7. Blair Witch Finale: Chapter 17Update notes

Chapter 17

There are 7 collectibles in this chapter: 3 wooden dolls, 1 psychiatrist note and 3 victim photos.

Be ready for a long and slow chapter, 'cause the last portion of this game goes on for a very long time. Ellis will tape the torch to his camcorder, allowing you to actually see what's going on in the house while also allowing you to see the trail's that Carver has left for you. Open the door in the corner with the markings (the other two are locked) and follow the main path through the house. You may notice that walking through the door is something of an issue and that's because for whatever reason, you need to angle yourself to the side as you move through each door. It's annoying as hell, but that's just how it is (at time of writing anyway).

When you reach the stairway, look to the right to find an open doorway. Walk through this and in the back right corner of this room is a table with psychiatrist's note #7 on it (9/9). Picking it up will unlock:

Turn around and walk back to the stairs. Walking to the right, you'll see the door you need to get through under the stairway, but it's locked. Head upstairs, go left through the 2nd doorway (the first is blocked), turn left again and move straight through the next room into the last one. Turn left and on a bedside table is a key. Go back downstairs, making a u turn at the bottom of them to find the door underneath the stairs which you can now unlock. Open it up and head inside, down the stairs into the basement. Open the door to find yourself back at the beginning of the house.

Open the door in the corner again and start walking forward. Say hi to the Blair Witch as she busts through the window (this cannot be avoided) and then open the door on your right. Walk across the room, then open the only available door on the right to come back to the first corridor we walked down. Follow the path around to the basement under the stairs, which will be locked again. Across from this is an open doorway. Enter this, then take the next left, then go left again to see a hole in the wall. Enter this to find a red tape, which you'll want to watch now.

Turn around and leave the hole in the wall, then exit the room you're currently in. On the left, you should see an open door, but DO NOT go through yet. Instead, enter the room directly across from you (the one that had the psychiatrist's note in it before) and walk across to the shelving unit to find a battery. Remember the radio in the bunker from chapter 4? This is the battery we're gonna use to power it in our next playthrough.

Turn around and go through the open door, which you should recognise as the one from the end of the previous tape we watched. Walk to the other door and open it. Follow the path and you'll hear Peter crying along the way. As you round the corner at the end of the corridor, you'll see a fire in the room ahead of you. Open the door on the left and enter the room. Turn right and enter the next small hallway and open the next door.

As you move through the corridor, the house will start rebuilding itself. Just follow the only path forward and the scene will change to a concrete box. Walk up to the wall, turn around, then move forward to walk up the stairs. Follow the path up the stairs and into a nice little sun-room looking thing at the top of the house and then watch as all that perfectly pristine upholstery gets torn asunder and the house goes back to its previous state.

Turn around and open the door behind you. Make a left and open the door at the end of the hallway. You'll see markings on your camera that read "No happy ending" and "You are for her". The open door on the right will shut, so enter the door beside it, then turn left and enter the next room. You'll get a message from Jess that ties into the "I don't love you anymore" message on the wall in front of you, but persevere and enter the doorway on the right, then open the door on the right hand wall ahead of you. Follow the path and open the door ahead of you, then keep following the path to come back to the beginning of the house, albeit slightly more overgrown this time.

Open the middle door yet again and keep moving forward as Sheriff Lanning talks to Carver. When Carver says "I like the quiet", you'll be coming upon an intersection. Look to the right to find a totem with a photo of Matthew (41/43) hanging from the ceiling. Turn around and follow the path underneath the collapsed portion of the house. You'll get a call on the radio, answer it to open up a new pathway on the left side of the room you're now in. Head through here, following the only path around to find Sheriff Lanning investigating something. Interact with him to kill him (you read that right) and then turn around and walk on through the door.

