4. Blair Witch Chapters 4 - 7Update notes

Chapter 4

This chapter has 9 collectibles: 1 wooden doll, 3 garbage and 5 victim photos.

As you continue to follow Bullet, you'll get a call from Lanning over the radio. While chatting to him, keep moving forward to keep an eye on Bullet. Once the conversation is over, keep following Bullet until you come across another totem. Smash that shit apart by interacting with it to get the photo of Arthur (8/43), give Bullet a pat, then keep following him and after a little while, you'll arrive at the White Tree.

Walk up to the tree and interact with it to experience a vision, then interact with it again to radio it in to Sheriff Lanning. Now, turn 90 degrees to your right and walk forward, down into the trees. While you're in this little clearing, call Bullet over and tell him to seek. This should prompt Bullet to wander over a bit to the right and start digging, and in the hole he digs up is a photo of Thomas (9/43).

Give Bullet a pat for being such a good boy, then tell him to stay close as you make your way back to the White Tree. Take a moment to scan the environment and the immediate thing that stands out should be a concrete structure. Head down into the trench the concrete walls make and as you move forward, Lanning will call you over the radio. Answer the call and during the conversation, Bullet will run on ahead, provided you keep moving forward. Ignore the doorway on the left for now, we'll give that a look later. For now, follow the path out of the "bunker" and keep an eye out for Bullet.

Bullet will eventually lead you to a rusted out ute, whereupon he'll jump into the back of it and grab something to bring to you. Turns out, it's just a candy bar wrapper, but it is the next piece of garbage to collect (7/15). Present the wrapper to Bullet, or if you put it away, tell him to seek and Bullet will dart off into the forest nearby, before returning with another red tape. Have a watch, then chat to Lanning on the radio when he calls, then once Ellis has stopped running his mouth, give Bullet a pat then tell him to stay close.

Make your way back to the doorway in the bunker, then equip the camcorder while you're standing out the front of it. Rewind the tape and pause it after Peter drops the baseball (This occurs at 00:10 in the video), and then bam! Baseball! On the ground! In front of you! Pick it up and let Bullet have a good old whiff, and watch him dash off into the forest. Chase after him to get to a new area.

You'll end up in a brief sequence where Ellis is left alone, chasing after Bullet, who's barking his head off to get your attention. Don't worry, just keep moving towards Bullet when you hear him and you'll eventually come to a clearing, with a tree sitting in the centre. Head towards it.

Now, if you had your flashlight equipped, which, you know, why wouldn't you, you probably would've just had a heart attack at the very sudden flash of light and scary noise that just kicked off your first combat sequence. You just ran into the Blair Witch, or an apparition of her at the very least, and these twitchy monsters are not fans of your scared arse just hanging out in the woods.

There's only so much I can really say about the combat encounters, as they are completely reliant on your ability to track the witch while she darts about the place. All you need to do to kill the damn thing though is to keep your flashlight on her until she sparks up a bit. Repeat this 2 or 3 times and then she's dead as a doornail. Your main key to tracking her is your own hearing, as she does make a lot of noise that you can accurately trace by spinning around. You can also use Bullet to give you a rough idea of where the witch is by looking where he's looking. Just be aware that for future encounters, there can be more than one witch apparition and Bullet will pick one at random to track at any given time and it won't always be the one that's sneaked right up behind you.

Upon defeating this first monster, you'll earn the following achievement:

Bullet will then lead you to the tree you were heading towards when you got jumped, which has a blue tape hanging from one of the branches. Watching it simply tells you that light will keep you safe from the monsters, which after the last fight, you probably already knew, but just to make sure, this tape is here for you. Bullet will then lead you further into forest, but be ready for another fight as there's yet another apparition waiting out there.

Take that enemy down and replace your pants if need be, then continue to follow Bullet, who will lead you to a crashed railcar, with the path forward blocked by a tree. Seem a bit familiar? Well, ignore it for the moment 'cause we've got a collectible to get here and it's a real pain to find!

Tell Bullet to stay close, then walk over to the end of the rail car that has the logs in it. Face the fallen tree while you're lined up with the railcar, then spin 180 degrees to face the opposite way. Then, turn about 45 degrees to the left. You should be facing out into the forest, but to the right of the way that you came in. Now walk forward into the forest and keep going until you can see the rock wall that borders the area. Stop moving before you get to the clear space before the wall (i.e. while you're still surrounded by trees) and then start scanning the treeline. You'll know that you're definitely in the right spot when you get a text from an unlisted number that tells you to look to the leaves. As soon as the message icon pops up, stop moving and start looking. The photo you're looking for will be suspended amidst the branches of several thin trees, before the rock wall. That is legitimately the best I can do to describe it. Use your flashlight and just persevere until you can find the photo of Michael (10/43) to add to your collection.

