in the wall. Enter it and follow the path to a cutscene. Look for some stairs to the left of the guy with the sword and take them down, then take a left and go forward to find another break in the wall.

Follow the path to the door with a wheel. The game tells you a guard has the key. Backtrack, killing guys until you get a key (the game tells you when you do with some text). Return to the wheel and open the door. Go inside. The game points out a spike trap, double jump over it and continue to the fight. Shoot the humans nearby and shoot everything else as they fight amongst themselves.

After everything is dead an altar activates. Use the compass to a find a chest nearby that you can open with the Order spell to get a Dragon Amulet. Approach the altar and choose Combo Rage and Frost Weapon. The Slasher spawns. Dash past it and run away for a bit, then use rewind. While it is chasing your clone, run past it and use the wheel to open the door. Quickly run inside and grab the Naturalist’s travel writings Page 6. Continue up the stairs and pull out the compass. Follow it until it starts spinning. Use your Order Spell to snag a Ring of Eternity.

Continue forward for a cutscene. Afterwards, fall back to where you were and use the rocks as cover to shoot everyone. Inch out slowly and start with the guy on the gate opposite where you are. Then kill the guys on the left on the cliff. Once they are all dead, go up to the wheel on the right and turn it. The gate will close before you can get to it. Walk up to it and then rewind all the way to before you opened the gate. Then go through as your clone turns the wheel and drop down.

Grab the Naturalist’s travel Writings Page 7 near you, probably right behind you. Go up the stairs for a cutscene. Gun the guys down using the pillars as cover, and then use the wheel to open the gate. Naturalist’s travel writings Page 8 is on a box on the left after you enter. Follow the path to the door, use the wheel, enter, achievement

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 1,561 tracked gamers (48% - TA Ratio = 1.44) 3,275


You'll see lasers in front of you. Dash past when the horizontal one is high enough that you won't hit it. At the end of the corridor are two humans. Shoot them down. Progress forward, but watch out for the spike trap. Double jump over it. After the spikes, whip out the compass and look for a treasure chest on the right when the tunnel opens up. Use an Order spell and grab the Machine Gun from the chest, which will net you...

Ready To Fight in Blades of Time
Find all types of equipment.
  • Unlocked by 1,469 tracked gamers (45% - TA Ratio = 1.49) 3,275

The Machine Gun shoots more bullets, but you cannot strafe while shooting. You can however, strafe while shooting with the rifle. Rifle is better when fighting in the open, use the machine gun behind cover. Follow the path up the stairs and kill the rifle guys around the top. At the top of the stairs, face the stairs and go down the path on the left that leads straight ahead. Follow it to the Naturalist’s travel writings Page 9 on the left. Backtrack to the stairs and follow the path on the left going left.

There is now a room with two switches, a statue, and a spike trap. You need to get the item on the statue. First, trigger the bomb trap on the ground and then wait about 15 seconds or so. Then stand on one switch for 10 seconds. Move to the other and rewind time back about 5 seconds. Your clones should activate both switches removing the spike trap, quickly grab the item. Backtrack to the stairs and take the path on the right going straight ahead. There will be a break in the wall on the right. It has a wheel and a door. Use the wheel and enter. Kill the four guys in here and touch the statue.

Boss time. This guy isn't fun at all. You'll need to damage him to about half way. You can jump and use melee attacks, which is pretty dangerous. You can melee on the ground and use Heavy Strike too. You can also shoot his stomach to damage him from afar. Shooting him, your only worry is when he lowers his shoulder, that means he is about to charge. Exit shooting mode and dash left or right to dodge it. Once you get him to half health walk up to him and press RB. Then mash X when prompted. Once he knocks you off, rewind and press RB from behind him while your clone is kicking his face. You should jump up and cut the pipes leading to his regeneration tubes. If not, rewind and try again. After that, shoot or melee him to death. He follows the same patterns except he jumps in the air and stomps on the ground occasionally.

Now use the wheel to exit and look to the right. You'll see enemies fighting. Take them all down from afar using your gun. Enter the gate behind them using the wheel. Inside, stick to the left wall and use it for cover to kill the humans, and then look for the altar on the right. Take Massive Ignition and Fire Weapon. In the arena, hold B until Ayumi jumps into the air and then press X to use Massive Ignition. It's entirely possible to get 5 enemies at once killed here, if you can't, don't worry about it. You'll have plenty of chances to do so and it can be done in outbreak as well.

