6. Blair Witch Chapters 12 - 16Update notes

Chapter 12

This chapter has 7 collectibles: 1 wooden doll, 2 psychiatrist notes, 1 garbage item and 3 victim photos.

Now that we've had a personal run in with Carver, it's time to kick things into gear and start gunning for the end. When you wake up, Walk forward and Carver will talk to you via the radio on the ground. Pick it up, then walk over to the tent. On the left side of said tent, on the ground, is psychiatrist note #5 (6/9). Turn left and walk forward a bit to find a wooden doll sitting on a rock (8/13).

Do a quick 180 and walk over the campfire remains to find a photo of Patrick (32/43) on the ground. Turn left and you'll see Bullet staring at the tree. Walk over to him and grab the camcorder nestled in the trunk of the tree. Watch the video and Carver will explain that he wants you to get some branches from the White Tree we encountered earlier. For now though, turn left, and walk up the path that leads up to the garbage pile. Up here, on the ground, is a bloodied bandage (15/15) which is the last garbage needed for:

Walk forward a bit more here and you'll find psychiatrist's note #3 (7/9) on the ground amongst the rubbish. Now, to find the last two collectibles in this chapter, we'll need to do a couple of back and forths.

Go back to the tent and face it. Turn left, walk forward, then turn right to walk up the hill here. Follow the steps up the hill and once you reach the last step, keep moving forward to see a big mossy rock with a photo of Martin on it (33/43). Head back to the bottom of the hill, then turn right and begin to follow this path. On the left side of the path, just after the puddle of water to the right, is a large log with a photo of Richard on it (34/43).

Turn back around and head to the camp site, then equip your new camcorder while looking at the tree. You may have noticed this earlier, but this new camcorder has the ability to see stuff that you normally can't. This is gonna be integral to the rest of the game, so remember that you can use cn_LT to raise the camcorder and get a larger view of the screen, at the cost of movement speed.

Call Bullet over and give him a treat from your backpack (the final one hopefully), then tell him to stay close. Use the camcorder to follow the illuminated path on on the ground to proceed to the next area. You'll know you're going the right way when the White Tree becomes highlighted in your camcorder. Move towards the tree and you'll get a call from Carver, warning you of the enemies that'll be up ahead. Bullet will dart of ahead during the conversation, so once it's over, call him back and tell him to stay close once again. Move forward and drop off a rocky outcrop.

Call Bullet and tell him to stay close once again, then keep moving towards the tree. As you start to move forward, the game will save and the next chapter will start.

Chapter 13

There are 3 collectibles in this chapter: 1 wooden doll and 2 victim photos.

Keep moving towards the White Tree and Carver will call you on the radio to tell you that A) Your flashlight ain't gonna do shit during this portion and B) He's left a sign for you to follow. Keep moving forward for the moment, towards the tree and when you see the red enemy in your camcorder, stop and back off a bit. As Carver said, attempting to fight the enemies off here will lead to a very swift demise. Getting too close will set Bullet off on them too, alerting them to your presence. Fortunately, there are plenty of cues (Highlight in the camera, more pronounced heartbeat and Bullet's growl) to help you figure out where enemies are and where you need to go. And, provided you don't set any of them off, you're completely safe.

With the enemy in front of you still visible in the camera (moving too far back will prevent you from seeing it), turn left and notice the white trail markings similar to what we followed before. Walking up to this will show you a sign with a forward pointing arrow, so head that way. You'll eventually come to a toppled over tree you can crouch under. Do so, but don't walk too far forward, as there'll be two enemies on the left side. Rotate to the right a little bit, so that the White Tree is directly in the centre of your vision, then walk forward. Angle the camera slightly to the right as you do so to see another white marking. Start moving towards that to stay on the clear path forward.

As you get closer, it'll become evident that this marking is actually a stone totem. Break it for Bullet's sake, then tell him to stay close as he might want to wander off. With that taken care of, put the White Tree in the centre of your camera's vision and start walking towards it. If Carver's voice pops up on the radio to tell you you're getting close to an enemy, stop moving, then spin around until you find where the enemy is and take a couple of steps in the opposite direction, then keep moving towards the tree. The easiest way to think of it is like the enemies in the area form a tunnel around the path you have to take and getting too close to the wall will result in death by twitchy tree monster.

Carver will then tell you to stop moving, then turn left and once you're facing the right way, he'll say to walk forward. For the next little bit, you're just playing simon says with Carver as he instructs you were to go. By the time he's done talking, you should be on a mostly clear pathway. Follow this and you'll see a rock with a white "T" painted on it in real life (not camera vision). Turn left and follow the path forward (the White Tree will be on your right) and the path will begin to narrow thanks to rocks on either side of you. At the end of this path is a large stone with white paint on it and it's here you'll find a totem with a photo of Bart (35/43). Ellis will have a short conversation with Carver about the photos and once it's over, turn around, call Bullet, give him a pat, then get him to stay close and head back to the fork.

Look at the White Tree, and then follow the right path up and around to it. Just follow the only path forward and keep the tree in your camera's vision to not lose track of it. Once you reach the tree, interact with the twigs on the right side of it to break them off in a cutscene. Ellis will radio Carver and the psychopath will ask Ellis if he sees the trail. Turn right 90 degrees or so and you should see the white markings on your camcorder (they won't appear until the Carver asks if you can see it though, at which point the camera will flicker to static briefly to make the trail show up). Simply begin following the trail using your camcorder.

When you get shot at by the solider behind the tree (which is never not terrifying when it happens), you'll see that an enemy has appeared behind the tree where the soldier was and kind of in the way of the trail. Keep the trail in your vision, but step over to the left side of the area and keep following the trail at a bit of a distance. If you're curios though, this is the best look you'll get the enemies in this game in a passive state, so have a glance as you move around for some proper nightmare fuel.

