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    Easy Blast.

    This game is an easy blast for £3.99, nothing too special but what it does it does well. You take on waves of enemies in Survival or Slaughter modes. Survival has you surviving against wave after waves of enemies until you die. Slaughter has you trying to survive for a set amount of time against waves of enemies. It's fun to plough through and earn the upgrades for your weapons.

    Achievements come thick and fast through the first 5 hours of play although completing 30 Daily Missions is going to take some time (There may be a work around for this though - look out for a guide).

    One note of caution though: Don't buy the DLC bundles, they're not needed for any of the achievements and are a bit of cynical money grab (Like the DLC for the Frozen game).

    For a £3.99 shooter that'll give you a few hours of fun: 4/5.

    Just don't buy that DLC!
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    Easy 745. That other 255 will take a while. You've got missions and daily missions to do, it's mainly easy though.
    Posted on 15 Mar 16 at 00:08
    xZx Moose 74Just want to point out, the 2x coin multiplier in the store is free, free dlc is always good.
    Posted by xZx Moose 74 on 16 Mar 16 at 00:32
    Yes, should've pointed that out. But with the amount of coins you'll be getting you'll be getting there in no time regardless.
    Posted on 16 Mar 16 at 00:40
  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,339,810
    15 Jun 2017
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    Blast 'em Bunnies is a rail/shooter game for the Xbox One that delivers some quality fun gameplay with quirky bunny antics.

    Although the game has a seemingly innocent concept, I find the game to be a bit confusing as far as targeted demographics go. At first glance, it seems like a kiddy game. The enemies are colorful bunnies, the weapons are fruits and vegetables, the music is jolly and the difficulty is generally simple.
    But then you begin to notice some strange bits that are slightly off-putting. Instead of 'defeating' or 'knocking out' enemies with your pepper seeds, pumpkins and beans, you 'kill' them, according to the in-game stat trackers. And wait until you meet the psychotic, knife-wielding bunny that murders a baby (well, baby bunny) if you don't kill it fast enough. Not sure what the logic was in including this in the otherwise family friendly game.

    Overall the game is solid. Controls feel great, gameplay is fun a slightly addicting, and daily challenges provide incentive to keep playing.

    On the down side, the game is quite simple and quickly becomes repetitive. It is fun to upgrade your arsenal and purchase upgrades, but eventually feels like a grind once everything has been unlocked (except for the last handful of achievements which will require an extra dozen or so hours of gaming)

    I also have a gripe with the 'power up' set-up in the game. You save money to buy good weapons and upgrades to start with, but some enemies drop power-ups (which are, in most cases, power downs) that you can't avoid picking up in the middle of an enemy wave. Once picked up, you must hold onto it until it times out. Nothing is more frustrating than starting with your powerful weapon you spent time powering up, only to lose the game because you accidentally pick up a 'Laser bean (yes, 'BEAN')' power-up(down) and can't subdue larger waves of enemies.

    Anyways, I would give this game a solid 3/5.
    Fun for a little while and very manageable achievements for those achievement hunters out there.