Brutal Kill in Blades of Time
Kill 5 enemies at once.
  • Unlocked by 1,882 tracked gamers (57% - TA Ratio = 1.31) 3,275

Go up the nearby ramp and go through the doorway for a cutscene. You need to jump across the gaps while avoiding the traps. You can dash after a double jump and will need to do so in order to make it across most of the gaps. These are fairly difficult and the timing to pass them is pretty steep, all I can really suggest is practice. Note that at the end of most platforms are two torches, standing on the edges of these torches and jumping to the torches on the next platform makes the jumps a bit easier.

Once you get to the platform from the cutscene with the lasers, another cutscene will show you where to go next. Jump on the first wooden platform, then jump on the platform to your right (not through the spinning blades), then jump to the next wooden platform, and then the platform with the switch. Now you'll need to jump all the way to that platform in front of the spinning blades, and then jump to the platform with the lasers.

Go through the now laser-less door to find...more lasers. The lasers on the left are the way to go. Double jump over the bottom two while the third one is at the top. Double jump between the 2 beams on the sides in the second laser group and watch out for the spikes. Dash through the next group. For these next ones, look at the ground and you'll notice laser tracks. You'll see a bunch of lasers moving back and forth behind the two blocking your path. You need to dash past the first two and then get on the right side (where the Naturalist’s travel writings Page 10 is) to avoid the others. Run past the set moving back and forth when they pass you going toward the two stationary ones.

The last set is next. You need to regular jump over the two horizontal ones when the vertical ones move all the way to the sides. Once you get past them, step on the switch and the lasers disappear. Whip out your compass and move toward the arrow until it is spinning and use Order to find the Swords of Emerald Light. Now touch the statue. Straight left of the statue is the path to take.

Progress forward and you'll see some flying enemies appear. Use a nearby pillar for cover and gun them down. Go forward after they are dead and use the wheel. Jump over the spikes on the way to the door and then use rewind so the clone opens the gate for you. Go through and approach the altar. Take Massive Freeze and Critical Strike. Arena. Hold B for 2 or so seconds and then press Y. Follow the path to the next portal, pick up the page nearby on the right. Ignore the cutscene about the Slasher, he disappears once you enter O_o.

The first thing you should do is grab the Naturalist's travel writings Page 11. If you are facing the portal switch, you can find it in the corner to your right. Here, you have to use your order spell to get the two orbs to the altar. There are two little stone pillars by the entrance door, you'll see glowing orbs on top of them. You have to "push" these across the room to the altar to activate it. Each time you use Order near it, it'll push the orb to another small pillar. You want to herd it toward the altar, basically. Be warned, sometimes when you push an orb monsters will appear. They are Chaos monsters so they are almost invisible outside of an Order orb.

Once you've pushed them both to the altar, boss time. This boss. This damn boss. Basically, you want to start off by blitzing it until it flies into the air. Then use Massive Inferno (Hold B for 2 seconds then press X). This seems to make it come down most of the time. Once it does, pummel it with Heavy Strike (B and then A). Attack it with your swords when it is on the ground and you have no rage. Whenever the dog-like enemies spawn I'd suggest killing them as they will do nothing but annoy you. Use your rifle on the Skyguards to get rage so you can use Massive Inferno if the boss is in the air. Hopefully this video helps make this strategy clearer.

You'll get this achievement shortly after beating him.

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 1,324 tracked gamers (40% - TA Ratio = 1.57) 3,275


The portal will spit you out in a desert region. This is really wide open and there aren't really any landmarks, so I'll mention the compass for navigation more often. Stay in the shadows when possible, the sun will kill you in seconds. This area has no treasures or notes, you only need to worry about getting through it. Use the compass and it'll tell you to go forward, rush across the sun spot to the next shadow. There are enemies here, two shield guys. Kill them both (Heavy Strike works well) and then shoot the 3 spear guys.