As you continue to follow the trail, you'll see the following: A soldier run across your field of view, the rusted out ute on the right side of the trail, a broken brick wall on the left side and a sign in a concrete bedding on the right side. At this point, Carver will start singing about two blind mice as you walk along the trail, where you'll come across a downed helicopter. Just beyond that, while still following the trail, you should see a road sign above you and as you get closer, a soldier will get thrown into the fog as a very loud bang goes off.

This is where you really need to pay attention. You should see the trail head off to the left as the area opens up, but if you take your eyes away from the camcorder, you should also see a white marking on a tree off to the right. Walk over to this, and you should see at least one more tree with a marking on it to follow. Follow the markings on the trees until you get to a marking that looks like an equals sign ("=", but the top line is a bit janky). Walk past this tree and you should hear the audio cue of a totem. Hanging on a small tree just behind the marked tree I mentioned is a totem that contains a photo of Michael (36/43). Do a quick 180, then head back to the first marked tree. From here, find the trail once again and continue to follow it.

The tracks will eventually end, but just keep walking forward. Eventually, Bullet will bark and take off ahead of you, leading you to a deer corpse. Walk up to it to initiate a cutscene and once its over, show the totem you made to Bullet, then start following him. You'll get the cell tower icon in the bottom left as you do this, so equip your phone and Ellis will say this might be his last chance. Call Jess and it'll go to voice mail, so leave your message and follow the path.

Follow Bullet while this is happening (don't worry if you get stuck while making the call) and then, when Bullet runs of to a cave under a tree, follow him over. Carver will tell you to send Bullet in there if you're curious as to what's inside. DO NOT DO THIS!!! Turn around to the left, walk towards the only way forward, call Bullet over, give him a pet and tell him to stay close. Just continue on and you'll eventually get another call from Carver, but keep walking while he talks.

Carver will tell you to stop moving during this conversation. It's up to you whether or not you do it, as the following instructions he'll give afterwards are about showing you how powerless you are. You can either follow his orders, or just keep on walking, it will only marginally affect which ending you get, but we're getting the bad one this playthrough anyway, so whatever your choice is, just roll with it. Regardless, you'll have to keep moving forward along the only path available and listen to Carver run his mouth the whole damn time. As you approach a rocky outcrop, you'll get a text message from the VA Office, telling you that the death of the lumberjack you reported is being investigated (gold star for you!). Drop off the outcrop, then follow Bullet.

Approach the rock Bullet is barking at to trigger another cutscene and let it play out. Once it ends, Bullet will run off ahead and your vision will get all messed up. Don't chase Bullet just yet though. Turn 90 degrees left to see two rocks just beyond the ditch, with a third, smaller rock between them. On this smaller rock is a wooden doll (9/13). Turn right, back to the main path and head forward. You'll hear Bullet cry out from somewhere on the right. Look for a fallen over tree above a bush. Walk through the bush to find Bullet lying on the ground. Turn left and follow the path down, then interact with Bullet to start the next chapter.

Chapter 14

There is 1 victim photo in this chapter.

The start of this chapter isn't too complex. You'll be walking through the same stretch of ravine over and over again, carrying Bullet until Ellis passes out. DO NOT hold cn_LB to put Bullet down, as this will have a major effect on your relationship with him, and we're not leaving our best bud behind. Just keep walking and after many loops through the area, Ellis will pass out and Bullet will be gone.

When you wake up, follow the path forward and instead of looping around, you'll find yourself in a new area with a red tree and a left and right path before you. Go down the left and voices will start talking on the radio. Follow this path around while looking at the ground on the left side. On a rock, you'll see a photo of Paul (37/43). Pick this up, then walk to the end of the path. Turn around, then walk back to find the way you came is now sealed off. Turn around again, then walk into the pathway on your right that has appeared here.

Go straight across this intersection, then turn left at the next fork. Follow this path all the way around, going straight on until you're back at the red tree. Continue to follow the path in front of you, then at the next intersection, go right (you'll see the red tree again to your left). Head into the tunnel and you'll get a phone call from Sheriff Lanning. Answer it while you continue to push forward. Ellis will eventually trip and get up at a new place in the ravine, which signals the start of the next chapter.

Chapter 15

There are 3 victim photos in this chapter.

Walk forward to see Carver fade out of existence and the dead deer from before. Turn around and equip your flashlight, then walk into the tunnel. Directly along this path will be three totems. The first has a photo of Damian (38/43), the second a photo of Matthias (39/43) and the final photo is of Simon (40/43). You may have earned it earlier, but during my first playthrough, this is where I earned:

Just past the the final totem is a clearing, where you'll get a text. Equip your phone, read it, then look up to the ceiling.

You'll now be in a dark area, with hive like holes in the ceiling holding monsters. Use your flashlight to kill 5 of them, after which you'll be teleported away to a new area. Follow the path to a stone slab, that has a blue tape on it. Watch it, then turn around and walk forward. As you do so, you'll get a phone call, answer it. Keep moving forward and you'll be dropped into the water. After the cutscene that plays here you will earn:

Chapter 16

This chapter has 2 collectibles: 1 wooden doll and 1 psychiatrist note.

Upon gaining control again, walk over to the tent and pick up the wooden doll (10/13) sitting inside. Then, turn 180 degrees and walk over to a large rock, upon which psychiatrist's note #2 (8/9) is resting upon. Turn right, then walk over to the rock marked with white paint, next to the hill. There's a blue tape sitting on here, showing you that Carver has taken Peter to the basement of a house, leaving a trail of paint along the way. Upon exiting the video, you'll see said house upon the top of the hill. Walk up the hill to the house and climb the stairs outside. Open the door and head inside to start the final chapter.

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