3. Blair Witch Starting Chapters: Prologue, Chapter 1 - 3Update notes

Here is a video for all of the collectibles in the game, courtesy of Game Guides Channel:


The game begins with a pre-rendered cutscene, which is then interrupted with a phone call. Tap cn_RB to raise your phone and press cn_A to answer the call. Get used to Jess and Ellis chatting, 'cause there's gonna be a fair amount of that over the course of the game, but it'll be worth it, trust me. After the call ends, another pre-rendered cutscene will play out and once that's over, we'll be in control of Ellis proper.

The prologue has a total of 5 collectibles: 1 psychiatrist note, 2 victim photos, 1 garbage and 1 wooden idol.

Before you even start moving, there are two achievements we can bash out real quick. Hold cn_RB and select your phone, scroll to the phonebook using the d-pad, select it, then scroll to Donny's Pizza and call that number. Once the call has ended, tap cn_RB to get your phone up again, select Call History and then select Donny's Pizza, calling him again. Repeat this another 4 times for 6 calls in total and once he declares that he's gonna shove a pizza your ass you'll earn:

Once that's done, bring your phone up again, scroll down to games and pick Cobra Masters. This is legit just Snake recreated on the in-game phone. The d-pad controls the snake, going off the screen will make you reappear on the opposite side, and if you can score 40 points while playing it, you'll earn:

Now we can actually start the game. Walk forward to the closest sheriff car and examine the top of the boot. There'll be a document with a photo attached to it. Pick it up and read it to get a photo of Peter (1/43). Once you've finished reading, open the boot of this car to find the radio.

Turn to the right and head over to the brown sheriff ute. Open up the door to find another note on the seat. Look up from here to find a photo above the steering wheel. Pick this up, then turn the photo over with the cn_RS to find a phone number. Don't worry, the game will save this to your phonebook for later, but you need to get that number now, or you'll never be able to again.

Walk around the ute to the green sheriff car on the other side. Next to the car, on the ground, is a box. Next to the box is the first psychiatrist note, a drawing (1/9), and upon collecting it you'll earn:

To the left of this car is another car with a bunch of stuff on the hood (a map, coffee cup and another document). Walk over and start interacting with all these things and hopefully during your examination, you'll hear Bullet bark. He'll then run off and bring back a plastic water bottle which is our first bit of garbage (1/15) and will also count as Bullet bringing an item to you for the "What you got there?" achievement.

Facing the car with the map on it, look slightly left and notice the two parked cars. Walk around to the furthest one and on the hood is a photo of Arcadius (2/43). Collect this and you'll earn:

Turn 180 degrees from here and head over to the wooden fence. On the pole will be a weird looking idol that you can examine. Pick this up for your first wooden doll (1/13) and an achievement:

If, for some reason, Bullet doesn't bring you the plastic bottle, head over to where the green car is and explore this area to find it yourself, or hopefully trigger Bullet finding it for you. But, if you've grabbed everything so far, keep walking past the fence the doll was on and follow the dirt path into the forest towards a gate. Walking up to this will trigger another pre-rendered cutscene and Boom! Late title card. Love it.

Chapter 1

If you decide to make a manual save here, the game will tell you that you're still in the prologue, which just doesn't seem correct, so I'm gonna call this chapter 1.

There are 5 collectibles in this chapter: 2 victim photos and 3 garbage items.

Once you have control of Ellis, walk forward until you're prompted to use the radio to call Sheriff Lanning. After the conversation starts, you'll be able to keep walking forward, do so. Once the conversation is over, continue to follow the path until the game stops you and gives you a tutorial on how to use Bullet and his commands.

Once you've told Bullet to seek, continue forward to where the path splits into 3 forks: a left path, a centre path and a right path. Bullet should be just off to the right, examining a missing person's poster. Tap cn_LB to call him over to you, then hold cn_LB and choose "Pet" to give our good boy a scratch and unlock:

Now, take the left path, which should curve around to the right a bit and go slightly uphill. At the end of this short path, there'll be a tree branch on the ground, that has a photo Marius (3/43) on it. Pick this up, then return to the intersection.

Now, follow the right path and continue straight on until the next fork. Radio chatter from the search party will start up in the background and once you reach the next fork, you'll get a text from Jess, asking you to call her. Get your phone out with cn_RB, read the message and then call Jess. Once the conversation starts, you'll be free to keep moving. Follow the right hand path, which will fork again in front of a tree with police tape wrapped around it. Take the left fork, then turn right when this path connects to the main path shortly after. This will then take you to yet another intersection with a left and right path, except on the ground in the centre is a photo of Alexandra(4/43).

Now, face the tree with police tape wrapped around it. Go right from here, but only a few steps into this area. On your right should be a downed tree. If you head towards this and up a bit further, you'll find an empty cigarette packet, but provided you're close enough, you can tell Bullet to seek and he'll find it for you, but you'll still have to go and get the packet yourself (2/15).

Head back to where you found the photo of Alexandra and instead of going right to where you just were, head left towards the centre of this area. There'll be an opening to your left which you'll want to keep in mind as this is where you'll need to go to progress in the story, but we need to ignore that for the moment and find the other garbage people have left in the forest. Press forward, walking over two small puddles and arriving at a large puddle of water with pathways to the left and right. Take the left path, going uphill a bit and at the top of this rise, on the ground to the left, will be an empty coffee cup (3/15)

Face the way you just came from, then turn left. You should see a path that curves around the outer edge of the area. Follow this for a short distance, but keep an eye on the left hand side. You're looking for an old campsite with an ashen fire pit and a chair. Walk over to the fire pit and hopefully, Bullet will be in the process of bringing you an old sock that counts as our next piece of garbage (4/15). If he doesn't examine the fire pit and then tell Bullet to seek, whereupon he should bring it to you. Give him a pet after he does this, or, open up your backpack and give him a snack as a reward. You'll want to be petting Bullet a lot over the course of the game for one of the ending achievements, so make sure you continue to bond with him as the game progresses.