Now go to the shadow the two throwers were at, and then cross to the shadow the last one was at. Use the compass. The direction it points at will have a thrower, kill him. At the end of the shadow you'll notice 3 shield guys. They'll start coming toward you, try to gun them down before they get to you. After they are dead, shoot the parasite off the coral. Now dash out, dash to the coral, and then jump off and dash to the shadow. You should make it just in time. Progress forward and hit the switch. A shield will drop down and put a shadow on the wheel in front of you, use it.

Walk to the cliff and then jump off the left side toward the platform for another cutscene (where exactly would she stash that, anyway?). Time to fight. A sandworm is in the ground and will shake the ground when it is about to surface. It pokes its head out so fast you can't really hit it. Use rewind after it has attacked once or twice and then attack it when it appears, the slowdown makes it easier to hit him. After that, look for the corals nearby. Shoot the parasites off, double jump toward it and dash to it, and then dash across them to the platform. You'll see a green device nearby. When you approach it new enemies will appear. These annoying things swim in the sand and jump out at you. When they jump up you can hit them and kill them.

They swarm very quickly though. You can jump up on the platform with the green switch and heal if you need to. They cannot reach you there. Once they are dead, use the green switch to get the shield into a position you like and then dash shadow to shadow to reach a blue switch. Step on it. You'll see a shield drop down. Return to where the first green switch was and you'll see some steps you can jump up, which you should. Cross the small sun spot and look right for a green switch. Step on this too. Return to that small sun spot and look opposite of where you originally came from. You'll see an elevator shaft. Wait for the elevator and then take it up.

You'll see a generator in the shadows. It is blocked by a shield. Shoot the shield to destroy it, and then use the newly activated elevator nearby. When you get to the top you'll be in the sun, so dash forward quickly. Kill the enemies that spawn and continue forward to the ledge. Step on the switch for 5-10 seconds and then rewind. While your clone is on the switch stand at the edge and aim down to shoot the parasite. Dash across the corals to the other side and quickly jump off and dash toward a shadow. You'll get the next crystal part.

A sandworm and those small things will attack. Kill them all. Jump to the shadow just to the left of the airship wing. Use your gun to destroy the bombs in the way and stick to the wall until you reach a pipe. Quickly dash across it to find a green switch. Face the pipe and look left. Straight ahead is where you need to go. Step on the green switch for 5 seconds and then let your clone stand on it. A shield will drop. Dash across the desert to the shield, and then dash to the doorway. Progress forward to find a blue switch. Stand on it and then go back to the doorway. The shield that rises opened a pathway. Dash across to find another blue switch.

When you step on that switch a shield will start moving to your left. You need to follow it. A bunch of shield guys will spawn and try to hit you. You'll need to dash past them, counter them, or jump. Jumping is the safest bet. It will pause halfway for a few seconds and then keep going. At the end, shoot the shield guys down for being annoying, although you can continue ahead without doing so if you like. Continue forward. A sandworm will be in the first shadow. Kill him. You'll see three green switches. One in a shadow. You need to have a clone on two of them and yourself on the last one.

Basically, sit on the first switch for about 15-20 seconds. Then rewind time all the way back to when you first got on. Then go to the second switch and sit there for 10-15 seconds, then rewind 10-15 seconds and then hurry to the third switch when it has a shadow on it. It'll drop a shield allowing you to go to a wheel. Go back to where you killed those shield guys a second ago and look to the right for a cliff you can climb to the wheel. Use it. Go through the door and then immediately turn left and jump up the cliff to find the last crystal. Hit the blue switch nearby and then turn around and go straight. Use the shields you just dropped for shelter. Return to the altar and activate it.

Boss time. The three sandworm heads are the bosses. At the start, the head grabs you and then slams you down. Dash away after it does. It will slam its head into the ground. Blitz the head, using freeze spells when possible. After it rises back up, it will either charge up to slam the ground again or grab you. You can't stop it from grabbing you, you can only evade the headslam that comes after. Once 1/3 of its health is gone, do the same for the second head, except those small desert bugs will be around and the third head will throw rocks at you. Once the second head is down the third head is the same except no rocks are thrown. Video...

And an achievement...