Through the next door, you'll see a note on the ground saying "Careful" in your camcorder. As you move forward, you'll get a message on your phone, which you can read if you want to. As you move forward, you'll see another message saying "Don't look" and if you push forward just a little bit more you'll see the witch in your camcorder. Now, the easiest thing to do is stare directly at the ground and follow the path marked in the camcorder. This will bring you to a stairway going down, so go down stairs. Keep following the trail and when it veers off to the left into a room you can't enter, walk around to the right, while still looking down, and hug the left wall to then find another doorway to enter. This will bring you back to the trail and will take you down the stairs into the basement.

Open the door down here and follow the path until you see a room to the left and blood in the hallway in front of you. Enter the left doorway, then turn right and follow the trail though a hole in the hall. Keep moving to come to a closed door, open it. There'll be a stairway on your left. Go down the stairs on the right to find a picture of Conrad (42/43) on the ground amidst the vines. Walk back up stairs and simply follow the path, soaking in the story and spooks along the way. When the sequence leaves you facing a wall with blood on it, turn around and open the door ahead of you. Walk forward and follow the path again to a door on the left, opening and entering it, then turning left again to find a desk behind a bloodstain on the ground.

Pick up the file on the table to change the scene, then turn around and walk forward to make the TV turn on. Turn around and walk to door that has appeared on the wall, open it and follow the path around to reach a hospital door. Open this and you'll be back in the attic room from before (the one that went from nice to decrepit). On the table on the right is a wooden doll (11/13) that you'll need to pick up to advance the story. Turn around and walk out the door.

Follow the path and you'll hear some soldiers talking. Climb the stairs and when they close the door on you, enter the door on the left, then turn right and head through the doorway into the room with a bunch of soldiers in it. Walk through the group to light bulb above the beds, then watch the wall crumble away. Turn around and walk forward into the next room, then turn right and open the door. Follow the path, enjoy the atmosphere and spooks as you wander and you'll eventually be teleported to a new room. Open the door, walk forward, then go through the door under the stairs to go down to the basement. Walk through the water, following the only path available and once you walk through a door, walk over to the next door to be surprised by the Lumberjack being flung back as he opens the door ahead of you.

Walking forward, you'll begin to hear the audio cue of a totem, but we're not quite at it just yet. Walk over to the lever and interact with it to kill the Lumberjack upstairs, then turn left and walk through the door ahead of you. Walk upstairs and turn left to enter the sawmill and on your left as you enter will be the totem you can hear. Break it to find a photo of Paul (43/43) and unlock:

Look to the right and you'll see the dead Lumberjack, then look left again to find a doorway. Go through this and follow the only path to find a room with hanging chairs and a collapsed area. Look familiar at all? Press cn_X to watch the tape and rewind to any point before 00:11 to clear the debris. Walk forward into the cleared area, then when you reach the door, play the video to destroy the wall ahead and move forward. Take a left here to open another door at the end of the hall and while moving into this new area, you'll get a text. Follow the path forward, keeping the camera down to avoid the enemy in the area, and once the path becomes a bit more singular, just move forward in the only way possible. Go down the stair well when you reach it and keep following the trail in the camcorder. Don't be too eager though, because you could walk into the enemy wandering down here and that'll give you a good scare if it happens out of the blue. Just follow the path until you hear the Commander rattling off the names of the soliders whose dog tags we collected earlier, whereupon it's safe to look up and navigate by eye.

Move forward the only way possible and you'll come across a crate with a helmet on it. Next to the helmet is a photo of Ellis and the other soldiers. Turn left, keep moving forward and at the end of the hall is a door. Open it up and you'll be back in the attic room with another wooden doll on the table to the right (12/13) that you'll have to pick up to advance the story. Leave the room the way you came to see the scenery change and follow the path forward. Walk through the open door at the end of the path to enter a room with a curtain. Walk over to the curtain and let the scene change again, then turn around and open the door on the left.