Now that we have all the collectibles, head back to where we found the photo of Alexandra and duck into that opening I mentioned before (should be on your right) and tell Bullet to seek if he hasn't already darted off to the small, cave-ish opening in this little area. Walk over to where he's barking and when the dog icon pops up, press cn_RT to tell Bullet to search the opening. He'll bring out a cap that belonged to the missing boy. You'll then be prompted to present the cap to Bullet, who'll grab a scent off it and take off further into the forest. Ellis will call Sheriff Lanning, telling him he found the cap and that Bullet has his scent. From here, simply follow Bullet's barks to the bushes he's standing in front of and then walk on through to begin the next chapter.

Chapter 2

There are 2 victim photos to find in this chapter.

Regaining control after that brief cutscene, you'll be presented with two pathways in front of you, to the left and right, on the same height level you're currently on. The idea here is to grab the photo in this area before Ellis passes out from panic, but don't worry if you can't find it straightaway, as you'll wake up in roughly the same spot as where the chapter starts and you'll be free to do as you please. Take the left path and move forward. Ellis will start to panic, but that doesn't mean you should too! You'll hit an intersection, take the right path, between 2 rocks. This will bring you to another intersection, with an opening on your right and a puddle of water on the left. Walk over to the puddle and you'll see a tree acting as a barrier to a small alcove. In front of the tree is a photo of Matthias (5/43)

If you can't find the photo before Ellis collapses, wait for Bullet to come back and make Ellis feel better and upon standing up, you should be facing the circular area you began the chapter in. Turn 180 degrees and then follow the above directions to the photo.

Now that you have the photo, call Bullet to get a bead on where he is and then follow him again to get to a new area. Continue to follow Bullet and you'll get a call from Jess, which you need to accept. Just keep following Bullet while Jess and Ellis chat, then keep on following Bullet as he leads you through the forest. There's nothing off the beaten path for the time being, but make sure you observe your surroundings as you follow Bullet, 'cause you're gonna need to know them in a bit.

After a good amount of walking, you'll come to an abandoned campsite, with a big spooky tree on the right, a tent on the left and a burned out campfire slightly to the right of the centre. Upon entering the area, you'll see a camcorder to the left hand side on a rock. Don't grab it just yet!! While you can get the next photo at the start of the next chapter, you may as well grab it now while you've got some daylight left. From where you come into the area, there'll be an uphill path to the left, past the camcorder. Walk up the hill and when it branches off, take the right path with the steps on it. Just up from the branching point, on the left side, will be a rock, that the photo of Hubert is resting on (6/43).

Turn around and walk back down the hill and pick up the camcorder to end the chapter.

Chapter 3

This chapter contains 6 collectibles: 1 wooden doll, 2 garbage, 2 psychiatrist notes and 1 victim photo.

At the start of the chapter, use cn_RB to equip your flashlight and then walk directly forward. There'll be a main path ahead of you with another branching off left from it. At the corner where the two meet is a rock, and around the side of this rock is Psychiatrist's Note #4 (2/9). While you're hunting down this item, Bullet should hopefully bring you the next bit of garbage, a freeze dried ice cream (5/15), but if not, tell Bullet to seek while you're standing around this area, as you won't be able to get it after the next story event.

Turn back towards the campsite and head towards the tent. To the left of the tent is a rock that our next wooden doll is sitting on (2/13).

Turn left from here and you'll find Bullet barking at the camcorder you picked up earlier. Pick it up once again to get a new tutorial, teaching you about red tapes. Over the course of the game, you'll find a number of tapes showing you certain events and with the red ones specifically, you can manipulate reality itself by pausing tapes in certain scenes. Pay attention to the background as you watch this first tape and a few seconds in, you should see the flashing lights of the toy police car being cast outside of the tape and in your world. Rewind the tape and pause it or stop watching between 00:03 and 00:06 to make the toy car show up on the ground in the campsite.

Pick it up and after a bit of dialogue, interact with it again to turn the flashing lights off, then show it to Bullet, who'll then lead you to the next area.

After a bit of walking down a mostly straight path, Bullet will begin to whimper. Stop when you hear him and then take a look to the right. You should see a pathway that crosses the "river" you've been heading along and on the opposite side of the logs, there's a tire. Sitting in front of the tire is an aluminium can, the next bit of garbage (6/15).

Do a quick 180 and walk back to the spot where Bullet started whimpering. Keep moving up the path and you'll find the cause of his distress: a totem, hanging in the air. Interact with it to bring it down, then press cn_RT again to break it, making our good boy calm again and giving us the next victim photo, belonging to Olga (7/43). With the totem gone, Bullet will be back to normal and you can continue to follow him.

You'll eventually come to a fork in the path and upon reaching it, Bullet will run down the left-hand path. Instead of following him, head down the right-path and follow it a short ways round to the end, where you'll find Psychiatrist's Note #6 (3/9) chillin' out on a rock.

Turn around, make your way back to the fork and then follow Bullet to a rocky outcrop. Drop down this and you'll start the next chapter.

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