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 1,214 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.64) 3,275


Now enter the portal. Go straight down the ramp and take the left. Go forward and look for the coral on the left. Dash up them to the next area. Go down the ramp and activate your compass. On the left, in a bunch of flowers, is a treasure chest with the Swords of Anger. Now turn right and you'll see a ramp, go toward it to get ambushed by the dog-things. Kill them all. Now go to the ramp you entered this area from and look straight forward. You'll see a waterfall, go through it and look to the left for Strange Note Page 1. Now look to the left of the ramp you entered from to find another ramp. Go up it. Jump up to the next area. Skyguards will attack you. Shooting is the best way to handle these guys. Keep an eye on them all. If one jumps into the air he is going to dash at you. Hit him to stop him. After they are all dead, hit the switch nearby. Jump on the blue platform and dash to the coral. Enter the palace.

A Skyguard will spawn on the left. Treat it just like the Skyguard boss you killed way back when. After killing him, shoot the two switches on either side of the magic door. Jump up the corals the cutscene points out. You'll see another coral nearby. Go up to it and turn left, and then follow the path to a dead end. Use Order here and claim the Chaos Amulet from the chest. Return to the switch and hit it. Now turn left and enter the door. Walk to the dead end and you'll be teleported to a new area.

Kill the four Skyguard here and then enter the open area and go left using the corals. Step on the switch. You can now fly. The island farthest right has the Strange Note Page 2. If you’ve been following the WT you’ll get an achievement now…

Curious in Blades of Time
Curious26 (15)
Find half of the notes.
  • Unlocked by 1,056 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.76) 3,275

Fly to the big island nearby and hit the switch after killing the Skyguard. You'll see a very small island with a buoy on it slightly lower than the island you are on, so fly to it. Look at the island down below and try to shoot some of the bombs in the ground. Now fly down to it and hit the switch. Watch out for bombs, as they are all over that island. Now fly to the island on the left when standing on the blue platform and hit the switch there. Now fly to the circular one with the statues. Hit them all and then press RB on the statue. Fly to the island from the cutscene and walk to the end of the platform to teleport.

Use the wheel to enter the building and follow the path to another wheel, use it. Follow the path to another wheel, use it, and run down the ramp to the door to find it closed. Rewind and go through. Follow the path to some corals, and dash across them to a platform. Shoot the flying enemies down. Look around and shoot all the corals with parasites on them. There are a bunch. After shooting them all, look for the coral slightly below your island, and then dash to it. Jump in the air and then dash to the next one, and then dash to the next 2. Drop down when you reach that one and take the Strange Note Page 3. Now dash across the rest to a platform. Land on it and then move under the roof to find a green switch, with another behind it. Use rewind to hit both at once, and then jump on the platform the cutscene points out.

Enemies will spawn while the platform moves, so be ready. Once it stops, jump off and use the wheel to open the nearby door. Kill the 5 Skyguard here and then step on the blue switch on your right if you are facing the lasers. Pick up the gun that the game points out and then use it to kill the Skyguard spawning by the door. After they are dead, hit the other switch. Now exit this area and follow the path on the right until it dead ends. There will be a door on the left. You'll need to double jump dash to get into it. Go forward and then dash up the corals. Use the wheel. Enter, grab the gun on the right, shoot everyone, then use the wheel and enter.


Shoot the flying enemies and progress forward. Kill the Skyguard that spawn and then enter the building. Immediately after entering, turn right and then walk out the window onto the rock. Turn left and look up for a coral. Dash to that one and the next one to read some kind of structure. Use corals to get to the very top, where a chest with an Old Wars Rifle sits. Use an Order spell to reveal it. Now return to the building. Kill the Skyguard. Look at the pillars and you’ll notice an orange colored cord connecting them. Use Order spells on the pillars that are connected to each other to connect them (you’ll see electricity moving between them). Once that is done the elevator will start moving. Now go to the elevator from the cutscene and jump on it. Use the wheel at the top. Use rewind to get through the door and then kill the lone Skyguard. Step on the switch nearby. Slasher guy appears. Jump and dash over him and run to the elevator he was on...except it isn't that easy. When it is going to the other platform, you can't reach it. Also, when it reaches the platform you are on, the Slasher can still get to you. Essentially, you need to jump on it as it is moving away from the platform you are on.