With that out of the way, head back to the railcar you found earlier and take a look at that familiar tree. Yep, that was the tree that fell at the beginning of the 2nd tape we found. Bring the camcorder up and rewind the tape to the very beginning (Use cn_up and cn_down to swap tapes) to make the tree sit back upright and open up the way forward...

But only, like, 5 metres forward, cause the bridge beyond it has been smashed to oblivion. Still, walk to the end to trigger a radio call from Lanning, who will inform you that he's found that white tree you told him about earlier. Once the conversation is over, give Bullet a pat, then tell him to stay close, then head past the railcar and about 45 degrees or so to the right. You should come across a gap in the rock wall fairly easily, but if not, tell Bullet to seek and he'll find the opening for you.

A short walk through here brings you right back to the White Tree... nothing sus about that at all. Walk up to the tree whereupon you'll get yet another call from Lanning. Once it's over, Bullet will start growling and you'll be in for another fight against the Blair Witch, except this time, it's against 2 apparitions at once. As I said before, your own ears are the best indicator for finding the apparitions and telling how close they are, but Bullet is the next best thing in that regard. Take these monsters down and once the dust has settled, you'll receive a text message from Health101, who tells you that you now just need to keep moving.

So move we will. Tell Bullet to stay close, then head over to the bunker once again. Follow the trench to the end and instead of heading to the right to rusted out ute, head forward and to the left, moving around the large puddle of water and into another densely packed forest area. Hopefully as soon as you head up the slope into this area, Bullet will start to whimper, which means there's a totem we gotta break. It should be more or less straight ahead of you as enter the area, but if you're having trouble, use your ears and look at where Bullet is facing to try and find it. The totem will be sitting on a pile of stones and breaking it apart will give the photo of Matthias (11/43). Once it's broken, do a 180, head back to the bunker exit, then make a left to get back to the rusted car.

It's not just a rusted ute anymore more though, is it? As Ellis will handily point out upon getting near it, that just happens to be Sheriff Lanning's ute. Interact with the door to radio Lanning, only to not get a response from anyone at all, then interact with the note on the door's window. Read this, then interact with the door once more to discover that the ute is locked. Bummer, we could've used it to gtfo, but oh well. Nothing better to do than to figure out what that note means I guess.

Equip your radio and use cn_right to switch the channel to ch03 and then press cn_A to call. Someone's on the other end, and they're telling you to turn on the ute's headlights, so that's what we're doing now. Once Ellis and the voice stop chatting, Bullet will bring you a key to unlock the ute's door. Grab those, give Bullet a pat, then unlock and open the door and get in.

Look to the right, over on the passenger's seat to find a document about another missing person. Then, look onto the dashboard on the passenger's side to find instructions for the fuse panel system that we're gonna start using in a bit. Turn back to the wheel of the ute, and interact with it to put the keys in the ignition. Use the button on the left hand side of the wheel to start the headlights, only to have them not turn on. Interact with the lever just underneath this button to pop the bonnet, whereupon Ellis will get out of the car on his own.

Walk round to the front of the ute, open up the hood and look to the front left of the compartment to find the battery. Interact with this to hook the battery back up and then walk back to the door and hop back in the ute.

Everything is powered up nicely, which is great. Let's turn the radio on shall we? Hit the right button on the radio a couple of times until you get to the station with a presenter on it. Enjoy the creepiness of what you hear, then turn to the door and hop back out of the car. We're gonna take a quick detour here to make sense of the text message you just got and hopefully help you remember this bit for your next playthrough, as it's tied to an achievement.

Head back to the bunker and go to the doorway we've been walking past. Head inside and down the stairs, leaving Bullet behind to wait up top. At the bottom of the stairs, you'll see a door with a padlock on it. Open the message you received (should be called "Your Prize") and you'll see a somewhat random looking series of dashes and braces.

Interact with that padlock and I'm sure the message makes way more sense now. Move the pins to the corresponding positions (the combination is 2 1 1 3) and voila, door is open. Head inside to find a note on the bookshelf that you can read and a radio on the table in front of you. Interact with it to open the battery compartment and then do nothing else because you can't. Do however, keep the room in mind and remember the code to the door or at least how to get it for your next playthrough, cause we're gonna get that radio working next time. Head back to the ute, telling Bullet to stay close as you do so.

Hop back in and then try turning the headlights on again. Another lever should pop up under the steering wheel. Pull this and the fuse panel will drop.

