5. Blair Witch Chapters 8 - 11Update notes

Chapter 8

This chapter has 14 collectibles: 4 dog tags, 1 wooden doll, 1 psychiatrist note, 2 garbage and 6 victim photos.

Enjoy the cuddle time with Bullet, then hold cn_LB to let him go. Once you're back on your feet, start heading forward down the only available path. Keep an eye on the right side as the path narrows and you should see an opening between two tree trunks. Hopefully, Bullet will dash in there to bring you the next photo, but if not, tell him to seek and he'll bring the photo of Przemyslaw (23/43) to you. If you tell him to seek and he can't find anything move further up the path. If you've walked over a branch that crosses the entire path, you've gone too far.

Continue along the path and you'll come to an overlook. Before you lies a big leafy field filled with those tumbly death balls from the previous chapter. Turn around and you'll notice a path to the right that Bullet will then take. Follow him underneath the first tree, then another two, then stop. Look left at a rock, upon which a sardine can (11/15) is resting.

Turning to the right, you'll see the railroad track and the signs to Camp A and Sawmill. As nice as it would be to just head on over to the sawmill, we can't do that quite just yet. Hang a left and follow the railroad track towards Camp A and you'll see the cell tower indicator pop up. Equip your phone and give Jess a call and while the conversation plays out, keep moving forward, while keeping an eye on the left hand side of tracks for a telegraph pole. At the base of this is a rock that has Roscoe Hayward's dog tag on it (3/6).

As you follow the railway tracks, you should get a text telling you that you have a voice mail. Call the voice mail contact and you'll hear a message from Mrs Lanning regarding her husband. Continue to follow the tracks and you'll eventually come to a bridge. On the right hand side of the tracks, next to a collapsed cart is a stump with a photo of Casper (24/43) on it.

Head across the bridge and along the way, Bullet should bark and start running ahead. Follow him to find the rail car that you're gonna be using for the rest of chapter. Once Bullet stops sprinting to it, call him over and give him a pat, then go round to the back of the rail car and hop on.

Read the note for a brief primer on what each interactable thing does, then push the left lever forward to make the car move, the interact with the right lever to release the brake. The car will move forward and once you're across the bridge, you'll find that where you came from is suddenly no more and that you're actually at Camp A instead. Pull the brake lever when you see the rail track switcher to park the rail car, then hop off the back.

Tell Bullet to stay close, then walk over to the track switcher and pull the lever. The path to the sawmill is blocked and we're gonna need to deal with that. For now though, turn right and walk towards the winch that has a cable attached to it. Walk around the back of it to find the dog tag of Sylvester Boyce (4/6) resting on the log closest to the shack (The winch itself is resting on two logs). Turn around to see a shack and walk towards it. On the ground to the right is a red paint can and next to this is an tin can that is the next garbage item (12/15). Then, head into the little alcove next to the shack to find a photo of Arcadius (25/43) resting on a tarp covered box.

By this point, Bullet will no doubt be barking like mad at the red tape on the opposite side of the shack. Pick this up and watch it to the end. The tape will tell you how to operate that winch, which we'll need to repair first. The lumberjack in the video will open the door to the shack at the 00:42 mark in the video, so once it's open, head on in to find a map of the area and two notes, one about the winch and another about a delivery to the maintenance shed. Walk back up to the winch and inspect the spots where the valve and pressure gauge should be. Once you're done, head back to the rail car, and climb on.

A word of warning about the next couple of sections. Until you reach specific points at both the maintenance shed and Camp B, you're going to be assaulted by several enemies at once. Now, we're gonna do our best to kill four or so enemies to get an achievement, but if you prefer, you can just keep moving over to where you need to be to avoid fighting. Now, release the brake.

As you ride to the maintenance shed, a monster will get killed by the light from the car. When you see the sign for the maintenance shed, pull the brake and hop off the rail car. Tell Bullet to stay close and walk to the generator. Interact with it twice to start it up, killing an enemy and kicking off the combat sequence.

Stay near the generator and fight off the enemies that attempt to harass you. The light above you will go out, but after defeating three more enemies, it'll come back on. Hopefully you'll have earned:

You can now just walk over to the maintenance shed. Before stepping inside, look to the right of the doorway to find a table and on the right hand corner of it, you'll find Oliver Marley's dog tag (5/6). Then, look to the right of the table to see a broken barrel on the ground on the right hand side of the shed. Walk over to it to find the photo of Sergius (26/43) on the ground in the barrel. Head inside the shed, look on the table to the right to find a note telling you that Camp B has one of the items we need to repair the winch. Head outside, then turn right and walk around to the back of the shed. Look through the window to find the pressure gauge sitting on the floor of the room. Tell Bullet to grab it, then give him a pat when he gives it to you, because this should be the 10th item Bullet has fetched you, giving you:

If not, you should get it soon and if you don't get it this playthrough, you can easily get it in the next. Tell Bullet to stay close, then run back to the rail car and release the brake to continue on.

Keep an eye on the left side of the track for yet another track switcher and put the brakes on before you reach it. While driving into Camp B would be lovely, there's a cargo rail car blocking the way. Hop off the rail car, tell Bullet to stay close, then follow the track to the right to find another generator. If you activate the generator, you'll kick off another combat sequence, and you'll need to move forward along the path while fighting a few monsters to keep in the safety of the light as each light above you stops working. Once the fight is over, follow the railway track to the camp. When you get to Camp B proper, you should see a small structure housing a fuse panel on the right of the tracks. Turn this off using the lever on the right, then remove the busted fuse.