Once you land on it, jump off on the other side, use an Order spell on the two obelisks, and then kill the Skyguard. Jump on the ramp leading up and then take the gun nearby and shoot everything. After everything is dead, walk straight ahead from the ramp until you get to a checkpoint. Grab the gun if you don’t have one and prepare to shoot a ton of ships. After you kill them all, the lasers to a ramp nearby will drop. Go down the ramp. You’ll see the Strange Note Page 4 on the right as you go down the ramp. If you turn around from where you found the note you’ll see two obelisks. Use an Order spell on them, they return to the top of the ramp. Use a gun to kill the enemies and then a cutscene will show a path with a laser. You’ll need to jump over the laser with a double jump dash. Stay on the left side so it’ll pass over you if you land in its path. Follow the path to a small pillar and destroy it. Go down the ramp and take a right. Wait for the elevator and then jump on it. Kill the flying enemies that spawn and then jump off at the top. Enter the building. Kill the Skyguard, and then go toward the ships for a cutscene.

Return to the building and then use the corals to get to the third floor. The same concept applies here. Use Order spells to connect the pillars that have orange cords connecting them. It will form two triangles. Don’t use an Order spell when you would hit two pillars at once, this will simply mess the chain up. After you’ve done that, go back to where the ships are, grab the gun, and then shoot the ships that show up and start attacking you. After that, a cutscene plays.

Now you are on a moving ship. Concentrate on surviving. Skyguards will continue spawning. Just concentrate on killing the Skyguard, and ignore the flying enemies that spawn. After you’ve survived long enough, a cutscene will play and you’ll be in a new area. Take the Strange Note Page 5 to the left of the door of the building, and then hit the switch near where you started. Enter the ring.

In the new area, enemies will spawn after the talking. Kill them and go down the nearby ramp. Kill the enemies there and follow the path to a wheel and a door. Enter the door and a cutscene will play. Follow the path to the next wheel/door and kill the Skyguard on the way. Enter the door, and activate the two Obelisks with an Order spell. DO NOT walk into the area right between the two obelisks until you’ve activated them both. Once you have, do so. Slasher guy will appear. Double jump dash over him once or twice then use time rewind so you can open the door you came from. Once you go through it, he leaves.

Zero’s cell is now open but check the cell right before his on the right for Strange Note Page 6. Return to the portal at the top for a boss fight with the Skyguard Commander, again. At the start rush him and attack him with X. When he starts to swing dash away and wait for him to stop, and then attack him again. He will eventually fly in the air. Use the big guns around the arena to shoot him and wait for the flying enemies to shoot that missile beacon. When they do, kick it at the Skyguard Commander. Repeat until a second one drops, kick that at him too. He will start shooting fireballs, dodge them and then he will charge back to the ground and release a shockwave. Dodge the shockwave and melee him again. Repeat the pattern until he dies.

Afterwards you’ll get this achievement…

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 1,057 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.75) 3,275

Brutal Lands

Start by going forward. You’ll be attacked by 5 shield guys. This is a good place to work on the 100 counterattacks. These guys love to use their heavy attack and if you press RB quick enough, you can counter them. Just run around them and counter them when they use their heavy attack, until you die or they die, then kill yourself/reload checkpoint so they respawn, and do it all over again. Once you have 100, this will unlock…

Faster Than You! in Blades of Time
Use Counterattack 100 times.
  • Unlocked by 816 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 2.00) 3,275

When you are ready to progress, kill them all and approach the altar nearby. Choose Massive Freeze and whatever else you’d like, and then finish the arena. Now look opposite of the stairs you came down for a door and a wheel hidden away in a corner. Enter the door and then dash to the coral in front of you and jump to the other side. Whip out the compass to find a chest to your right with a Magic Ring inside.