This puzzle is not as difficult as it seems. Simply pull the broken fuse out of panel slot 7 (2nd from the left on the bottom row) and then move the fuse from slot 6 into slot 7. The headlights will flash on and all of a sudden, we have sunlight again.

Once you have control of Ellis again, follow the path forward and drop off a rocky outcrop. Move forward a bit and a cell tower icon will pop up in the bottom left, followed by a bunch of texts. While we've been running around in the dark, Jess has sent us bunch of messages, so have a quick read of them, then give her a call. Move forward while you chat to her and Bullet will lead you to an overlook above a stream. Once the conversation is done, head down the path on the right, moving down towards the bank of the river. As Bullet dashes into the water, take a look at the tree on your left. There's a wooden doll (3/13) sitting on a thick root.

Walk to the water's edge, then turn right to see a few logs laying on the bank. Between the closest log and a small rock is a spray can (8/15). Turn back to the water and walk across the stream. When you've made it to the opposite side, give Bullet a pat and, you guessed it, tell him to stay close. Move forward along the path and after a short distance, you'll see an opening on the left side. Walk into here and crouch underneath the fallen tree using the cn_B button. In the following clearing is the final photo for the chapter, a picture of Barbara (12/43). Return to the path and continue on.

Keep moving forward and following the only path available until you reach a set of footprints on the ground you can interact with. Inspect the scene and then turn to keep walking down the path. Make sure you grab the empty cigarette pack on the right hand side of the path (9/15) and then follow Bullet into the next clearing to end the chapter.

Chapter 5

This chapter has 4 collectibles: 1 wooden doll, 3 victim photos.

When the cutscene ends, interact with the 3 different points on the corpse to complete your impromptu autopsy, then move the cn_LS to stand-up again. After a bit of dialogue, look to the corpse's hand to find a photo of Aneta (13/43).

Immediately pull out your phone, go to the phonebook, then call Mrs Lanning to inform her of her husband's death. When Ellis starts to leave his message, you'll get the following achievement:

Finally, give Jess a call for another conversation, then call out to Bullet. He should bring you a red tape, called The Amicide. Pausing this at the 00:13 mark will make the shovel from the video appear in the ground on the left of the area. You can show it to Bullet, but he won't get a scent from it. He will, however, take off down a path regardless, so start following him.

You'll come across a small body of water on the left hand side as the path branches off to the right. On the left side of the bank, towards where the path branches, are a few rocks and on one of these rocks is a photo of Caroline (14/43). Continue to follow the path and after a few steps, you'll see a run down structure on the right. On the table in this structure is a note and to the left, on the ground, is a bucket containing the next wooden doll (4/13).

Exit the structure, then turn left, walk forward, then left again, to walk through a body of water. At the end of the area is a wooden railing with a totem on it, containing a photo of Matthew (15/43). Turn around, heading back towards the path, then follow Bullet to arrive at the stream from before, looking just a wee bit different now...

Head down into the riverbed and follow the path until you come across a soldier's helmet. Pick this up to trigger a chase sequence that is just a little bit janky, but simply entails following Bullet / the path, avoiding any trees that fall over and any soldiers that pop up in the shrubbery. Don't worry if you fail at any point, as you will just be reset at the beginning of the sequence. Once you and Bullet enter the absolutely mammoth tree, the screen will go black and you'll be in the next chapter.

Chapter 6

This chapter has 2 victim photos.

There isn't too much to say about this chapter. You'll mainly just be moving forward and watching scripted sequences play out as you try to get out of the damn tree you're now trapped in.

Bullet will take off ahead of you and once he's gone, you're on your own. Just keep moving forward, following the linear path. The screen will fade to black and once it comes back, you'll be standing in front of a tree with a totem on it. Break it to get a photo of Fabian (16/43). Keep moving forward as the game spins you around and the witch starts talking to you. Eventually, the screen will go black and return you to the path you were on previously.

Move forward and you'll then tumble down a slope. Once you get back up, keep moving forward and you'll be forced to crouch into an opening. Push on through here and then on a rock in front of you, just before the path veers more leftwards, will be a photo of Lucas (17/43). Continue to follow the path and Ellis will eventually get stuck between two rocks. Keep moving forward and you'll eventually break free.

After a bit more walking, you'll get a text message saying you have a voice mail. The cell tower icon will pop up telling you have signal, but don't bother trying to call anyone else. Call the voicemail contact, listen to the message and keep walking forward. After a skull and a helmet roll down an incline, reaching the top will cause Ellis to collapse and a pre-rendered cutscene will cue the next chapter.

Chapter 7

This chapter has 10 collectibles: 2 dog tags, 1 wooden doll, 1 garbage, 1 psychiatrist note and 5 victim photos.