Facing the panel, turn left 45 degrees and walk forward to find a table with psychiatrist's note #1 (5/9) on it. Pick this up, then turn left another 45 degrees to find a small wooden ramp leading up to a platform. There's a toolbox here that contains a fuse. Walk back to the panel, replace the fuse, then raise the lever to restore light to the area.

Head back to the table that had the psych note on it and then walk beyond this to follow a new path. When you reach a spotlight, look to the ground to find a wooden doll (6/13) bathed in the light. Continue onwards, following the path until you reach a dead end. Turn around and you'll see two logs functioning as a ramp. Walk up these, turn right, then walk up the big log to reach the top area and the rusted winch of Camp B.

Walk around the left side of the winch and look the the back of the winch to find the valve that we need to repair the winch at Camp A. Grab this then turn left until you see the cart with logs in it. Walk over to the left side of this cart to find a photo of Jack (27/43) sitting amongst the logs in the cart. From here, turn right and walk forward, past the back of the winch to see a small shack on the left. Enter the shack to find a note on a red barrel (keep the info stored in your noggin) and then look down and left to a hole in the floor. In this hole is the dog tag of Keith Forst (6/6), and upon picking it up you should unlock:

With that, we have one set of collectibles done and dusted and we have the parts we need to fix the winch at Camp A. Tell Bullet to stay close if he isn't already, then run back across the big log, then straight forward to get back to the fuse panel shack thing, then follow the rail tracks back to the rail car. Pull the lever of the track switcher so that the arrow points left, then hop back on the rail car and release the brake. DON'T go across the bridge though. Pull the brake to stop the car just as you get to the bridge, then hop off the rail car and turn right. There'll be a broken, wooden structure and on the left hand side of the railing is a photo of Katherine (28/43). Hop back on the cart and continue on.

You'll arrive back at Camp A (which makes no sense geographically, but what does in this game?) and once again, brake before the track switcher. Hop off the cart, switch the tracks, then walk over to the winch and place the parts in the winch. Equip your camcorder and rewind the previous tape to somewhere between 00:12 and 00:43 to ignite the winch. Then, interact with the valve and rotate it left and right with the cn_LS to keep the needle on the pressure gauge in the green section. Once the log is removed, hop on the rail car and ride it to the next chapter.

Chapter 9

This whole chapter is just a rail car ride. Enjoy the spooky show and once you're over the bridge, the chapter is done.

Chapter 10

(Much like chapter 1 being listed as the prologue, the game lists this as chapter 9, but a different section. Makes more sense for it to be chapter 10.)

There are 3 collectibles in this chapter: 2 garbage items and 1 victim photo.

The rail car will break down shortly after the bridge, and you'll see the cell tower icon pop up in the bottom left corner. Spin around and hop off the cart, then head forward, towards the bridge you just came over. Turn 90 degrees to the right before the railway track connects to the bridge itself and you'll see a photo of Andrew (29/43) sitting on a wooden beam. Turn 45 degrees to the right and walk forward a bit to see a wine bottle (13/15) resting on the ground.

Head back to the rail car and keep following the tracks forward. You'll get a call from Jess, answer it and move forward while the conversation is going on. By the time the conversation ends, you should be close to the barricade blocking you from moving directly into the sawmill. Turn right and follow the path forward, dropping off a rocky outcrop in the process.

Follow Bullet / the path forward through a deep puddle, then along a river bank. Keep close to the water's edge and amongst the first batch of leaves on the ground will be a glass bottle (14/15). From here, simply follow the river bank around and upon reaching the sawmill, you'll begin the next chapter.

Chapter 11

This chapter has 3 collectibles: 1 wooden doll and 2 victim photos.

Walk over to the generator and interact with it twice to restore the lights.Turn left and walk towards the lamp post next to some debris. Continue past this pole and you'll come to an outhouse with an open door. Walk up to it and on the left side, on a shelf, is a wooden doll (7/13). Walk back to the generator then walk forward, towards the house on the left.

Bullet will bark and run off to the house on the right, but don't concern yourself with it for the moment. When your phone gets reception, equip it and call Jess, then make your way into the house while the conversation plays out. There will be a table immediately in front of you as you enter this building. On the back right corner is a photo of Raphael (30/43), pick it up once the conversation finishes.

Turn to the right and head into the back room. The table in the back right of this room will have a red tape on it that you'll need to watch. Watch it to the very end, then turn right and open the two doors in front of you. The house on the right will now be open, so head over to the open door and crouch under the planks to enter. Turn left and walk to the other side of the room, then turn left to find a locked door. With the camcorder equipped, press cn_X to watch the tape again and pause at 00:25 to unlock the door. Head inside.

There's a typewriter on the desk in front of you, with a note in it. Pick it up and read it, then, open the right drawer of this desk to find a photo of Barbara (31/43). Now, open the middle drawer to find a note that reads 3324. Head back outside, then turn left and left again to find the gate that Bullet was barking at before, locked with a padlock similar to the one in the bunker. Place the pins in the correct spots (3 - 3 - 2 - 4), then interact with the gate to open it. Walk around the corner of the sawmill, then up the stairs and open the door on your left.

Enter the room and turn left. Walk between the beds to the curtain, interact with the right side and then interact with the injured soldier to trigger an inspection sequence. Interact with the highlighted areas on the soldier, then interact with him again to trigger a cutscene.

When you regain control, equip your phone, go to the phonebook and scroll down to the VA Office contact. This initiates a dialogue sequence and unlocks:

To the left of the corpse is a blue tape that you can watch to witness the demise the corpse in the saw blades and get another look at our mysterious kidnapper. This will also make the machinery start moving, which is as good a reason as any to bail. Head outside through the door we came through, down the stairs and out the gate. Turn left to and walk forward to trigger a cutscene and the end of the chapter.

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