Drop down into the cave and follow the path into a chaos area. Kill the Chaos Enemies and then look at the pillar in the middle, go to the left of it to find the Strange Analysis Page 1 nearby. Now stay far away from the Brutal Mauls in the cutscene and shoot them in the head a bunch of times to kill them. Here is a quick video of it…

And you’ll get this achievement if you don’t get hit…

Too Hot For You in Blades of Time
Kill Brutal Maul without being frozen by his shockwave.
  • Unlocked by 1,029 tracked gamers (31% - TA Ratio = 1.78) 3,275

Continue forward after killing them both. You’ll drop down a platform, then look ahead and a bit to the right for a smaller platform below you. Double jump dash to it and then use your gun to shoot the three corals with ice on them. Dash across them to the next platform. After landing, turn around and drop down to the platform just a bit below you to find Strange Analysis Page 2. Dash to the coral at the top, return to the platform, and go forward.

In this next area, shoot all the Brutal Mauls that spawn from afar. Once they stop spawning you can go through the door to the right of where they were spawning. You’ll see three small obelisks. Activate them all with an Order spell quickly. Once the enemies die, look for a path straight ahead from where you entered to get Strange Analysis Page 3 at the end. Now progress forward to what appears to be a graveyard after some corals.

After the cutscene, shoot the two Brutal Mauls from afar and then do the same for the guy with the gun in the middle, in the back of the area. Once he drops his gun rush up to him and pick it up and shoot him with it. Now back up until you can see the gun guy on the platform above you, and shoot him until he drops his gun. Then use the ice cube to reach the platform he is on and freeze him too. Now jump on top of him and freeze the guy on the third platform. Jump on top of him and enter the cave.

You’ll reach a point where zombies spawn Turn around and you’ll see a platform you can jump up to. Do so and follow the path to a chest with the Swords of Magic. Now return to where you jumped up and follow the path after killing the zombies to a room with a cannon. Your companion says you need something special to kill them. Hang around the small pillar in the middle of the room with fire on it for a bit to lure them all to it, then run to the cannon and use time rewind to put them back at the pillar. Use the cannon to kill them. Now whip out the compass to find a chest with the Rifle of the Chaos Stone in the water. Progress forward.

The cave will soon open up into a very big area. Cross the bridge until you get a cutscene. Shoot the guy and then go forward. A bunch more of him will appear, shoot them all and then break the small pillar nearby. Go straight forward from the bridge and a bit to the right to find Strange Analysis Page 4. Now look at the bridge and go to the edge of the cliff on the right, you’ll see platforms leading down. Go down to the bottom and then take a right, following the path and killing the humans as they spawn.

Once it opens up to a chasm, go right and follow the path down, taking the Strange Analysis Page 5 on the way. Continue following the path until you reach platforms to jump up Do so until you see the altar on the right. Take whatever powers you want from it and continue up to the boss fight.

At the start of the fight with the Vicar, run around for a bit, dashing to avoid his sword attacks, and then rewind time all the way back. Use this time to shoot the two Brutal Mauls until they die. Once that is done, Vicar will do 1 of 3 things. Try to hit you with his swords, go to the edge of the arena or the middle and suck you in, or start spinning like a tornado. Don’t bother trying to melee him, just shoot at him and stay away from him, dashing away when necessary. A headshot does much more damage, so attempt to hit his head at all times. There isn’t really much more to this battle than that, so here is a video.

You’ll also get an achievement for beating him…

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 980 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 1.82) 3,275

You’ll obtain the Chaos Swords of the Vicar. Enter the portal.

Brutal Town

After the cutscene, go forward a bit and then look up and to the left for an ice coral. Shoot it and then dash up to it and jump to the platform nearby. Jump to the platform across from you and pull out the compass to find a chest with the Swords of Blood Ruby inside. Drop down and kill the humans on the other side of the chasm and the ship, then use the floating platform to get to the other side.

Look to the right and you’ll see two platforms, jump up to them and enter the door. The Slasher will spawn. Use time rewind to distract him and then step on the switch. Leave and he will disappear. Go in the door on the left and step on the switch, as well as take the Strange Note Page 7 inside this room.

Four humans spawn. Kill them, go to the main door and turn the wheel. Inside will be a bunch of zombies and Skyguards. Kill them all and go in the door on the right. Step on the switch and then use your gun to shoot the two switches behind you. Now go to the room on the other side of the first big room. Go up the stairs until you get a checkpoint. Instead of dropping down, shoot all the enemies in the pit. Shoot the ship that appears and then drop down. Turn the wheel nearby and then jump in the door.

