1. Blasphemous Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the walkthrough for Blasphemous! This game is a Metroidvania-style platformer with design inspirations from Dark Souls and Christian iconography. You will explore a large nonlinear map, collect many items, and kill some very large bosses in a journey to rid the land of Cvstodia of a magical guilt curse.

The game has several missable achievements, particularly one that requires failing a quest, and several achievements for various types of collectibles. As such, you will need at least two playthroughs. The main walkthrough will guide you to 100% save file completion, including both bad and good endings. A follow-up playthrough will address the missable achievements and give guidelines for hitting any of those you may have missed in your first playthrough.

An appendix with a list and map of collectible locations is at the end, in case you are just coming in to the walkthrough to clean that up.

NOTE: In July 2020, a title update called The Stir of Dawn was released. This update added quality of life improvements and a new game plus mode, but no new achievements.

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