Once you regain control, you might also be wondering how the hell you ended up back at the campsite, but try not to worry about it too much. Give Bullet a pat for being a good boy for waking us up, then give him a snack as an extra treat (Just to re-iterate, this is necessary for an achievement). Tell him to stay close, then walk over to the rock where the camcorder used to be. There's now a note here. Pick it up and read it to get a hint as to what the next section of the game is gonna be.

Turn to the right and walk over to the other rock to find a wooden doll (5/13), then spin around towards the burned out campfire to find a photo of a drawing sitting in the ashes, which is our next psychiatrist note (4/9). Ignore the tape on the log for the moment and spin left 90 degrees to find the totem suspended from the big tree in this area. Walk over and break it to get a photo of Marius (18/43).

You should see a path off to the left heading up a small incline. Walk up this to get to a pile of garbage. Laying on the ground just before it is the next garbage item, an empty prescription bottle (10/15) and on a cardboard box is a photo of Mara (19/43). Do a full 180 here and you should see a path to the left of the tree that heads up a short hill. Head this way and you'll see a large standing rock on the left (remember this for later!) and a grave on the right. Walk over to the grave and just beyond it is a photo of Carl (20/43) resting on a rock.

Follow the path to the left of this down a slope and you'll see a candle on a rock. Walk up to this an pick up the dog tag belonging to Alon Palmer (1/6) for an achievement:

Go back the way you came to return to the campsite and hopefully this achievement will have been unlocked along the way:

If it hasn't, you'll no doubt be close to it, so we better keep moving then! Grab that tape we ignored before to watch our kidnapper bury something at the stone I mentioned earlier. Head back up to the burial site (up the hill behind the tree), rewind the tape and pause the video before the 00:13 mark to raise the rock. Tell Bullet to dig and he'll find a patch adorned with blood and a timber company logo.

Show it to Bullet and he'll lead the way to the next area, so simply follow him through the forest. The scenery will change and you'll eventually start walking on sand. You'll get a call on your radio, someone asking for Elijah 5. Accept the call for a brief interaction while you're moving forward. While this is happening, Bullet will bark and dig up another dog tag for you, this one belonging to Ashley Elwood (2/6).

This next area will be a bit confusing, in large part due to how damn similar it all looks. The good news is that to start of with, all ya gotta do is follow Bullet. As you follow the sandy path, you'll get another call from Monarch, asking for Elijah 5. Answer again for a brief bit of dialogue before you keep pressing on behind Bullet. You'll cross some leaves to get to a sandy isle, then some more leaves to another sandy isle that has a telephone pole and a rock totem sitting at the end of it. Knock the totem over for Bullet and let the scene change instantly.

As the war zone kicks off, you'll need to navigate the area while avoiding swirling circles of leaves to remain unscathed. Unfortunately, our last two victim photos in this chapter are around here and are just a tad bit difficult to find. Now, to the right of the totem, you should see a hecking big log that's split in the middle. You can actually walk across this, so do so to get to a sandy isle, where you're safe from the deadly leaf balls. Once you've dropped off the log, turn 90 degrees to the right to spot another sandy isle with trees on it. Sprint over to this, then walk up the slope to the center of the isle. On the right hand side, just beyond where you are, is a rock with a photo of Lucas on it (21/43).

Now, you want to keep moving towards different sandy isles while avoiding the leafy death balls. Bullet will lead you from isle to isle so follow him and eventually, while crossing a section of leaves to an isle that has a broken wall / house on it, your vision will get a bit funky and you'll hear a voice say "ENEMY FIRE!!!". Once you reach the isle, look towards the broken structure to find a wooden crate that has a photo of Bart resting on top (22/43). Sprint across to the next isle and get ready for a fight.

As you make your way along the path here, you'll encounter 2 witch apparitions, which you can deal with one at a time if you stop upon hearing bullet growl. Because the area is so narrow, it's hard for them to get around you, but just stick to using Bullet and audio to track the witch done and show her that holy destructive flashlight. With the two apparitions dead, continue forward through the doorway and follow the path. Just like the previous section, you'll need to cross a bunch of leafy sections to reach sandy isles that are safe. It's not too long and it's more or less a straight beeline to the end of the area, signified by a very bright section of collapsed buildings.

Once you've reached here, you'll get thrown into a flashback sequence. Walk forward until you see a soldier run into a building on the left, then follow him in. Once the bomb drops outside, turn around and head back out, and let the scene play out. Just make sure to move the camera around a bit to trigger certain things appearing during this section. Once Ellis collapses to the ground, the chapter is over.

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