Walk through the door, soak in the story and keep moving forward. When you reach the end, look at the door to see the eyes in the camcorder, which will trigger a fade to black. The screen will re-emerge shortly after and then you can open the door. Follow the linear path to two doorways, go through the one on the left. In this room, spin around in circles to make the scenery change and walk up to areas where you notice differences. You'll see a brief story scene (legit 2 seconds) and then be teleported to a brick box. You'll then be teleported out of said box and back to the room from before.

Walk through the doorway to see the Blair Witch symbol on the wall, then get teleported to a new area with a light spilling blood as it swings. Turn right, follow the path and when you get through the next door, point that camera down and follow the trail to avoid the enemy. Be careful with this one, as the witch walks through one of the doorways you need to go through to progress. Just follow the path and if you get cut off by the environment, carefully scan the area around you for an alternate way around, then make your way back to the trail. When you go through a doorway that leads to some stairs going down, you're safe for the time being.

Make a left at the bottom of the stairs and enter a room that has a red toolbox on a table on the right. Inside this is a red tape. Watch it to trigger the next scene, whereupon you'll need to spin around and run into the corner to hide from the Blair Witch herself. Stare at the corner and use the cn_RS to keep your vision on the corner as it gets pulled away. Once Ellis brings the camera back up, turn around and follow the only path forward. Along the way will be a photo on a table, pick it up, then head left through a door. You'll come to room with four doors that will then bend in the centre. Pick either of the open doors and follow the path through, leading you to a room bathed in red light.

Walk up the slope to the left, get knocked down, turn around and walk back up a different slope with red light, get spooked by a boy, keep following the path and you'll see a woman standing in the corner. When she disappears, turn right and follow the markings / only path forward. Ellis will start sprinting as the world around him and his vision get all funky. You'll then be teleported back in front of a door, which upon opening will fling you into the next scene. You'll regain proper control in front of a Blair Witch symbol and looking downwards, you'll see yet another photo, so pick it up. Turn around, open the door ahead of you and arrive back in the room with the dolls.

Pick up the doll on the table to the right for wooden doll number 13 (13/13) and unlock:

Your vision will now be all red and angry, which is fitting considering what we're about to do. Turn around and follow the path forward, attacking the enemies that have been harassing us throughout the house along the way. When the path opens up to a more open area, turn left to find the stairs going down. Walk down them, then turn left to bust open the closed door, then head through. In this room, if you turn right, you'll see someone standing in the corner. Looking at them will kill them and make them disappear. As we're already well on the way to the bad ending, feel free to murder as you walk through these next few rooms, as there'll be a few people along the way. Anyway, turn left to break open the next door and enter this room, turning left in the process to find the door leading to the stairwell. Walk downstairs and turn left to bust open another door, then when you enter the room, turn left again to enter the next room. Walk across to the opposite door, but then turn left to find yourself across the hall from the door under the stairs to go down to the basement. Go downstairs to bring everything back to normal and head into the basement proper.

Follow the path around to find the area Peter was being held in, with a trapdoor on the right side of the room. Interact with it to find that the trapdoor is locked. Turn around walk over to the table as Carver contacts Ellis to tell him where the key is. Grab the key when you're able to, unlock the trap door, then interact with it again to open it. Drop down into the hole, then turn left and crouch, moving forward along the only path available. Upon reaching a bramble tunnel, Ellis will crawl in himself and kick off the last set of story scenes.

Once the main cutscene itself is over, you'll get some text describing what happened to the other characters as a result of your choices. When this segment starts you'll receive the following:


And that's our first playthrough done. You should now only have 3 achievements left to earn, all of which can be done in our next playthrough, but a quick note about the Last Goodbye achievement. If you followed everything I did to the letter, that should earn the achievement for you, but if not, you'll need to try it again on a seperate run to the next one, as destroying the totems will void the good ending of the next run. It's possible to get the exact same ending sequence with Bullet as the one that's needed for the achievement, but not actually get the achievement, so it's either a little buggy, or it requires so very specific stuff to earn, but this is what unlocked it for me.

So, back at the main menu, hit new game and get ready for one more run.

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