2. Blast 'em Bunnies General hints and tips

There is a total of 30 Daily Missions to do. Being ‘Daily’ does not necessarily mean that if you were to finish one on Friday there will be one on Saturday. This is why I stated 60 days allowing 2 days per Daily Mission. Fortunately, you are able to see what the Normal Missions are, as well as the Daily Missions, before each game so can always make a note of what is needed (aka take a picture with your phone and if it’s kill 100 walkers you know to always aim for them particularly). The game will inform you of when you complete a mission, noted in the top left hand corner. Otherwise, pause the game and go into Missions to view your progress.

With the turret itself, you must be careful to not hold down cn_RT long as it will overheat quickly. If you do, you are stumped for a few seconds while it cools down. By the time it cools, the bunnies may have gotten to you. At the start of the game, the enemies will not be hard to defeat so this will not be factor, but watch out as you progress!

I will list the achievements in which I was able to unlock them but those that are cumulative I will list below them so that they are grouped together. These include Daily and Normal Missions, Purchases of weapons, upgrades, ammo and hearts and kills of bunnies in total and kills of particularly bunnies. These are in the Story Walkthrough.

A general rule of thumb would be:

  • Any child bunnies you see, save by ‘removing’ their captive
  • If low on health, get the Golden bunny to go into Frenzy Mode, as that will prolong your life as you do not lose health whilst this is active. This will provide a breather from the wave
  • Do not take the radar for granted! I have been caught off guard many times by bunnies, particularly Runners, catching up to me as was distracted by it’s fellow creature.

Speaking of the bunnies, there are colours and types to them listed below:

Blue – These are the first colour of bunnies that come out and they tend to be the weakest so whatever the type, really a quick spray of the turret will defeat them.

Yellow – These bunnies are in the mid-range of difficulty that require a little extra firepower to take down.

Red – Whilst these are the hardest bunnies out of the 3 colours, this by no means they are impossible. Just make sure that you are not surrounded by them (lots of Walkers/Runners for instance).

Now onto the types of Bunnies:

Walker – pretty much the first enemy you will come across in the game (knowing me your first wave you will get something else(!)). They are slow and will take time to get to you so no reason to leave them be and let them get close. However, they will pack a punch if they are able to.

Runner – does exactly what it says. Instead of running straight at you though, they will go from left to right or right to left and if there is a few of them then make sure you don’t overheat the gun by focusing on one as another will get you without notice (think of Jurassic Park what the gamekeeper said about the Raptors!).

Flyer –don’t look for them on the ground! Like the Walkers but in the air, they will dive bomb you if they get too close so take ‘em out when you can.

Throat Slitter – not the best named one, but these are the ones with the child bunnies. Save them, and more than likely they will reward you with a 2x coin bonus or something extra nice for saving them. This is probably where the game gets it’s rating from if you were to not save the child bunny.

Burrower – quite annoying speaking personally, as I’ve missed them by a second or two before they burrow back into the ground. Fortunately, (again, remember what I said about the radar) you can track their movement and see where they will pop in order to defeat them.

Blocker – these are noted by those that have shields. As you progress through the game and go through the colours of blue, yellow and red, you will notice the shields are stronger. There is a way to take down a Blocker without taking down a shield (see related achievement).

Grenadier – these bunnies come up out of the ground, are stationery, and will throw grenades (in the form of vegetables) at you. You are able to take down the grenade (will be one the Missions or Daily Missions at some point) or you can take them out ASAP before they are fully out of the ground and able to throw at you.

Golden Bunny – these sprinters will run around you for a small period of time until taken out and provide a short rest from the wave of bunnies as you enter Frenzy Mode. The object is, like the waves, take out the bunnies as normal but note that you do not lose health while this is active.

Boss – the big cheese (or carrot for this game) appears after a certain number of waves. It can be between 5-10 (does vary and seems no guaranteed method as to when they appear). To take them down you will need to fire at their plaster on their belly (x marks the spot) until they fall on the ground. Then you want to aim for the pink object that appears. Do this 3 times and the bunny will be defeated and you are rewarded with coins and a box of weaponry. Depending on what shade of colour the bunny is may determine if they spawn an enemy at the same time. A ‘blue’ bunny is weak enough to always take it down without spawning an enemy for instance. If you are not quick enough, the boss will either walk towards you, stop then stomp and you will lose a heart. Other times it will jump in the air and land somewhere else on the map (or a little to the left or right of where it originally stood). Totally depends on the bunny.

Onto weaponry, which will only get better as you progress with earning coins. I will list the different types available and their prices. Note that there are 4 different types of main guns in which you can then modify and upgrade to what you wish. Main guns are in bold:


Heat-seeking parsnips - 2500

Sweet potato pellets - 5000

Daikon rain - 20000

Increased rate of fire - 2500

Increased rate of fire ++ - locked (10000)

Double barrels - 5000

Triple barrels - locked (25000)


Turnip bombs - locked (free, purchase above)

Bouncing pumpkin bombs - 5000

Swede mega bombs - 10000

Self-detonating peppers - 20000

Increased rate of fire - 5000

Increased rate of fire ++ - locked (10000)

Double barrels - 5000

Triple barrels - locked (25000)


Watermelon seeds - locked (free, purchase above)

Heat-seeking chili seeds - 5000

Sticky raspberries - 10000

Sticky blackberries - 20000

Increased rate of fire - 5000

Increased rate of fire ++ - locked (10000)

Triple barrels - 5000

Sextuple barrels - locked (25000)


Runner beans - locked (free, purchase above)

Splitting corn cobs - 10000

Freezing cucumbers - 15000

Shredding leeks - 20000

Increased charge - 5000

Increased charge ++ - locked (10000)

Double barrels - 25000

This was my main loadout in which I settled with towards the end of the game (shoutout to MIK813 for the tip):


Next is Utilities (then go to Permanent Bonuses) which is mainly extra hearts for your health:

Permanent Bonuses

Extra heart 1 - 1000

Extra heart 2 - locked (5000)

Extra heart 3 - locked (10000)

Extra heart 4 - locked (15000)

Extra heart 5 - locked (25000)

2x coin multiplier - equip (choose)

5x coin multiplier - store

10x coin multiplier - store

Hopefully this gives a good idea of what to expect for what lies ahead. With that in mind, let’s Blast some Bunnies!

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