8. Blair Witch Playthrough 2: PacifistUpdate notes

Playthrough 2

So, for this playthrough, there are some very specific things we need to do to nab our last 3 achievements. The first is to activate the radio in the bunker using the battery we picked up in our previous run to find out what happened to Peter. Then, we need to get the good ending, which ties into the other 2 achievements.

In order to get the good ending, you need to complete the game without killing any monsters with the flashlight and without destroying any totems. Then, during the last chapter, you cannot kill Sheriff Lanning or the Lumberjack (like we did last time). Yes, you can totally just walk on by without any issue whatsoever, you just have to make the choice to move on.

I'm not gonna rewrite the whole walkthrough with this pacifist style in mind, but I'll give a brief note on how to handle the combat encounters without setting them off. But first, a couple of tips.

  1. Don't equip the flashlight at any point, use the camcorder's night vision instead.
  2. Crank the brightness up to max to if you want to make things even easier (you can do this at a normal brightness setting though)
  3. Feel free to ignore phone calls, radio calls and all that other nonsense to make this playthrough faster.

Don't worry, this is far easier than you might think it is and will only take about 2 hours or so to beat. Now, for the combat scenarios you'll need to avoid:

Chapter 4

First, when you get to the white tree, go to the bunker and go down the stairs and open the door with the padlock code 2 - 1 - 1 - 3. Interact with the radio twice to earn the achievement:

Provided of course, you picked up the damn battery for it in the last chapter of the previous playthrough.

Now, the first combat encounter occurs after Bullet runs into the bushes and you get all turned around for a little bit. Upon catching up with Bullet, there'll be a monster dead ahead of you. Tell Bullet to stay close, then angle yourself about 45 degrees to the right and hug the wall of the area until you come to the abandoned rail car with the collapsed tree. Crossing past where the tree was and triggering the chat with Sheriff Lanning will make you safe.

Next, when you get back to the White Tree, chat with Lanning, but then make your way towards the bunker. Follow this around to his car to avoid the enemies and when you arrive at it, you're safe.

Chapter 6

While in the tree, there'll be a point where you'll be locked in a room with a totem that the game wants you to break. Simply wander around the room and ignore the totem and after a bit, you'll be teleported back to the tunnel.

Chapter 7

The enemy encounter will occur after reaching a sandy isle after you hear "ENEMY FIRE!". Not much else to say other than sprint and follow the path. Getting out onto a long sandy stretch will render you relatively safe, but the end of the sequence is up ahead.

Chapter 8

Yeah, ya gotta do the whole rail car thing to get the winch parts without the rail car and the generators. Basically, park the rail car at Camp A, then follow the tracks to the maintenance shed and Camp B using the camcorder's nightvision. Provided that you stick to the railway tracks and the predefined paths AND you keep Bullet close, you'll be able to get the parts and return to Camp A without setting off a single enemy. When you get to the maintenance shed, walk around the right side to get to the back window and wait by the window for Bullet to fetch the pressure gauge and remember to use cn_LT to raise the camcorder to your face and get a better look at what's around you in the nightvision. You might slow down, sure, but it's better to get a good look at where you're going than to run straight into a monster and get murderated.

As for getting through Camp B, simply stick to the railway tracks to avoid the enemies. When you get to the actual logging site, you'll be safe to get the valve wheel. Then, on your way back, stick to the tracks again to avoid the enemies once more. When you get to the bridge that leads back to Camp A, you'll be safe.

Chapter 15

After looking up at the witch and being plunged into darkness, get the camcorder out and start moving around. You're looking for a marking that looks like a square arch, which highlights the exit to this area. Simple walk on over and head through it.

Chapter 17

This plays out mostly the same, but you'll need to make some important choices to get the good ending. With the sheriff and the lumberjack, simply ignore the interaction prompts with the sheriff and the lever and walk through the doors nearby. You might need to open the door a couple times, but the witch will let you through. Then, towards the end, instead of breaking the final wooden doll and triggering berserk mode, simply press cn_B to put the doll in your backpack and then walk down to the basement on your own.

At the end of this run, you'll earn the following achievements:


With that, our time together comes to an end. Congratulations on your completion and I hope you enjoyed playing Blair Witch!

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