Turn right and follow the path to some humans and flying enemies fighting. Shoot the flying enemies and then kill the humans, continue following the path. When it opens up you’ll find humans and a ship fighting. Shoot the ship and then the humans. Follow the path until you cross a wooden bridge. Whip out the compass to find a chest with the Mysterious Ring on a lower platform.

Enter the door opposite the chest and step on the switch nearby. Kill the Brutal Maul, and go through the other door to the stairs. Go down them and kill the flying enemies that spawn. At the bottom, progress forward until enemies attack, then kill them and hit the ice coral. Use the altar. Now use the floating platform from the cutscene to reach the next area.

You’ll get another cutscene here. Immediately turn left to see a small wall. Jump over it and use the compass to find the next chest with Swords of the Golem Age inside. Return to the platform you were at and continue forward across the wooden platform to a door. Kill the flying enemies nearby to open it, then go inside. Kill the Chaos Monsters as you continue forward to find yourself back outside. Straight ahead is an ice coral. Shoot it and then double jump so you can dash to it. Jump to the left side of the small wall onto a platform to find Strange Note Page 8.

Dash across the corals to the next platform. Jump to the other one and then a cutscene will play. Shoot the ice coral from it and dash across them to the platform with the Shaman. The easiest way to kill him is to attack him until you have enough rage for a Heavy Strike, then run to the spot in this picture, as his super attack won’t hit you there…

External image

Repeat until he dies. Dash across the corals from the cutscene. Use the wheel to open the door and go inside. In the next area, kill the shield guys and then shoot the ship until some flying enemies destroy it, and then kill them. A Regen Tube Skyguard will appear. Kill him, then enter the left tower and go to the top. You’ll find Strange Note Page 9 here.

Jump through the window straight ahead and jump into the other tower. Use time rewind to hit both switches at once and then you can go through the door between the two towers. Enter the door to find Skyguards fighting Chaos enemies. Kill the spearmen by the two cannons from the cutscene and shoot the cannons, then shoot whatever enemies are left. Then drop down and look for the door/wheel and enter. Shoot the human that shows up and then pick Strange Note Page 10 on the right next to a torch in the first room.

Follow the path into a big battle. Shoot everything from the top platform. Enter the door on the right at the bottom and approach the altar. Take whatever and then go up the stairs. Kill the enemies at the top and step on the switch. Recycled way-too-often boss guy will appear. Kill him, go down the stairs and enter the door opposite the one you came from.

Inside, on the left of the stairs, is Strange Analysis Page 6. Return to the big area and destroy the ship and kill any humans left over. Now dash to the second coral and then jump off to the right to a platform. Use the compass to find a chest with the Crystal Tear in it, providing an achievement…

I'm Rich in Blades of Time
I'm Rich39 (15)
Find all the chests in story mode on the Normal difficulty level.
  • Unlocked by 479 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.61) 3,275

Now dash to the coral and jump behind the drawbridge. Kill the enemies in front of you (there is a big gun at the base of the stairs) and then enter the door. Kill the flying enemies that spawn and then a bunch of zombies will also spawn. Now is the perfect chance to get an achievement. The two zombies with the really big shields count as heavy enemies, so we will kill them with double attacks for an achievement. First, approach one of them and attack until they attack, counter with RB, then punch them in the face. Once you jump off, rewind time and press RB while your clone is punching him to kill him. Repeat for the second one. Then die or reload the checkpoint and repeat until you unlock the achievement…

Double Attack in Blades of Time
Kill 25 heavy enemies using the Time Rewind double attack.
  • Unlocked by 415 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.80) 3,275

Enter the door on the right afterwards and use Order spheres so you can dash through the lasers. Return to the big room and take the other door. Freeze the gun guy and then step on the switch behind him.

Go to the big room where the elevator is. Slasher will appear. Quickly run behind the elevator, as he can’t reach you here. You’ll also find Strange Analysis Page 7, and get an achievement…

Collector in Blades of Time
Collector80 (30)
Find all notes.
  • Unlocked by 458 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.67) 3,275

Now wait for the elevator to open, and then go inside. Use time rewind if the Slasher is in your way.

Dragon Temple

Afterwards, follow the path to some stairs, then go up the stairs. At the top, go through the door on your left to find the altar. Return to the closed door and use the wheel to open it. Go inside and then after the cutscene, enter the middle area and turn right to find a door and two switches. Use time rewind to open the door and go inside.

You need to stand on the middle switch, and then use time rewind to stand on the other green switch, then use time rewind to have clones on both switches and then stand on the blue switch. Enter the door by the blue switch and go to the edge of the cliff for a cutscene. You should get…

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 959 tracked gamers (29% - TA Ratio = 1.84) 3,275

After the cutscene, go forward and enemies will start spawning all over the place. What we want to do here is lure as many enemies as possible close together. Once you are confident you have ten grouped together, run into the middle of them and use Heavy Strike. You should wipe them all, earning you…

Annihilation Kill in Blades of Time
Kill 10 enemies at once.
  • Unlocked by 645 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.25) 3,275

If not, reload the checkpoint and try again. After we’ve got that, let’s snag another achievement. The achievement for getting 100 kills with the Time Rewind Berserk buff is actually a misnomer… You just need to kill 100 enemies during time rewind. So, sit in the middle of a bunch of enemies for 10 seconds or so, then time rewind and use a Massive spell to kill them all. Repeat until the room is empty, then let yourself die and kill more until you get the achievement…

Angry in Blades of Time
Angry39 (15)
Kill 100 enemies during your Time Rewind Berserk buff.
  • Unlocked by 475 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.62) 3,275

Afterwards, kill enemies until the game tells you to dash through the ceiling. Fly up there (hit A twice) and keep tapping A to go higher until you can dash through it. Repeat 2 more times and you’ll fight the Slasher. Mash X until he dies and then fly through the ceiling again. Now go up the stairs nearby and into the door for the beginning of the end.

The final boss’ first form is an ass. He doesn’t have a lot of attacks. He might slam the ground, creating a shockwave or just hitting things close to him. He might shoot fireballs, two of which will kill you, and he shoots them in pairs. His other move is creating a shield of fire or ice, which you can get rid of by using the opposite element (fire on an ice shield, or ice on a fire shield). He might also float up in the air and move somewhere else, but this isn’t harmful.

You want to be as close to him as possible at all times in order to minimize the chances of him using his cheap fireballs. So, get into melee range, and then spam X at him and use Heavy Strike when you have the rage. If he puts up a shield, destroy it and then keep at it. If he winds up to slam the ground, dash away and jump so it doesn’t hurt you, then dash up to him and pound on him. If he floats away, quickly close the gap (but be ready to dodge a fireball) and blitz him. As long as he doesn’t use the fireballs, you are golden. Video for reference…

His second form is pretty breezy, but isn’t intuitive. What you need to do is distract the keeper while Zero and Michelle destroy the covers on the four power sources for the sphere. The Skyguard will do a pretty good job of this on their own, but spam bullets at the keeper anyway to distract him when they can’t. I’ve never had Zero or Michelle die or fail, even on hard, so I’m not sure it is possible. Regardless, just concentrate on getting his attention. Video…

Afterwards, you’ll be back in the guild. Walk to the big door and wait for Zero and Michelle. Now, the final fight. You cannot hurt him at the start. Help Zero and Michelle kill all the zombies that spawn. Once you’ve killed enough, Zero and Michelle will charge the Keeper. Attack with them and he will start taking damage. Spam X button attacks at him and use Heavy Strike when possible. He will most likely knock you away before you can kill him. Simply repeat the process. The main problem is surviving the zombie onslaught long enough to get a second shot at him, you’ll need to kill between 10-20 enemies to attack him again. Video…

As a reward for finishing the game, you’ll get an achievement…

Secret Achievement in Blades of Time
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 936 tracked gamers (29% - TA Ratio = 1.86) 3,275

Assuming you didn’t avoid too many fights, you’ll get this as well…

Famous Hunter in Blades of Time
Kill 1000 enemies in total.
  • Unlocked by 924 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 1.88) 3,275

If not, no worries. The count is cumulative and kills from Outbreak count too, so that will put you over the top, and if not that, your hard playthrough will.

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